UFOs and Aliens: Shocking Secrets, Amazing Encounters and Complete Cover-Ups

by The UFO Guy

About Me

Now in my early fifties, I began reading about UFOs in the 1960s. The first book I read was Flying Saucers Serious Business by Frank Edwards. The book was impressive and taught me that the proof for the existence of Aliens from other worlds was substantial. The entire point of the book was for the author to present evidence to support various UFO cases as having something more than conventional explanations.

One reason I really enjoyed that book was because Frank Edwards was no slouch. He took over as a commentator and host on the Mutual Broadcasting Network replacing Edward R. Murrow, the legendary newsman and broadcaster. During an interview promoting the book he said that when he first decided to tackle the UFO subject, he decided to implement the three source rule that most reporters use to verify a story.

Edwards felt that if he could verify just one UFO incident using that rule, it would prove these objects were not just weather balloons and swamp gas. As it turned out, he found many UFO incidents that could easily be verified in that way. More importantly, he included a number of military encounters with UFOs in the book.

I got the impression that he wanted to drive home the point that, despite government statements to the contrary, members of the military and other trained observers were reporting things they saw on the land, in the sea and in the air that could not be easily identified or explained. Sadly, most of those kinds of reports were two long and complicated to make good copy for newspapers. It was easier to report that some good ole boy saw a pie plate attached to a bottle rocket and thought that Martians were invading our planet.

When the U.S. Air Force completed their Project Blue Book investigation of the UFO phenomenon in 1969-1970, it came as no surprise to me that 95% of the sightings were listed as explainable. It was a fast way to discredit UFO reports from civilians. I grew up in an Air Force family and my father was a retired officer, so I knew what the deal was.

The Air Force didn’t want to publicly discuss the subject of UFOs. Whatever was really going on was a big secret, possibly the biggest, and was going to be kept by a select few. The rest was all hearsay and conjecture. However, the Air Force hierarchy still hated being placed in a position to constantly comment on UFO reports. They hoped that Blue Book would solve that problem by allowing a time out for them to collect reports and have the evidence examined by scientific experts, but it didn’t. Instead, they found themselves saddled with a government study that created more questions than answers.

The Air Force has always been a player in the UFO game, but I never believed that they were in charge of it. If any military service had some sort of governmental jurisdiction over the UFO phenomenon, it was the Navy. Despite appearances, the Navy has always been the most powerful and influential of the U.S. Military Services. The Marine Corps, the U.S. Surgeon General’s Office and many other agencies fall under their jurisdiction.

The Navy was the very first branch of the U.S. Military to be organized into a paid, professional organization. Today, they have their own intelligence services, space program and the largest operating budget of any of the branches of the U.S. Military. Most of the alleged heads of secret groups and shadow governments meant to handle the UFO problem were identified as high-ranking U.S. Navy Officers.

My own experience with the U.S. Armed Forces involved the Navy. I served in the Marine Corps during the mid-1970s and had my own set of unique experiences which I will relate later in this book. But that’s jumping too far ahead. Let me back all the way up a bit by saying that I was born late in the marriage of my parents. That was both good and bad. Good, because I didn’t have to deal with most of the relocation and other hassles associated with being born into a family where a career military officer is the primary bread winner. Bad, because I can only recall a brief period of time when my father was active military.

Apart from being an Air Force Officer, my father was a regular guy and great dad. He took me everywhere and provided an experiential education that was equal to what I learned in school. My mother was all for that and did the same. Both my parents believed in education and had college degrees. However, I was an only child and that made my father’s experiences a tough act to follow.

After serving in the Army and on General MacArthur’s Staff in the South Pacific during World War II, my father switched to the Army Air Corps and finally to the Air Force in 1947 when it was born as a separate military entity. For years after he retired, his buddies from the military stopped by for barbeques and other gatherings. It was during those times that I heard a number of stories being told about UFOs.

It seems that UFOs and Aliens were always in the news when I was growing up in the 1960s. Whenever they were, it was a catalyst for my father’s friends to bring up the subject of Flying Saucers and Unidentified Flying Objects. Although my dad didn’t have much use for the topic and didn’t talk much about his military service with me, he was always tolerant when to came to listening to their UFO stories.

Whenever a bunch of my father’s military buddies stopped by, they hung out in our finished basement during the winter or near the barbeque in our back yard during the summer. I found a couple of places in our house where I could sit and hear everything they were saying. It was great! It was also one of the reasons I became so interested in UFOs. That interest hasn’t waned one little bit during the over forty years I have been reading about, researching and investigating them.

Listening to my father and his friends talk about UFOs taught me something important. If you want to find the bone, follow the dog that buried it. If I liken the bone to UFOs and Aliens, I will have to liken the dog to our government and military. No disrespect intended. Nobody loves America more than I do and I have nothing but the greatest respect for members of our military services. As far as elected officials are concerned, not so much.

The simple fact is that the U.S. Government has lots more money and time to devote to the UFO subject than I do. If I begin by following their footsteps, I am bound to get lucky and turn up something. In fact, I have gotten lucky many times over the years by using this method and sticking to the basics of physical evidence, solid witnesses and cases involving high strangeness.

Radio Personalities that book me as a guest for their shows and have done so for many years call me The UFO GUY, hence the book title. I hope you enjoy my little narrative. It’s the first of several books I hope to write about my experiences and investigations. As you’ll soon discover, my life has been surrounded by the paranormal and unusual events from the very beginning. People that have experienced the unexplained have been drawn to me, and I to them. If nothing else, I hope you’ll learn to appreciate why so many feel so strongly about their paranormal and supernatural experiences. - The UFO Guy

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The truth is out there, sure, that’s true. But it’s also a lot closer to home than you think. In this book I focus on the most amazing UFO cases and evidence that I have come across over the past almost forty years. Some are older, many are recent and involve everyday people, celebrities, politicians, astronauts and former U.S. presidents.

It has always surprised me how much information and evidence to support the idea of UFOs as something more than just misidentified aircraft and hoaxes people are willing to ignore or dismiss. That is what this book is all about. Completely outrageous incidents that were successfully covered up, white-washed or swept under the rug. You’ll be shocked when you find out how many of these situations there are and read about the facts behind each.

Not only will you learn new information (much of it exclusive) about older and more recent UFO incidents which remain unexplained, you’ll be taken on a trip through secret U.S. Government experiments involving invisibility, time travel, mind control and the summoning of Aliens using E.T. Technology. This book is a treasure trove of true facts for those who really want to know the truth, not just the watered down goop fed to us by the media, UFO pundits and cable channels.

Chapter One: U.S. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Comes Clean About UFOs, Roswell and The Government Cover-Up

Edgar Mitchell was one of the twelve Americans to walk on the surface of the moon. During a recent radio interview on the UK-based Kerrang! Broadcast, he told host Nick Margerrison, “I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomena is real.” That statement shocked the host and began an amazing disclosure from a true American hero.

Born in Texas and brought up in New Mexico, he has three earned degrees including a Doctorate of Science degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT, as well as at least four honorary Doctorate degrees from prestigious universities. Among his many awards are the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the United States Navy Distinguished Service Medal.

Mitchell began his Navy career in 1952 and completed flight training in 1954. During the 1950s, he flew A3 aircraft as part of the Heavy Attack Squadron Two and served as a Research Project Pilot with the Navy’s Air Development Squadron Five. In the early 1960s he was Chief of the Project Management Division of the Navy Field Office for a Manned Orbiting Laboratory. In 1965 he entered the U.S. Air Force Aerospace Research Pilot School in preparation for astronaut duties.

In 1966, Edgar Mitchell was chosen for the Astronaut Training Program by NASA. After serving as a member of the astronaut support crew for Apollo 9 and as backup lunar module pilot for Apollo 10, Mitchell, he was assigned as a lunar module pilot. In 1971, U.S. Navy Captain Mitchell was a part of the crew of Apollo 14 along with Admiral Alan Shepard and Colonel Stuart Roosa.

