Are There Really Work at Home Customer Service Jobs?
By Sharon Davis

Yes, there are! Many companies have realized the benefits of employing home based customer service agents. It's a win-win situation; the company saves on overhead costs, can pull from a national pool of candidates and the employee enjoys a 15 second commute.

Work At Home Jobs On The Rise

In his blog post on work from home internet jobs, Dr. Al Lee, Phd. (AKA Dr. Salary) he sites some interesting statistics from an article on "There are reportedly 110,000 work at home customer service jobs in the U.S., and 80% of these work at home internet jobs are staffed by women. IDC, a market research company in Framingham, Mass, told that these legitimate work at home jobs are 'expected to triple to 328,000 by 2010.'"

There is a trend change happening here with companies that used to outsource home based customer service jobs to places like India bringing those jobs back home to the U.S. This new trend is called homeshoring or inshoring. Tim Whipple, vice president of agent services for LiveOps, told, "Not every type of call works well when you send it to India and the Philippines." Michael Brown, a Los Angeles customer-service consultant, adds, "You can't easily train 5,000 people at a call center in Bangalore. Here you have more control."

Home Based Customer Service Jobs Require Skilled Applicants

Alpine Access, which employs 7,500 people, received more than 200,000 applications in the past 12 months, says CEO Chris Carrington. The average age of his workers is 41, and 80 percent have some form of college education. About 10 percent hold an advanced degree.

One company, Home-Base USA, specializes in hiring military spouses, enabling them to keep a job wherever military postings take them.

Airlines such as Southwest and Jet Blue both use many work-at-home mothers, Mr. Brown says. Carrington employs people with disabilities, too.

Where Do You Find Work At Home Customer Service Jobs?

In addition to having a list of companies that do offer home based customer service jobs, our website also often has work at home customer service jobs in our database.

Sharon Davis, Work At Home expert, writer and consultant, helps people to achieve their goal of working at home, telecommuting or starting a home business.
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