A White House In Disarray Gets A Pass From The Mainstream News Media

Despite the fact that President Obama's White House has been directly or indirectly responsible for a variety of scandals, intell leaks and a foreign policy that has weakened America's position to the point that the Russians are threatening us with missiles, he gets a pass from the main stream media. Was the same true of Republican Presidents? Let's see...

From 1985 until 1988 Ed Meese was President Reagan's Attorney General. During that time the press launched a huge number of attacks on Meese. Someone found the word "sleezy" spray painted on a Justice Department building wall (in a stairwell) and it was immediately associated with Meese. That incident made the national news on all three network news broadcasts. Meese was accused of all kinds of ethics violations while he served as Attorney General. None of these were ever proved and he was cleared time and again by various investigations.

The accusations against Ed Meese were probably politically motivated. Meese made many enemies among liberals over the years. His problems with them began in 1969 while he was Governor Reagan's Chief of Staff in California. Reagan asked him to help put an end to the constant student riots at Berkley and he used a heavy hand to accomplish the task. That and other things came back to haunt him as U.S. Attorney General and, under constant badgering by the mainstream media, he finally reigned in 1988.

If people thought that Ed Meese was "sleezy", I wonder what we should call Eric Holder? As President Obama's Attorney General he has faced a myriad of serious allegations. These include the 'Fast and Furious' scandal, the allegedly racially-motivated dropping of charges against a member of The Black Panther Party involved in a voter intimidation incident and Holder's failure to track down and identify the source of serious Intelligence leaks that appear to trail back to the White House. Apart from national concerns, we have all the international drama that has been generated by an Obama foreign policy with no direction or punch to back it up.

Aside from locating and killing super-terrorist Osama Bin Laden, President Obama has not accomplished much else on the international front. His inaction on matters involving the Syrian uprising, the Iranian nuclear threat and a constant desire to reduce the U.S. military presence in places where it is sorely needed has made American look weak and indecisive. So much so that the Russians recently warned our government that any deployment of a planned missile defense system in Europe would result in an attack against those facilities. How did we respond to that verbal threat? We didn't.

I want to be fair so I will say that I believe President Obama is passionate about helping Americans, but I think that he is going about it in the wrong way. It's a matter of philosophy and I disagree as much with his as I do with Republicans that believe helping big corporations is the only way to make things right in America. I happen to agree with the president's decision to allow the children of illegal immigrants to remain in the USA under certain conditions. I think it is a shame that Republicans have taken a stand against this action and say that it is politically motivated.

I cannot say whether or not the president's decision to allow children of illegals to remain in the USA is politically motivated. Only he knows whether or not that's true, but even if it is it helps people and that's more important. It's not like the Republicans have never done anything that was politically motivated. However, I do believe that it is unwise to constantly bypass Congress on issues like this. I also think that there is no excuse for the kind of behavior exhibited by Holder and other liberal ideologues in the Obama administration. They appear to believe that any action is defensible as long as the result is to make the president look good and move the liberal agenda forward.

The fact that the mainstream media constantly gives a pass to the president and his staff members is just sad and completely unjustified. I can understand the passion people feel about issues and reporters are people too (barely). All reporters and writers have pet concerns they try to support, but that support should never interfere with their ability to deliver the news in as objective a manner as possible. They can speak out and display their passion for any person or issue they want to on their own time. Contrary to popular opinion, Americans can think for themselves and do not need to be spoon fed political ideologies of any sort.

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