After the Apollo 13 disaster, the world had their eyes on the Apollo 14 Moon Mission. Mitchell maneuvered the lunar module Antares to a perfect landing on the hilly Fra Mauro region of the moon. Mitchell and Shepard deployed from the module, performed a number of experiments and collected over 100 pounds of moon rocks and set a record of staying thirty three hours on the lunar surface. They also hold the record for the longest moon walk on record at nine hours and seventeen minutes.

Nine days after his mission began, Edgar Mitchell made a triumphant return to Earth and helped reestablish the American Public and Government’s faith in NASA. He retired from NASA and the U.S. Navy in 1972. Since that time, Mitchell has been active as an author and speaker on many subjects including space exploration, the nature of consciousness and powers of the mind.

Now seventy-seven years old, the sixth man to walk on the surface of the moon told a stunned radio audience that Aliens from other worlds have contacted humans and that governments have purposely covered up what they have learned about these entities. Mitchell describes the beings as “little people who look strange to us.” He says that the traditional description of creatures with a small body frame, large eyes and over-sized head is accurate.

Speaking about the cover-up, Mitchell told radio host Nick Margerrison, “'It's been well covered up by all our governments for the last 60 years or so, but slowly it's leaked out and some of us have been privileged to have been briefed on some of it… I've been in military and intelligence circles, who know that beneath the surface of what has been public knowledge, yes - we have been visited. Reading the papers recently, it's been happening quite a bit.”

Responding to a question about disclosure by Margerrison, Mitchell said, “This is really starting to open up. I think we're headed for real disclosure and some serious organisations are moving in that direction.” Well, all except for NASA. Despite what Mitchell did for them, a spokesperson for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration responded to his comments by saying, “NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover up about alien life on this planet or anywhere in the universe. Dr Mitchell is a great American, but we do not share his opinion on this issue.”

It’s came as no surprise that what other government agencies have described as “the most deception organization in the United State Government” should turn on Mitchell as soon as he tried to tell the truth about UFOs and Aliens. They have repeatedly described Astronaut UFO sightings as cases of mistaken identity saying they were pieces of rockets, ice, dust particles and space junk. If the truth is out there, NASA isn’t going o be the government agency that will tell you about it! More...

When Edgar Mitchell recently told the world that he had been briefed on Aliens and UFOs by the U.S. Government, the media reacted by treating his comments with disdain. Their own bias against any acknowledgment that Aliens might be visiting our world and unwillingness to accept the word of a national hero that UFOs are intelligently controlled spacecrafts from another world may have caused them to miss the historical significance of what he said.

Mitchell, a former Navy Officer and Astronaut that walked on the Moon, grew up in Roswell, New Mexico. Over the past several years he has indicated that he was living in the town when the 1947 UFO crash occurred and knew what happened based on conversations with first hand witnesses. He has also said that several other people with intimate knowledge about the UFO crash have taken him into their confidence. Mitchell gave this statement to Robert Collins:

“I grew up in the Roswell area. I was almost 17 and senior in high school when it happened. Family members were ranchers and cattle people. We knew all the ranchers and towns people in the area, including where the UFO impacted. In spite of official denials and threats about talking, the local lore told the story.”

“After my space flight, and being a local boy, people involved, not only the locals, trusted me with their stories, because they were getting older and wanted the truth out, but were afraid to say it publicly; so considered me a trustworthy source to carry their story onward. Been telling it all that way, if anyone bothered to ask my opinion, since the Pentagon incident 11 years ago. Only now, suddenly, it got international media attention.”

The Pentagon incident that Edgar Mitchell is talking about occurred after he requested and received permission to meet with the Intelligence Committee of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during April of 1997. Mitchell wanted to brief them on what he knew or had heard about the Roswell UFO Crash. After the briefing, Mitchell says he was told by a Navy Admiral that what he knew about the crash was correct. He recently commented on that meeting:

“ I did take my story to the Pentagon -- not NASA, but the Pentagon -- and asked for a meeting with the Intelligence Committee of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and got it. And told them my story and what I know and eventually had that confirmed by the admiral that I spoke with, that indeed what I was saying was true.”

When a Vice Admiral found out about the Mitchell briefing at the Pentagon, he wanted to attend. The Vice Admiral was refused access and told that he didn’t have a “need to know.” This interesting side story provides proof that the UFO secret is one available only to an elite group of Military Leaders within the U.S. Government. It also lends credence to the idea that the President and most elected officials probably do not have access to one of our nation’s biggest secrets.

When Harry Truman signed the National Security Act in 1947, it allowed for the restriction of certain information from the President and other members of the U.S. Government. The idea was to safeguard national secrets and provide sitting presidents and other elected officials with plausible deniability. I doubt that Truman envisioned a time when members of the government would routinely lie to and deceive those they were constitutionally obligated to serve.

It’s easy for mainstream news company reporters to label Edgar Mitchell as a new age Kool-aide drinker because of his interest in exploring the Mind Sciences from a more eclectic point of view. However, I don’t see them attacking other Astronauts for their beliefs or actions. Many of the original Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Crew Members were notorious drinkers and philanderers. Some Space Shuttle Astronauts flew training missions while drunk, while others have publicly exposed themselves or lobbied for the rights of earthworms. Despite behavior that ranges from criminal to comical, those Astronauts continue to represent NASA on TV and in print interviews.

It’s easy for members of the Press to set themselves up as societal filters set in place to decide what people should be told. It’s harder to accept and report on the kind of truths that are not easily covered in thirty second television news reports or short paragraphs in increasingly abbreviated versions of news publications. As the line from the film City of Angels proclaims, “Some things are true whether you believe them or not.”

Chapter Two: The Needles UFO Crash

On May 14, 2008, an oval object with a turquoise glow fell out of the sky around three o’clock in the morning and crashed west of the Colorado River near Needles, California. The crash was almost immediately followed by the appearance of unmarked vehicles with government license plates manned by non-uniformed personnel, a small fleet of transport aircrafts and helicopters including a sky crane which later removed the object. Like many incidents of this kind, this one quickly became a non-event. So what really happened?

It’s important to understand that the object in question has been seen in the Needles area before and elsewhere as well. An object described as oval shaped with a turquoise glow was spotted by a motorist traveling just west of Needles on I-40 on April 17, 2002 at around three thirty in the morning. During that incident the object hovered above the road in mid-air. Another sighting occurred in 1997 near Columbus, Ohio. A photographer was filming clouds when a glowing object described as turquoise in color appeared on several of the frames that were photographed. The object wasn’t seen through the camera lens at the time the photos were taken.

Needles, California, is located in the Mojave Valley and is a part of San Bernardino County. It’s just across the bridge from Arizona and near the Nevada border as well. Historic Route 66 and I-40 run through the town with a population of between 5000 and 6000 people. Originally named for a group of pointed rocks on the Arizona side of the Colorado River, Needles was founded in 1883 and has been an important stopping place for people traveling east to west into California ever since. It’s also the kind of place where the crash of something strange might go unnoticed if it occurred outside of town. Fortunately, this crash had witnesses.

The first witness to the May 14, 2008 incident was a person we’ll call Bob. He lives on a houseboat in Topock, Arizona, a town that is little more than a Marina and a couple of stores near Golden Shores. Bob reported seeing a glowing turquoise-blue-green object high in the sky and headed in his direction around three o‘clock in the morning. He was sitting on the upper deck of his houseboat at the time. As it passed, he said that it looked as though the thing was on fire. He saw the object hit the ground somewhere west of the Colorado River on the California side. It bounced once and he recalled hearing a noise like a thump.

Thinking that some kind of plane had crashed, Bob tried using his satellite phone to call 911. His phone would not connect. After the crash, Bob heard the sound of helicopters approaching and reported seeing five of them flying in formation less than twenty minutes after the object hit the ground. One of them circled his houseboat before rejoining the others. Another was a sky crane that retrieved the oval-shaped object while it was still glowing with some kind of cables or a net and flew away with it. The crash occurred between Topock and Needles, west of the Colorado River and south of Needles.

