Soda, Popcorn and Milk Shakes Are Bad For Children and Other Living Things...

OMG! It's the early 1970s again in New York City. Just when I thought that I would never have to deal with that old hippie mentality, it's back and in force. You know what I mean. If you don't, just watch any of those early 1970s movies like 'Bless The Beasts and The Children' or 'Billy Jack' and you'll get my drift immediately.

You can always tell a 1970s hippie movie when you see one because they are all about nature, healthy food and bad music. Everyone runs through sun lit fields wearing bell bottom jeans, eating bean sprouts, reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull and singing badly to lyrics that make no sense. It's hard to believe that people actually paid to watch junk like that.

You can also always tell an early 1970s style hippie politician. Most of them have turned in their bell bottom jeans for business suits so they can get great jobs and give half their income to green peace, but they still think that they know what's good for you and spare no effort trying to shape the world into a socialist utopia. Part of that effort includes getting involved with politics. Enter Mayor Bloomberg and his Nanny State.

I guess it wasn't enough that he recently decided his fellow New Yorkers have had a bit too much sugar and must to be limited to smaller soft drink size choices. Now Hishonor has inspired the New York City Board of Health to take a few more steps toward ending the insanity of eating whatever we please. They say NO MORE BIG POPCORN CONTAINERS or SUPER-SIZED MILKSHAKES FOR YOU! Please, say it isn't so! The one thing that I enjoy in this world is a good milk shake and the bigger, the better.

Now I am just wondering if the New York City Boring Health people will extend their bands on good stuff to private property. My wife loves popcorn, eats mounds of it and drinks soda fairly regularly. I don't care for soda or popcorn, but I love huge vanilla milk shakes that I make for myself at home. Does that mean that soon we will be followed around grocery stores by the Food and Beverage Police? Holy Milk Shakes, Batman! The evildoers want us to eat seaweed and drink kelp juice. If we don't, it's off to Food and Beverage Court, then on to the healthy jail where they only serve flavored tofu three times daily.

What will come next: mandatory health gardens? I can see it now. Anyone who sells, leases or rents property in the Big Apple will have to make sure that the house, apartment or condo they are offering has room for a garden of healthy vegetables and herbs. If the buyer or renter doesn't make use of their garden space, neighbors can earn a nice reward in the form of a month's supply of goat's milk if they turn those non-healthy food-minded offenders.

Speaking of food, here's something for Mayor Bloomberg to chew on and it ain't bean sprouts. Instead of worrying how much people eat, why not try worrying about whether they eat at all. With gas prices hitting the roof, more than a few folks are having to invade the grocery budget to buy gas so that they can get to work. Let's put the city on a diet, a tax and special gas diet. It's no secret that more than half of the cost of a gallon of gas is really just taxes. And that specially refined, anti-polluting gas isn't cheap either. If you cut those taxes and get rid of the special anti-polluting gas, fuel prices would go down and people would have the funds to buy the essentials of life including food.

Now I have nothing against healthy eating, planting gardens to raise fresh food or going green, but let's face it. If you happen to live in New York City (or most any other city for that matter), you probably live in an apartment or condo and (unless your as rich as, oh, Mayor Bloomberg) do not have any place to plant veggies, can't afford what some think of as healthy food and the only green you're worried about is the money you need to pay your bills.

If gas costs more because it's environmentally friendly, I say let it be an enemy. Cars have so much anti-pollution gear on them that we don't need special gas anyway. No one talks about how many miles-per-gallon we all lose because our cars are packed with all that anti-pollution crap. And as far as electric cars go, who can really afford them. If you do buy one, you're using more juice and that means that power plants have to produce more electricity. One way or another, you are going to use fossil fuels because that's what we got to work with.

Reality check time. People are hurting financially. Politicians don't care about that and now they want to take away the few things that bring us all a little comfort and joy in tough times. I say lets send the hippies (back) packing and elect some sensible people with half a brain and some real compassion for the people they represent. Otherwise, let's tell the mayor to start doing some healthy living of his own. That means keeping medical costs down by turning away alcoholic beverages and those juicy steaks at Ruth's Chris Steak House.

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