Are Mainstream Politicians Too Obsessed With Outdated Agendas and Loyalties?

I have become jaded to American Politics over the years because it seems that whoever wins whatever election, things just get worse. I believe that's because politicians are too driven by outdated loyalties and agendas that make no sense. Democrats want to give away the farm, Republicans want to sell it, their pundits want to run it and everyone else wonders whose farm it is anyway.

As we approach yet another presidential election the same old agendas and loyalties dominate the national political scene. Democrats want to throw as much money at problems as they can and support an incumbent just because he agrees with their most liberal agenda. This despite the fact that he is heading up an insecure Administration in complete disarray headed in no discernable direction other than to the left. Republicans are running yet another Richey Rich candidate with religious beliefs that many voters may have a problem with. Why? Because (like Dole and McCain before him) he has amassed enough political clout to 'deserve' to run.

Where is the logic or common sense in all this election insanity? There is none. How do any one of these political agendas or party loyalties really benefit the American People? They don't. The ugly truth is that pundits who make a living supporting one side of the political landscape or another keep hammering out reasons for us to vote for their candidate or support a particular agenda because they are paid to do so. If we don't elect the candidate they have forced on us, we are warned of dire political consequences. That's pundit-speak for 'the other side gets what they want and we do not.'

O.K. We voted for Candidate A in one election and Candidate B in another during recent presidential races. Did any of those choices make our lives better? I say they didn't. Following mainstream political agendas and placing our stamp of approval on candidates forced down our throats has landed our nation and ourselves in hot water. Despite the fact that we have become a people constantly weakened and manipulated by over regulation and serial legislators who pump out new laws faster than anyone can obey them, we just sit back and take it. Why? Because all the talking heads on TV and the voices coming over our radios tell us we must do so in order to save our nation.

At some point a Country becomes a ruined victim of its people's apathy towards politics. Apathy is mostly associated with inaction, but it can also apply to those who simply walk to polling places like mindless robots and cast their votes for the people they are told to elect. I honestly think that many citizens believe they are voting the way they do for the greater good or lesser evil. Despite the fact that they may disagree with the overall agenda of a particular candidate, they will vote for that candidate because he or she is touted as being a better choice than the alternative.

There was a time when the majority of American Politicians were concerned more about the good of this nation and people they served, than following a particular agenda or seeking an elected position just because they could. That was a time when running for office was not all about whether you could win, but about what happened after you did. It was about what you could bring to the table to make things better; not about what rewards or political alliances supporting any particular plank in the party platform would bring to you later. I believe that if the Democratic incumbent and Republican candidate really cared about what was good for America, neither would run in this presidential election.

I certainly do not have all the answers to the complicated questions and problems that face America. Even if I thought that I did, I would never even begin to offer any solutions other than to suggest that we stop voting for people who feel compelled to control every aspect of our lives. People who are sold on the idea that we're too stupid or apathetic to govern ourselves. New York City's 'Nanny State' Mayor Bloomberg recently said, "If government's purpose isn't to improve the health and longevity of its citizens I don't know what its purpose is."

I may be wrong, but I have always believed that our government's purpose is to do the will of its people. Given the fact that I once received a perfect score on a state exam for Civics (a record which still stands today), I might be right. For those who are not familiar with the term, here is a good definition provided by "Civics is the study of the theoretical and practical aspects of citizenship, its rights and duties; the duties of citizens to each other as members of a political body and to the government."

I believe that the blame for America's problems should be placed squarely on the shoulders of the politicians that helped to create them. The tough challenges and circumstances we all face were brought about by obedience to political ideologies and personal allegiances to people that have only their own best interests in mind. Just once I would like to see someone elected that made decisions based on the realities that face average Americans, rather than political puppets being operated by party power brokers hiding behind them. If that day does not come soon, the citizens of this nation may find the word 'freedom' taken out of their dictionaries having become slaves to one political machine or another.

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