Frank Costigan lives three miles east of the Colorado River and became the second witness to the May 14, 2008 incident. He got up around three in the morning to let his cat out. While standing in his backyard, Frank noticed a large glowing object streaking across the sky. It flashed a number of colors including turquoise, blue and green. The object was headed towards the ground and he expected to hear some sort of impact noise. Costigan later offered this statement:

“I thought I might hear something when it hit the ground because if it was as close as I thought it was and as big as it was, I thought I would hear something. But I did not hear anything. And it went out of my view before it hit the ground… It went behind a hill, and I waited to see if I could hear it crash because as big as it was, it was bound to make noise.”

Costigan reported that the object was bright enough to illuminate the ground. He said that it came out of the northeast, headed southwest at a tremendous speed, slowed down and speeded up again before moving out of his sight. Frank is a retired Superintendent of Operations and Police Chief. He worked at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) from 1978 until 1985 and at Ontario (California) International Airport from 1985 to 1986. He occasionally does special reports and news investigations for KTOX, an AM radio station in Needles, California. Frank later told David Hayes, the station owner, about the bizarre object he saw earlier that morning. Hayes surprised Costigan with his own strange story.

While driving on I-40 on his way to work that morning, Hayes saw a small convoy of darkly-painted vehicles exiting the highway. The vehicles had black and white government license plates. The lead truck looked a bit like a very large SUV with a dome on top, a truck bed and appeared to have four wheel drive. The vehicle may have been carrying a remote controlled drone. Hayes said that he could see a triangular object that sat on top of several small humps in the truck bed and that it reminded him of the look of a stealth bomber.

A dark green van followed behind the first vehicle and a longer van followed the green one. Hayes told Costigan that he could see men inside the trucks. They did not have military uniforms on, but after he made eye contact with the driver of the third vehicle, it followed him to the radio station. One of the trucks returned later that day and briefly parked outside the KTOX building. It seemed to be involved in some sort of surveillance of the radio station.

Hayes and Costigan reported the strange events that occurred on May 14, 2008 during regular programming at KTOX for days and asked for any other witnesses to come forward. That‘s how they obtained the story from Bob and he wasn‘t the only person to call in. Someone known to them from nearby Laughlin, Nevada, phoned to report that Janet planes where taking off and landing at the Laughlin Airport all night on the date that the crash occurred. Because the airport and control tower were closed at the time, Laughlin Airport personnel cannot confirm the presence of the Janet planes on the night in question.

Janet planes are the nickname some have given to the aircrafts that fly workers in and out of Area 51. A small terminal exists at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas for the mysterious airline operated by EE&G (a U.S. Government contractor). Large and smaller passenger jets and a few prop planes ferry workers to Groom Lake in Area 51 and the Tonopah Test Range, but there is no reason to expect that such aircraft would land in Laughlin. Because the airport and control tower were closed at the time, Laughlin Airport personnel cannot confirm the presence of the Janet planes on the night in question.

Strange things continued to happen in the Needles area after the crash. No one seems able to locate Bob and many believe he has left the area. Toni Sagan, a member of the River Valley Democratic Club in the area, was questioned by a stranger at a club meeting after she appeared on the radio station to talk about the 2008 presidential race. The man wanted to know if she heard any off-air conversations between David Hayes and a witness to the crash he had on the phone. Toni said that she had never seen the man before and that he seemed out of place in terms of the way he dressed as compared to most people that live in the area.

Although a public shows that at least one military helicopter was in the area on the night of the crash, there are no police, emergency, military or government agencies willing to offer any comments on the incident. Noted journalist George Knapp and members of the Channel 8 (CBS Network TV Affiliate in Las Vegas) Investigative Team say they have contacted “police agencies in three states, the Laughlin Airport, the weather service, the FAA and several military bases” asking for any kind of statement about the incident. All of them claim they know nothing about the crash.

Based on the description of the object and the circumstances surrounding its retrieval, it is doubtful that the thing was a meteorite. It could have been space junk, but the fact that it changed speed and seemed under some kind of intelligent control makes that unlikely. It’s possible that the object could have been some type of experimental U.S. aircraft, but given the descriptions that have been offered, it seems to be a bit beyond what even the best secret aircraft prognosticators have predicted we currently have available.

Two possibilities remain that might explain what happened in the Needles area on May 14, 2008. One is that a UFO or spacecraft of unknown origin was tracked by government authorities to the point where it made contact with the earth. With retrieval teams standing by, the object was quickly removed from the area and any necessary clean-up was accomplished without much notice. The other is that a UFO or spacecraft of unknown origin was being test-flown by a human pilot from Area 51 and simply malfunctioned causing the subsequent actions.

Chapter Three: An Indiana UFO Invasion

UFOs being chased by military jets has become a common theme in the USA other the past year. In all of these cases the jets almost immediately dropped flares to cover up what was, obviously, a far more interesting mission. If any comments were forthcoming from the military, they merely stated that any military aircraft seen in the area were on training missions.

When most people think of UFOs being chased by jets, they think of the Stephenville and Erath County, Texas, events that took place in January of 2008. In that case, recently released FAA radar reports show that unidentified objects were tracked along with military jets and that at least one may have violated presidential airspace over the Bush Ranch in Crawford, Texas. However, incidents like that one have taken place on numerous occasions in Indiana as well.

The Indiana incidents began on April 15, 2008, when a number of people living in the northern Indiana towns of Kokomo and Logansport reported seeing strange lights in their skies and the presence of military jets over the next two nights. They also heard what sounded like a huge explosion, followed by the appearance of a giant fireball and debris falling from the sky.

Some said the debris looked like ‘spider webs’ and resembled a phenomenon known as Angel Hair, a sometimes radioactive substance which has appeared after UFO sightings and landings throughout the years. Most of the material melted or vanished later in the day. The sightings and jet chases were reported over two nights. A military spokesperson later told concerned citizens that the jets were on training exercises and attributed the other events to the dropping of flares.

New sightings of UFOs being chased by military jets occurred recently near Lake Shafer and Peru, Indiana. The sightings began on July 23, 2008 in the Indiana beach area near Lake Shafer. One witness named Joe provided this report to me:

“We had seen some strange lights while we were leaving Indiana Beach on Lake Shaffer. It was on Wednesday, July 23,2008, at about 10:15. I taped some of the objects, but the only things you can see is when they would "flare up" and get really bright. When we first seen them, their was 3 of them and they were arranged in a triangle shape. Later 2 others joined them and they lined up in a straight line. Unfortunately, I never got video of them grouped together or of them darting around and zooming from the east to the west of us in a about 2 seconds. I did get some video of one of the objects directly above us and one to the east of us as they flared up.”

“None of these objects made any sounds. The only sound we heard was when a military jet flew over us and headed towards the objects. The objects disappeared and never returned after a short chase by the military jet. As we were driving home my sons mom called him to see if we had seen the strange lights in the sky. She lives in Rochester, Indiana which is about 40 miles from where we were at. She said she was on the lake on her boat and noticed the lights darting around and flaring up.”

The fact that the lights formed into triangles is significant. A number of UFO sightings have recently occurred in the USA, the UK and Canada involving strange lights that have formed into triangles. Some of these cases also involve military intervention by jets and helicopters. The Indiana sightings continued on July 24, 2008, as reported by a witness named Chris:

“It happened Thursday July 24th 2008... I live in Peru Indiana , my wife and a few people were sitting outside last night around 10:30 pm. My wife came in saying they saw a UFO. They said it looked like a ball of fire. Shortly after, I would say 10 or 15 minutes later, about 10 jets started flying around where it was seen. The jets started dropping flares. But the people that saw the " ball of fire" said it didn’t look the same as what they saw about 10 minutes earlier. The witnesses were all females and kids and they were clearly shaken by what they saw. The jets continued to fly around the area for hours afterwards.”

