Who and What Are We Voting For?

With the presidential election of 2012 looming like a vulture eyeing its prey, the news is not good for the average American. The choices that we have been presented with tell the tale: One radical set of ideals verses another. Neither presidential candidate or the clones running for congress have a clue about how to dig the citizens of this once great nation out of the grave that their political parties have all buried us in.

Despite attempts to upset the political apple cart by groups like the Tea Party or the Occupy movement, he we go again. It's the same old choices backed by the same old voices. While once prosperous cities fall into decay and declare bankruptcy, everyone throws out the same old ideas without even the slightest thought about the millions of Americans suffering from an economic chaos created by irresponsible and self-serving politicians.

Old doesn't work anymore, just ask the banks. They have gone out of their way to play the lending game by the stagnant rules that they love so much, only to discover that ruling a financial kingdom made up of empty houses is like having a crown without any real power behind it. Instead of thinking out of the box by allowing people who could not make their mortgage payments to remain in their homes and pay rent or make some other type of arrangement, the banks kicked them all to the curb. Now they have to pay the piper for that mistake.

Banks cannot recover losses or survive by auctioning houses for pennies on the dollar. Neither can they afford to endlessly pay the newly levied fees or penalties on properties being singled out as un-kept or deserted lots in towns sick of watching property values and taxes plummet. These municipalities are striking back at banks that have allowed re-possessed properties to become overgrown, vandalized or ignored. They are passing code designed to make the lenders pay up and fix the problem when a property ends up looking like a post-apocalyptic nightmare.

America is sick and headed towards the end game of becoming an un-sustainable welfare state. Why? Because politicians thought it was just fine to help raise the economies of third world nations by sending valuable manufacturing and high tech jobs overseas at the expense of American workers. Instead, they tried to retrain our best and brightest to be health care or food service workers. Well, those may or may not be decent jobs, but they cannot sustain an economy as huge and fragile as ours. Neither can an endless safety net of jobless benefits and food stamps that will eventually become too expensive for the government to afford. People do not want hand-outs, they want quality jobs and fair pay.

Instead of helping the middle class of this great nation to thrive and prosper, politicians sought out the very rich and extremely poor to win votes and garner favors. By destroying the middle class, they have condemned everyone to a future of financial blight and uncertainty. You cannot turn America around by sending billions of dollars in foreign aid and out-sourced jobs overseas, or by asking the United Nations to step in and create a one size fits all, one world government: but that is exactly what our elected officials are doing.

While Americans struggle to survive, the people we elect who are supposed to be looking out for our best interests are worried about more pressing matters. They are currently concerned with completing a pile of United Nations treaties which will further erode our national sovereignty, while stressing out over the air pollution in China and worrying that the Keystone oil pipeline that will provide high-paying jobs to Americans might upset various species of birds or cause damage to the grass. Well forgive me is if I worry more about the future health and security of American families than about a few acres of grass or how well the birdies mate.

America is looking for a few good men and women who can think out of the box by putting America and Americans first, and I can tell you with complete certainty that those folks currently running for office do not qualify. Why can't we find some folks, any folks, that will put our nation and its people above all other concerns and causes. If this nation falls into complete economic and social decay, there will be no one to save the whales or send donations to feed the hungry in Antarctica or any other place for that matter.

Wouldn't it make some small amount of sense to get this country back on track before worrying about everything and everyone else? The problem is that our leaders have no common sense. All they have are a set of archaic political and social concerns that are not relevant to our current situation and can only make it worse. They want to stop minting pennies, but considering their non-stop desire to shove outdated and useless ideologies down out throats, they might want to keep those little coppers around for awhile.

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