Yankee Stay Home!

'Yankee Go Home' was a popular protest slogan that erupted after World War Two. It may have had earlier roots in some forgotten situation, but the huge postwar U.S. Military presence overseas in places like Europe and the Japanese occupied islands (including Japan itself) brought it back with a bang. People in nations that once begged for our help to free them from the grip of maniacal fascism could not wait for the members of our military to leave their shores. Our former enemies and newly surrounded forced friends also wanted us out for obvious reasons.

Any time U.S. Citizens or members of our military travel abroad there is bound to be a culture clash with other societies. We are a unique people who attempt to live our lives without the kinds of religious or social constraints that are often forced or even self-imposed on others. That makes us less than popular with local populations who love to voice their opposition to our 'decadent' lifestyles. It is for that very reason and others which I will make clear that I suggest to you, 'Yankee Stay Home.'

The world is no longer a safe place for Americans. We have been targets of ransome kidnaping attempts for years in South America. The Mexican drug wars have made that place dangerous for the people that live there and even more so for foreign visitors. There has been an upsurge in violence against foreign visitors in China. Several Americans have been attacked and murdered there over the past few years. Foreign workers, volunteers and visitors to most Islamic countries are under constant threat of death, injury or abduction as evidenced by the recent kidnaping of an African-American Pastor in Egypt during a sightseeing trip.

For at least a decade we have been told by left-leaning politicians that America's image abroad has been damaged by right-leaning politicians. That's because in terms of political correctness, we do not work and play well with others. I guess we should just sign every treaty that the U.N. sends our way, adopt Sharia Law and make our women walk ten steps behind us or get beat like they do in Kuwait, or enslave our citizens paying them a buck an hour like they do in many Asian nations. Until we do, we will be the 'Ugly Americans' who do not support a one world government or allow ourselves to be bossed around by ideologies that change every few years.

Japan and Okinawa wanted our military bases out of their sovereign territories, as did places like the Philippines who once begged us to free them from the iron grip of the Imperial Japanese Forces. Now that China has been flexing its political and military muscles in that part of the world by claiming ownership of various disputed island territories, I cannot help but wonder if those folks wish they had kept us around for a bit longer. I am also sure they miss our money as evidenced by the severe economic downturn in places that once thrived when U.S. Bases or Forces were present.

I guess that nobody likes us, so I say spend your time and money at home. Unless you are involved in business overseas and have to travel there, stay home and enjoy the best of what America has to offer and that's a lot. Why go to places where you are resented for who you are and what your believe in? Maybe you will not be able to visit the pyramids of Egypt, walk on the Great Wall of China or stroll through Mayan cities in South America, but you can roam through the ancient ruins of North America in our western states. Many of them may be of equal or of greater age than those foreign archaeological sites and you can visit those places in relative safety without being in constant fear for your life. I would say that, by itself, is a great travel value.

American military members, diplomats and civilians will no doubt be called abroad at some future time when those wonderful centers of civilization and cultural again find themselves up the creek without a paddle due to some war or conflict, so some of us will get to travel there anyway. Those that do not get to go are not really missing much except being called 'culture busters' like we were in France when Disney opened a theme park there. So stop traveling abroad and ruining everyone else's fun, stay home and have some of your own - American style!

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