While all this was going on, another report came in from a person named Diane. She was driving between Lafayette and Monticello, Indiana on July 24, 2008 and sent me this report:

“I heard a lot of noise that sounded like jet engines… They were really low. I stopped at a gas station to take a look and seen jets everywhere. It was between nine and ten at night and they were chasing this big bright light that glowed red and yellow. I guess all this was happening miles away from me in the sky but it looked closer. I was at a gas station and everyone was looking at all this. When I went inside the cashier said that he thought it was a UFO and everyone in there said the same thing… I stopped somewhere between Brookston and Monticello.”

In addition to the previous report which mentioned UFOs seen in the Rochester area, this one came in from Grant:

“I heard you on Coast to Coast and wanted to report a bright light I seen near Main Street and 31 on the 24th (7/24/08) in Rochester… The light looked like a spotlight they use for store openings and I saw jets around it at 11pm. My kid was with me and he got scared… I called my wife and asked if she seen it. We live near Fulton Avenue across town and she said the light was high in the sky above our house… She didn’t see the jets but heard them.”

Chapter Four: The Stephenville, Texas, UFOs and Nationwide Connections

What do Rochester Creek, Utah, and South Mountain Park near Phoenix, Arizona, have to do with the recent Stephenville, Texas, UFO Sightings? A lot! Both are areas where ancient rock carvings by Native Americans feature symbols and objects that appear very similar to objects filmed and photographed in and around Erath County Texas.

Jeff Woolwine, a UFO Researcher in Arizona, has reported for many years that strange objects seen in the skies over the Southwestern USA and Mexico happen to match objects carved into rocks during ancient times. Jeff, an Arizona native, began reporting on these similarities after having his own UFO sighting of an object that was being followed by a helicopter in the Phoenix area.

After the phenomenon known as the Phoenix Lights appeared in the skies over Arizona, Nevada and parts of Mexico in March of 1997, Jeff found evidence that these events had been foretold on a rock carving from South Mountain Park. That carving is an exact representation of what was seen over Phoenix on March 13, 1997.

The Rochester Creek, Utah, rock carvings are generally considered to be around one thousand years old. In addition to the strange symbols that resemble objects seen in the skies of Texas recently, the carvings also show strange creatures with large heads and large eyes that tend to resemble what UFO researchers consider to be the Grey type of Alien.

The huge panel of rock carvings at Rochester Creek is located off of a graded road near Utah Highway 10 at milepost 16 or the Moore Cutoff Road and requires a short hike. The rock carving panel is considered to be one of the most spectacular in Utah. Historians say that the carvings were either made by the Fremont or Barrier Canyon Cultures. Others claim that among the strange symbols and a likeness of animals carved into the panel, a calendar exists that illustrates the coming of the summer and winter solstice.

South Mountain Park overlooks the Phoenix, Arizona, skyline. It was federal property until over seventy-five years ago when the U.S. Government donated it to the City of Phoenix. At over sixteen thousand acres and eleven miles across, it is the largest city park in the USA. Located in the Sonoran Desert, the park is part of two mountain ranges and is filled with rock carvings made by the Hohokam People.

The South Mountain Park rock carvings are over one thousand years old. Jeff Woolwine has studied these carvings and taken people on tours of South Mountain Park for many years. He points out the amazing similarities between the carvings and unknown objects seen and photographed in the same general area and in other places where similar carvings exist. He believes the objects might be some sort of living sky creatures or representations of humanoid creatures.

A more recent connection to the Stephenville, Texas, UFO Sightings occurred in the Midwest USA. An object was filmed on January 31, 2008, that is an almost exact likeness of a drawing made by Constable Leroy Gaitan of an object he saw in the skies above Erath County. The photo was taken in Indiana (location undisclosed at this time). Likewise, one or more fast moving UFOs were spotted and filmed over San Antonio, Texas, on January 13, 2008 that match descriptions of some seen over and near Stephenville.

Every since the infamous January 8, 2008, mass UFO Sighting in the Stephenville area, a number of developments have occurred that are directly connected to that and other sightings in Texas. While initially tolerant of the attention that the UFO sightings brought to the farming communities of Erath County, Texas, the feelings of some apparently changed after a UFO research organization (not associated with IPUS) held meetings in the area to investigate the matter.

Members of the press initially received high marks from most UFO Researchers for their coverage of the Erath County UFO sightings in print, over the airwaves and on screen. That changed after the UFO witness meeting. A Texas newspaper likened members of the UFO research group that held the meeting to the Scooby Doo Gang and noted that they didn’t even bring near enough sighting reports for everyone present.

Just days after that big meeting, a local politician complained about the way the press was blowing the entire event out of all proportions. Shortly after that, Stephenville Empire- Tribune Reporter Angelia Joiner said she was told to stop writing stories about the UFO sightings. She was also asked to stop wasting newspaper time on responding to the many emails and phone calls coming into the newspaper about the sightings.

It’s fair to say that Angelia Joiner’s stories about the UFO sightings brought national and international attention to Stephenville and caused her newspaper to experience record sales for the month of January. Given that, it‘s hard to understand the sudden change that occurred in editorial policy toward the UFO sightings. Angelia gave her two weeks notice to the Stephenville Empire-Tribune feeling that she was unable to satisfy her employer.

Unwilling to simply abandon the local UFO witnesses or disregard all the emails and requests for more information coming her way, Angelia decided that leaving the newspaper would be her best course of action. At least two of the witnesses she was writing about had multiple sightings after the January 8, 2008, event and claimed they were being harassed by government or military authorities. They weren’t the only ones to experience harassment.

Just one week into her two week notice, Angelia was suddenly confronted one morning by the newspaper publisher. The published asked her to leave the building immediately and confiscated her computer and rolodex. Angelia indicated later that she was shocked believing that she was leaving the newspaper on good terms with her employer. In various interviews since that time, Angelia remains unable to understand why she was treated in such a manner.

Our own investigation of the Stephenville UFO sightings has turned up quite a lot. We heard from a private pilot that was flying his aircraft in the area of the mass UFO sighting at the time of that event. Based on his report and statements from the former employee of a government contractor known to IPUS (the International Paranormal UFO Society), we now believe that the object seen on January 8, 2008 may have been chased by military aircraft because they had breached restricted presidential airspace over the Bush Ranch located south of Erath County.

During a recent radio interview, someone that must have picked up on our findings regarding the Bush Ranch connection asked Angelia Joiner if the idea that jets were chasing the UFO because they breached presidential airspace was a possible scenario. She said that based on what witnesses and others had told her, it was. She also pointed out that a military spokesperson that had originally been cordial to her when she made initial inquiries about the military jets reportedly seen over Erath County, recently changed his attitude completely.

Joiner made a friendly inquiry to the office of Major Karl Lewis, a spokesperson for a joint military operating area that would know about any military jets over Stephenville. Angelia described his attitude as cordial and indicated that he said he would look into the matter and get back to her. Shortly after that, Lewis made his first public statement saying that no that military aircraft were flying over the Stephenville area on January 8, 2008. He later reversed that statement saying that F-16s were involved in some sort of training exercises over the town. He also said these were not unusual and that the aircrafts were operating in an area designated for such exercises.

Local pilots were quick to point out to Angelia that Major Lewis was wrong. The jets were in an area well outside of the normal airspace designated for training purposes. Even stranger, Angelia said that when she tried to call Lewis back for more comments on the matter, he was no longer cordial and sounded like he was reading a prepared statement over the phone no matter what question she asked. When confronted about it, he told her, “That’s all I can tell you.”

Our latest information comes from someone that claims to work for a member of Congress. I have exchanged emails back and forth with him for about a week. Based on the little that I know about him and have been able to verify, I do believe he has connections to a member of Congress. Our source says that members of at least one congressional committee were briefed on the Stephenville sightings. He would not say what they were told (and may not know), but said that they were notified that the President was also briefed on whatever was happening with UFOs in Texas. I dislike unnamed sources, but what he is saying is obvious and makes sense anyway.


