Supreme Idiocy: The High Court Allows ObamaCare and Creates A New Tax

Well boys and girls, the votes are in and we all lose. The U.S. Supreme Court of idiots has decided that ObamaCare is mostly constitutional and can't wait to bring it to you. The catch is that in order to make their ridiculous ruling stick, they had to call the mandate which requires all Americans to purchase health care a tax. Great, another TAX is just what we all need because we just do not pay our fair share.

The most disappointing aspect to this crazy ruling is that Justice Roberts who everyone thought leaned in the conservative direction of constitutional law went with the liberals on the bench. I would be upset about this, but it is just another example of how some justices that pretend to be conservative are actually closet liberals and wolves in sheep's clothing. They worship the socialist model as much as their most left-leaning counterparts.

The real question is how long these geniuses believe that Americans will keep allowing themselves to be the door mats of self-serving, delusional liberals and egomaniacal conservatives that labor under the assumption that they are helping us all to live better lives? I don't know about you, but my life would be better if good old Uncle Sam stopped reaching into my pocket for money and telling me how to live my whole life.

America has become one long and never-ending toll road with few rest stops. All we do is pay out. Just stop and think for a second about how many taxes you paid today. Even if you never left your home, you probably still paid some kind of tax or ridiculous government surcharge on the power, water, cable or telephone service you use. My favorite government abuse of power was when I used to live in New York City and found a surcharge for subway service on my phone bill. Huh?

Well, I guess we were all expected to pitch in to keep them trains chugging along through those tunnels. I just wish they had used some of that money to clean them. I can't tell you how many times when I rode home from a late night shift that I practically had to hold my breath to keep from gagging due to the urine and other unpleasant odors in those subway cars. Security might have also been helpful. I ran into people with guns, knives and even big swords that looked as though they were ready to use them.

Far be it from me to sit in judgment of the big time judges, but hey folks, don't you think it's time to give Americans a break from government money grabs and silly so-called benefit programs that benefit no one except those who make them up? Every time I hear a politician say that they are going to get serious about solving one problem or another, I know that it will cost me and you a ton of money and achieve zero results. And if they can't figure out a way to get their zany and crazy expensive bills passed in Congress, they'll just turn to the supreme idiots who just love to find creative ways to legislate from the bench. I finally figured out that they call legislation a bill because they know that taxpayers will have to pay for them.

I want to make sure that I send the same message to the conservatives which I have sent to the liberals. They always claim to be almost out of breath from fighting liberal initiatives and entitlement programs, but my assessment of their work is they stink at their jobs. They talk a good talk, but when it's their turn what do they do? They tax and spend just like the liberals, cater to big corporations that send all the good jobs overseas and could care less if people have a place to live or food to eat. That gets them kicked out and the liberals are back with even bigger social programs that don't work. I guess that if I want to get a break I have to join the Washington insiders so that I can party like it's 2099 on the taxpayer's twenty spots.

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