The laundry list of strangeness surrounding the Stephenville, Texas, UFO sightings is growing. Despite efforts by a military spokesperson to attribute the sightings to F-16 training maneuvers, new video shows a strange object that doesn’t look or act anything like a conventional aircraft. On top of that, a former defense industry electronics expert now says that the F-14s may have been scrambled in response to a violation of restricted presidential airspace by the military.

A new video has surfaced and been presented by Stephenville, Texas, resident Steve Allen, the owner of a freight company and a witness to the sighting on January 8, 2008. Allen says that the video of a strange object in the sky was presented to him by an anonymous source and that it was taken on the occasion of the January 8th sighting. The video appears very similar to another UFO film taken years before which shows an object moving extremely fast and making bizarre and aerodynamically impossible moves. This new video evidence casts doubt on the current air force explanation for the event.

A new scenario that might help explain one of the Stephenville UFO sightings has entered the picture, but it’s doubtful that the Air Force or other U.S. Government Authorities will find this one helpful in their efforts to portray the affair in conventional terms. A former employee for a government contractor (now retired) told the International Paranormal UFO Society that he worked on F-16s for many years as an electronics engineer and has his own opinion of what happened on January 8, 2008.

This informant is known to IPUS and he claims that it would be very unlikely for so many F-14s to be on a evening or nighttime training mission at one time. Instead, he believes that the reason so many F-14s were involved in the incident is because the unidentified flying object they were chasing had violated restricted presidential airspace over the Bush Ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Our informant bases his opinion on all the information that the media, military and eyewitnesses have provided to date. He points out that a previous email from a private pilot to IPUS mentioned that he was approaching Erath County airspace (where the events of January 8, 2008 took place) from the south and saw the object and jets in front of him indicating that they were approaching the area from the same direction. President Bush’s Crawford Ranch is south and slightly east of Stephenville.

Chapter Five: UFOs and Unexplained Animal Mutilations In New York City

Flushing Meadows Park has a long and unusual history. It is located ten miles east of Manhattan on Long Island in the Borough of Queens, New York City, between the towns of Flushing and Corona. The park started out as swampy land situated along Flushing Creek. The area skirted ancient Native American trails that were later developed into Rodman Street (today it’s called College Point Boulevard), Roosevelt Avenue and other paved roadways.

Because of its location and inability to be used for much else, the swampy land became a dumping area for ashes. By the 1920’s, it was known as the Corona Ash Dumps. F. Scott Fitzgerald called the place “a valley of ashes” in The Great Gatsby, his famous 1925 novel about Long Island Society. However, the once worthless area was about to be transformed into a marvelous showplace thanks to a grand event known as the World’s Fair.

Because it was one of the few large blocks of land still available for development in the New York City area, Parks Commissioner Robert Moses and city planners devised a plan to clear and fill the land for use as the site of the 1939-1940 New York World’s Fair. Most of the ashes and refuse were incorporated into the bases of new highways that were being built around and through that area. These later became the Grand Central Parkway, Van Wyck Expressway, Interboro Parkway and Long Island Expressway.

After the 1939-1940 World’s Fair ended in 1940, many of the structures from the fair were leveled and the area became known as Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. A few of the buildings that remained included the New York State Pavilion that was used as the first home to the United Nations from 1946 until 1951 when that organization moved into their permanent location in Manhattan. That building still exists today and has become the Queens Museum of Art.

Flushing Meadows Park again became the home to an international exposition after it was chosen as the location for the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair. After the fair closed, the area again was left with a few prominent buildings from the event including the Unisphere, the Heliport (which became a catering establishment) and the Observation Towers (featured in the Men in Black film with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones). The area also became home to Shea Stadium (used by the NY Mets Baseball Team), the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center (where the U.S. Open is held), a zoo and other facilities used for swimming, aquatic and boating events.

During the 1964-1965 World’s Fair, there were several UFO sightings that made the news. Most were described as lights in the sky and were explained away as aircraft taking off or landing at nearby LaGuardia Airport. However, it should be noted that people in that area are used to seeing all kinds of aircraft and aircraft lights associated with landings and takeoffs from LaGuardia and JFK Airports. They know when they see something different in the day or night sky.

The sightings of strange lights above the old fairgrounds continued after the World’s Fair ended and in 1966, one of the most startling occurred. Hundreds of motorists driving on the Grand Central Parkway side of Flushing Meadows Park reported seeing a large luminescent blue-green object, which looked “like a glowing dirigible that came into view and then descended into the lake,” at about 7:40 in the evening. A press report from those days stated:

“A number of observers said that the object appeared to correspond to the descriptions of UFOs reported in Michigan the previous week, which Air Force experts had attributed to swamp gas discharged from lake bottoms in springtime. This explanation did not satisfy everyone in Queens. Some thought that “maybe the Martians wanted to visit the World’s Fair, and didn’t know it was over.”

More recently, a number of reports came in about white and green lights in a triangular formation seen moving back and forth over Flushing Meadows Park during July 2-5, 2008. Some of the witnesses said that the lights suddenly appeared, disappeared and reappeared again between 10pm and 3am on those dates. However, strange lights are not the only bizarre phenomena associated with UFOs that has occurred in the park.

In 1968, the Flushing Meadows Zoo opened in Flushing Meadows Park on the grounds of the 1964-1965 World’s Fair. Although small in scale, the zoo had a number of exhibits and plenty of animals including sea lions, black bears, sheep, bison, mountain lions, coyotes, bald eagles, birds and wolves. Since its opening, the Zoo has been associated with several disturbing UFO events. The first may have occurred in 1977.

After several nights of UFO sightings above the park, wolves managed to escape from the zoo on November 30, 1977. Official reports said that twelve wolves clawed their way through a chain link fence surrounding their pen and killed several other animals until they were recaptured by parks department personnel and police. However, a caretaker working there at the time said that while making his rounds he found several animals missing, not just the wolves, and others dead. The dead animals did not look like they had been killed by predators. He also said that none of the animal pens or enclosures had been unlocked, damaged or tampered with.

There have been a number of odd instances where UFO sightings are associated with the sudden appearance or disappearance of animals. Animals found to be missing from zoos turn up elsewhere without explanation. Wild animals not native to an area suddenly appear in that area also without explanation. All this tends to occur during times when UFOs are observed nearby.

The caretaker present during the 1977 event first contacted me in 1989 about another and far more disturbing occurrence at the Zoo. He and several others that worked there met me near the area of the zoo. It was being rebuilt at the time and they claimed that the reason for that was something so disturbing that I still have trouble grasping the enormity of what happened.

After seeing me on a local television news broadcast talking about a major UFO sighting and landing in nearby Kissena Park, several employees of the zoo called my UFO hotline and asked to meet with me. After a phone conversation with one of them, I met them at Flushing Meadows Park and we talked about what happened at the zoo. It began with two nights of UFO sightings in 1987. Green and white balls of light that formed into all sorts of shapes hovered directly above the zoo and caused the animals to become greatly disturbed.

Due to budget cuts and because there were police in the park all night long, caretakers and other zoo employees were no longer present at the zoo all night. The last one would leave around 11pm and show up again around 7:30am to open up the zoo for the other employees. On the morning after the two nights of UFO sightings in 1987, the caretaker and several other employees opened up the zoo and were horrified to find every animal in the zoo dead. Not just dead, but strangely mutilated.

The caretaker and other employees told me that all of the animals were still locked or secured in their pens and exhibits with no sign of forced or keyed entry. Although they were unable to photograph any of the animals, they said all of them looked as though they had been surgically autopsied or examined. Despite the deaths and apparent mutilation, little or no blood was present. Needless to say, the zoo was closed without explanation and “No Trespassing” signs were placed near the entrance and on fences surrounding it.

Parks Department personnel and police were summoned. The zoo was closed and within hours, all of the dead animal carcasses were removed. At that point, plans were made for the zoo to be leveled. Officially, the deaths never happened at that point and the press showed no interest in the matter if it was even reported to them at all. With plans already in the works to refurbish the zoo buildings, it was not that hard to arrange for the entire zoo property to be rebuilt from the ground up with new ground.

All of the old buildings and enclosures were destroyed and several inches of dirt were removed from the area of the zoo. During this time, none of the employees that spoke to me were allowed near the place. Most were assigned to other temporary duties in the park. When it officially reopened in 1988, the zoo had all already undergone a $16 million rebuilding. All new buildings, exhibits and animals were now available to the public.

The zoo employees that spoke to me said that the animal deaths and mutilations were eventually explained away as the work of vandals or ritualistic killers in an internal report. However, they point out that vandals would have made all kinds of noise trying to kill the animals, had to break into most of the pens and exhibits and would have left a significant amount of blood and other evidence behind. None of those things were present, no alarms went off and park police and other employees working in nearby areas on the night in question heard nothing.

The only reason that the caretaker and employees contacted me with their stories was because they felt that the possibility existed that the same thing could happen again and found the previous explanation for the deaths and mutilations to be ridiculous. In fact, UFOs were seen over the zoo again in 1991. At that time there were no deaths or mutilations, but the same employees told me that several animals were found to be missing from the zoo. They were not specific about which animals were missing and, by that time, were in fear of losing their jobs. Again, the zoo was closed without explanation with “No Trespassing” signs were placed near the entrance and all around the area.

During the unannounced and temporarily closure, yet another expensive zoo upgrade took place. This one not only involved some new exhibits and rebuilds, but the installation of sophisticated security devices. A dew local papers noticed the closure and asked questions, but officials merely said that funds had suddenly become available for an upgrade and that it needed to be completely before the money ran out. The zoo reopened to the public in June of 1992. No further incidents have occurred that I am aware of, but all of the employees that first contacted me in 1989 have retired. UFO sightings continue over Flushing Meadow Park.

It’s important to understand that a number of animal disappearances and mutilations associated with UFO sightings have occurred for many years throughout the world. Cows, horses and other farm animals have especially been targets of this type of activity. As with the zoo animals, little blood is found nearby when mutilation occur. Animals are found missing from locked barns and secured pens. Farmers and ranchers have reported these kinds of incidents, while law enforcement officers and veterinary practitioners have been at a loss to explain them.

A few human mutilations associated with UFO events have also been reported. Fortunately, these incidents are rare. After a B-52 crash in Laos during the Vietnam War, a Special Forces team sent in to retrieve the crew found them all dead, still strapped into their seats and strangely mutilated. No blood was present. The photos and information collected at the site were later placed in a secret report known as Blue Book Report 13. That indicates that the U.S. Government somehow associated that incident with UFOs.

There have been a number of unexplained animal deaths, disappearances and mutilations throughout Long Island over the years. These include the discovery of a Saint Bernard dog that was found in another Queens park turned inside out in the 1980s, a number of missing dogs and cats that mysteriously vanished from Suffolk County neighborhoods in the 1990s, wild game missing from a lodge where hunting was permitted in the Montauk area during the 1970s-1980s, and a few cattle mutilations in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties during the 1980s to the present.

Chapter Six: UFOs Turn The UK Upside Down in 2008

A clerk at the Tern Hill Hall Hotel told UK newspapers that the launch of Chinese lanterns for a wedding reception was behind the mass sighting of UFOs by soldiers and civilians on June 7, 2008. However, some experts disagree. Even if the lanterns were released as claimed, they would have been too small to account for the objects that were witnessed, photographed and filmed. Mark Hanley, a British UFO Researcher says that he has investigated many cases involving the release of Chinese lanterns.

“These objects are easily identified.” Hanley says. “The size, colors and shape of the objects from the Tern Hill Hotel do not match what people described or photographed… Lanterns burn up after a short time and do not behave in the manner described by witnesses of the UFOs observed on June 7th… The hotel told me that they announce the release of lanterns in advance to avoid complaints from residents and local businesses that say they are a distraction and may cause fires.” Hanley claims that the hotel has been cited by local fire authorities on previous occasions.

Hanley’s statements are at odds with those of Stuart Willett, the manager of the Tern Hill Hall Hotel. Willett says, “We've had inquiries from residents before, but it's the first time it's been classed as a UFO.” He claims that the hotel has not previously announced the release of Chinese lanterns, but Anna Musgrave disagrees. She is a local resident and owner of a business that is near the hotel. According to several UK newspapers, Anna says: “I had one of those lanterns land on my property (prior to this incident) and the ____ thing caused damage. The hotel staff told us that they would be launching those ______ things, but there was still damage. I complained to the authorities…”

Whether or not the hotel was responsible for the June 7, 2008 sightings is a question that literally remains up in the air. However, that’s not the only sighting that some people are trying to debunk. The sighting of what the Shropshire Star newspaper called “a huge unidentified object rising from the ground towards a police helicopter in Cardiff at 12.40am on Sunday June 8...”is now also being blamed on the Chinese lanterns, despite the fact that they would have all burned up long before that encounter.

David Clarke, a self-described “UFO expert” that helped the British government prepare the MOD files on UFOs for public release told the BBC: “Call me cynical, but what are the chances that a flying saucer would come down from outer space in exactly the same place where lanterns have been released?" He fails to notice the time discrepancy or perhaps doesn’t care. Since most UFO researchers believe that many of the MOD files were whitewashed before being released, his opinion should not be seriously considered.

The helicopter crew involved in the UFO incident made it clear that the object they saw with their eyes could not be seen with night vision goggles. Marshall Clayton, an employee of Night Owl Tactical (maker of night vision goggles) says that would not be the case if what came at the helicopter was a Chinese lantern. “Any object that is self-illuminating would easily be seen with the goggles. Especially if it has an active flame… a candle or battery powered light would stand out.”

It’s important to understand that other objects were seen and photographed on the dates of June 7-8, 2008. Shaun Williams, 12, was taking some daytime photos with a digital camera near his house. When he got home and reviewed the photos, a classic disc-shaped UFO appeared on one of them along with an aircraft he was trying to photograph against a clear blue sky. Shaun said, “I couldn’t believe it when I looked back at my pictures and this strange object was there.” The object did not resemble a Chinese lantern in any way, shape or form.

It’s been thirty years since Steven Spielberg shocked audiences with his ground-breaking film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The film was fact-based with fictional characters. As we near the thirtieth anniversary of its release, it’s sad to see that the news media is still obsessed with a need to provide skeptical explanations for each and every UFO sighting or encounter. They still believe that the burden of proof is on us, but do not hold other news stories to that same standard.

Chapter Seven: How Much Is That Alien In The Window?

UFO activist Jeff Peckman teamed up with UFO Experiencer Stan Romanek during a recent press conference to call for a ballot initiative to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver. Peckman believes that the commission will help to prepare the city for extraterrestrial visitations. Romanek is a Colorado native who believes he has already been visited by aliens many times and presented what he claims is proof of those visitations in the form of a video of “a living, breathing alien.” The video was filmed in 2003 while Romanek was living in Nebraska. He claims that he set up a camera to capture evidence of a Peeping Tom that was regularly peering into a room where one of his daughters slept.

Romanek released what he said was a small portion of the video to the news media at the press conference with Peckman. Reporters that attended the event say that the video was dark and appeared to show what is commonly described as a small ‘grey’ type of alien peeking in a window that is said to be eight feet above the ground. The ’alien’ was bobbing up and down and blinking its eyes during the brief segment. Jason Sheehan, a reporter, self-proclaimed UFO witness and admitted believer attended the press conference and made this statement about Romanek’s video in the Denver Westword News, “I was just disappointed. It looked so patently fake, so ridiculously cheap and goofy.”

I am objective and try to maintain an eclectic view of UFOs and the evidence available to support the existence of extraterrestrials and their visits to the earth. I dislike judging what may first appear to be lackluster evidence for UFOs and ETs too harshly. After all, we’ve been practically brainwashed by the government and mainstream media to believe that UFOs and Aliens are just figments of deluded or overactive imaginations. Others will say that computer generated graphics provide a new and easy way for almost anyone to create fake aliens doing all kinds of things. Those kinds of objections being thrown at us 24/7 are bound to influence our opinion when it comes to viewing evidence like the Romanek video.

Portions of the alien video presented to the press have been posted on the internet. If those postings are real, you can take at look and decide for yourself. If you care to wait, the video will soon be part of a documentary currently titled as “Starseed: The Stan Romanek Story.” Romanek says he has sold the rights to his alien video to a film company. That makes me want to ask him, “How much is that Alien in the window? The one with the bobbing head and blinking eyes. How much is that Alien in the window? Will your documentary be a huge disappointment or a big and wonderful surprise?”

I should not be so sarcastic, but part of the problem with Stan Romanek’s video is his decision to sell it to a film company before it has been fully examined, researched and authenticated. I can certainly understand the frustration of anyone with video, photos or information that they’re trying to incorporate into a documentary only to find that it’s already been put out on the internet. I have had my own articles, information, video and audio recordings placed online by others without even so much as a brief mention giving me any credit. However, I also believe that the value of the Romanek video would not be lessened by showing part of it to the public prior to the release of the documentary.

If the same small segment shown to reporters was released to the public it would give UFO researchers and video experts time to weigh in on it. If they could not find enough objections to dismiss it as a hoax, that would increase the value of the video and make people want to see his documentary when it becomes available. Instead, we find ourselves in the familiar ‘grey’ area of a yet another UFO Experiencer wanting people in and out of the UFO research community to accept his evidence without seeing all of it.

Romanek and Peckman claim that one Denver film expert concluded that the video had not been doctored. The same expert says that if the image appearing in the window was a puppet, it would be a very expensive and elaborate puppet. That’s a non-starter. We could just as easily say that someone filming a video of a star in the night sky without special effects was not faking it even if they said the star was a UFO. Zack Hildebrand of Wonderhouse Productions in Hollywood says that it could cost as little as $100 to create a simple ‘puppet’ to do the things the alien in Romanek’s video does.

Members of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Researcher Society have already dismissed the Romanek video as a fake and created one of their own to show how easy that would be to do. However, a visit to their website shows that their primary interest is in Ghost Research. They proudly display photos of themselves with the cast of the Ghost Hunters television show. That leads me to believe that members of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Researcher Society subscribe to the same view held by the Ghost Hunters which is to debunk first and ask questions later.

Without full access to the video, we are left to examine the claims of Stan Romanek based on his story and the evidence he has publicly displayed. During a lecture he recently presented at the Auraria Campus in Denver, Colorado, Romanek said that he videotaped his first encounter with a UFO east of the Red Rocks Amphitheater near Denver in 2000. He also spoke about government agents, extraterrestrial beings, unusual craft, balls of light, threats, floating objects, bizarre communications, advanced scientific equations, implants and more.

On the surface, Romanek’s story seems awfully conspiratorial. However, there are many pros among what some consider to be a number of cons. One is that some of the objects he has filmed were also independently videotaped by Jeff Woolwine of Phoenix, Arizona. Jeff says that many of the objects he has caught on video came right up out of the Superstition Mountains. He also claims that Native American drawings in those areas show the objects have been doing this for a long time. Many of Romanek’s videos are filmed near mountains.

Another interesting pro is the mathematical prowess shown by Stan Romanek. According to Dana Thibault, a researcher who claims to have been involved with Romanek for a year, Romanek suffers from dyslexia and has the math competency of a fourth grader. Despite his apparent disabilities, Stan has managed to produce complicated equations that predict little known celestial events and allege to provide information about zero point propulsion.

Romanek claims to that he received the equations from extraterrestrials. He does have scars and markings that are similar to those that appear on other people who claim to have been abducted or contacted by the ’grey’ type of aliens. However, some of his photos leave much to be desired. It’s possible that he reads too much into the photos. That is also a common trait among abductees and contactees. If I were to casually look at the evidence for his case apart from the alien video, I could easily conclude that he was in some sort of contact with aliens.

If Stan Romanek wants people to take his story and alien video seriously, he will have to open himself and his evidence up to the same sort of scrutiny, examination and critical analysis that so many who came before him have had to endure. It’s not a pleasant process, but in a world where most people are either true believers or skeptics, there are just not a lot of other options.

Chapter Eight: Did Howard Hughes View a Captured UFO and Its Occupants?

Did Howard Hughes ever get a chance to view a captured or crashed UFO and its occupants? I have long pondered this question and there may now be an answer to it. According to a former employee of Hughes Aircraft, he did. The visit allegedly occurred not long after the crash of an alien spacecraft near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. You may think this story belongs in the BELIEVE OR NOT file and you may be right, but I feel compelled to pass it on to you anyway.

Linda is a retired teacher. She taught in public and private schools for over thirty years and has emailed me an impressive array of diplomas and certifications. She also emailed a few photos and some paperwork that verifies the fact that her father probably worked for Howard Hughes. Because she asked for anonymity, I cannot say much more about her or divulge where she currently lives at this time. I have encouraged her to come forward at some point and tell her own story in her own words.

Linda says that her father was involved with Hughes Aircraft as early as 1942, but the timeframe that concerns this story is the year 1947. It was during the summer of that year that Howard Hughes was obsessed with getting his oversized wooden seaplane nicknamed the "Spruce Goose” ready for a test flight. Officially known as the H-4 Hercules, the aircraft flew only once on November 2, 1947. The amount of time and work that went into getting the Hercules ready for that flight was unbelievable.

Her father worked closely with Hughes during the Hercules project and later became a full-time employee of Hughes Aircraft. The two men met after he was referred to Hughes by a mutual acquaintance just after the USA declared war on the Axis powers and entered World War II. Linda told me that Hughes used as her dad as a “problem solver.” He had a knack for being able to look at most any mechanical problem and quickly suggest a practical solution. He also had the kind of temperament that allowed him to work with the eccentric billionaire.

Hughes was besieged with a number of problems during the summer of 1947 including a U.S. Senate inquiry into the way he had managed funds for the Hercules and XF-11 Photoreconnaissance Aircraft projects. Linda says that shortly after he testified at the Senate hearings, Howard Hughes returned to oversee work on the Hercules and spoke to her father about his possible involvement in an important government project.

According to Linda, Howard Hughes and her father were not friends and her dad would probably not be considered a part of Hughes‘ inner circle if such a thing existed. However, he did spend a lot of time with Hughes during the Hercules project and the two had a casual working relationship as long as her father delivered the goods. She told me that her dad said he was busy brainstorming with some engineers when Hughes summoned him into an empty office. Hughes had a kind of inquisitively stern look on his face and that usually meant that he wanted some advice on how to solve a problem or was about to start a new project.

Howard stepped away from the door to the office, but didn’t close it. There was enough noise outside of the office so that no one could hear their conversation anyway. Howard sat down on a stool near the window. Linda’s father stepped over to where he was sitting and listened intently. Hughes hated repeating himself and despised people that were not good listeners. Hughes told her dad that he had been contacted by a “high ranking member of the United States Armed Forces” while he was in Washington, D.C.

The billionaire was used to receiving unusual requests from the military. He was known as someone that could keep a secret and solve complicated problems. According to Linda’s father, this one might have been the mother of all the most secret and complicated situations that the government ever faced. Hughes said that he visited a military base on the way back from the congressional hearings. He didn’t mention where it was located and provided few details about what happened there.

Linda’s father said that Hughes seemed uncomfortable talking about his visit to the base. He hated situations that he couldn’t personally control and seemed to indicate that the entire event was orchestrated and controlled by the military. With the exception of Hughes, no civilians were present. Howard said that they showed him a new type of aircraft. Most of it was in pieces and it was obvious that the thing had crashed or been shot down. Hughes assumed it might have been something that the Russians cooked up.

It wasn’t until Hughes got closer to the material that he noticed it was anything but conventional. He didn’t pick up or touch any of it, but told Linda’s father that it looked like “the damnedest stuff I’ve ever seen.” The military officers present told him that despite the fact that it was in pieces, the material was extremely resistant to heat, cold and pressure. They also said that it was almost impossible to penetrate, yet it might have been an implosion that caused the crash. Howard never said if it had any writing on it and provided no further details about the material or the aircraft.

Hughes told Linda’s father that the dead bodies of the crew members from the aircraft had also been recovered by the military and were mostly intact. He said they allowed him to view the bodies and described them as looking like “dwarves” or “deformed midgets” wearing seamless flight suits. He added no details about where or how they were being kept. Instead, he got right to the point. “They want me to figure this thing out and I want you on board,” Hughes explained. That was the end of their meeting.

A few weeks later Hughes took Linda’s father aside again and told him to forget about their previous conversation in the office. He gave her dad the impression that there were too many hassles and not enough money for him to get involved with that project. Her father felt it was more plausible to believe that Hughes wouldn’t have been able to run the show and didn’t want to get involved with something he couldn’t fully direct. Or, perhaps he knew or had learned something more about the project that turned him off to it.

It wasn’t until many years after their conversation in that office that Linda’s father came to realize that Hughes might have been talking about a crashed UFO and, specifically, one that probably crashed or was shot down during the summer of 1947. Her dad had never shown any type of interest in UFOs or Aliens. Linda believed he might have come across the information about one of the UFO crashes from the tabloids that his wife read. The timing would have been correct because I saved issues of the National Enquirer and other supermarket tabloids during the 1970s and recall articles about alien and military encounters and UFO crashes.

I asked Linda if her dad might have been kidding her about the Hughes incident. “Oh, no,” she said, “Dad never told tale tales. He had enough true stories about Hughes and other important people he met throughout the years… He didn’t need to make up stories… I am certain he was telling me the truth.” I also asked Linda how many times they discussed that story after he first told it to her. She replied, “Not more than a couple of times… He wasn’t interested in UFOs… He told me the story on a whim because he thought it might give me a chuckle or two… Dad had nothing to add to the story and I believe that’s why we never discussed it much.”

Unfortunately, her father passed away a few years ago. I doubt he realized the impact that the story had on his daughter. Before she heard it, Linda barely gave the subject of UFOs a second thought. Afterward, she slowly became fascinated with the subject and told me, “My father told me that what Howard said he saw sounded a lot like what the tabloids were describing as crashed alien spaceships… and the bodies that he viewed fit the descriptions of aliens… I do not believe everything that politicians tell me, but I never saw a reason to disbelieve what they were saying about UFOs. What would they have to gain by lying about them? It wasn’t until my father told me the story about Howard and the material that I began to doubt their denials…”

Linda said that she started reading UFO articles published in some of the mainstream newspapers and magazines. Those tidbits awakened a casual interest in learning more about the subject. However, after retired Colonel Jesse Marcel came forward to expose the Roswell UFO cover up, she went out of her way to learn as much as she could about UFO crashes and military encounters. “I purchased a used copy of a book by Donald Keyhoe and read it cover to cover,” Linda told me. “That book opened my eyes… I now believe there is much more to the subject than what we‘re being told.”

I asked Linda why she waited so long to tell the story she heard from her father about Howard Hughes and the strange aircraft. “I am a very private person… I believe in doing all I can to promote education and to encourage students to stay in school. I want them to go as far as they can in life… I do not want to become the poster child for government conspiracies… You seem legitimately interested in discovering the truth about UFOs and Aliens. I believe that if people have a chance to learn about the story that my father told to me, they might feel compelled to come forward and share their own experiences and information with you.”

I have a million more questions for Linda, but it is obvious that her father was given little more than a thumbnail sketch about Howard Hughes experience with a strange object and its occupants. He was only able to tell her what Hughes had told him. Not the best scenario, so I cannot say for sure that this story involves a crashed UFO and it‘s occupants. I can say that I believe Linda’s dad heard a story about a strange aircraft and unusually tiny crewmembers from Howard Hughes and that he told it to his daughter just the way he heard it, straight from the horse’s mouth.

I have been researching Linda’s story for about a week. I have spoken with her over the phone on several occasions. With her permission, I recorded the calls and subjected them to a voice stress analysis using an inexpensive testing unit I purchased a few years ago. If accurate, the results indicate that she was not being deceptive during our conversation. As a experienced UFO researcher, I was pleased that she cooperated with various requests I had for more information. That is almost always a good sign.

Linda has emailed enough documentation to make me believe that she is who she claims to be and that her father was employed at Hughes Aircraft. The materials she provided indicate that he probably worked for Howard Hughes on specific projects as a consultant before he became a full time employee. Because Hughes never told him that he actually saw an alien spacecraft or referred to the dead crew members as aliens, we have to fill in the blanks with some careful speculation.

If Linda’s story does anything, it proves that people out there are sitting on important information about UFOs because they still fear the repercussions that can result from coming forward to share it. The blame for that may be placed on the doorstep of a news media that seems incapable of covering anything deeper that where politicians attend church or how old they are. They ignore real news and issues in favor of serve serving statements from government flunkies bent on forwarding an increasingly outdated agenda.

Chapter Nine: 2008 Vietnam UFO Crash Yields Strange Metal

According to Officials at the state run Vietnam News Agency, “An unidentified flying object exploded at about 10am on May 27 over the northern part of Phu Quoc Island." Colonel Nguyen Van Qui, a military commander on the island was the source of the report and no civilian, commercial or military aircraft are said to be missing in that area of southern Vietnam or nearby Cambodia.

The object that crashed was first seen in the skies over Cambodia where officials said it appeared as a “fire in the sky.” The thing exploded shortly after that and what was left of it crashed on Phu Quoc Island. Citizens of a commune on the island retrieved a piece of metal from the crash that they described as measuring “one metre by about 60 centimeters.” The metal is unusual looking and appears to have symbols engraved or stamped into it.

Additional pieces of metal were recovered by members of the military and civilians. At this writing, there are fourteen pieces in possession of the Military Command of Phu Quoc District. The metal debris rained down in Ganh Dau and Cua Can communes on Phu Quoc at about 10:20 a.m. on May 27, 2008, according to Lam Quang Chanh, a spokesperson for the provincial People’s Committee.

While it’s entirely possible that the sightings and recovered material may have nothing to do with an Alien Spacecraft, the events surrounding this crash are similar to other incidents involving UFOs. For example, some of the symbols that appear to be engraved or stamped into the metal (if they are genuine) are similar to those described by witnesses on the thing that crashed near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, in the 1960s. An I-beam from the Roswell UFO Crash in 1947 was also reported to have unknown symbols on it.

Phu Quoc Island is a popular tourist destination located in the Gulf of Thailand. It has thirteen resort areas and several urban centers. The island was once considered a backwater area known primarily for the production of anchovy sauce and black pepper. Once a French territory with rubber and coconut plantations, Phu Quoc Island housed a prisoner of war camp during the Vietnam War. Vietnam and Cambodia struggled over possession of the island for years after the war until it finally became a part of Vietnam in 1975.

UFO crashes are rare events. When they occur in an area of the world that may not be under the control of the usual cover-up suspects, an opportunity presents itself for the nation and people involved to share what has happened with the world. Vietnam is a Communist country with close ties to China, so there still may be a tight lid clamped on this event at some point. If that doesn’t occur, we may have a chance to see the smoking gun that proves intelligent Alien life forms exist and are visiting the Earth.

Chapter Ten: Strange Lights In The Sky And A Mystery Sphere Recovered In Alabama

It first appeared on Google Maps in a satellite photo and looked like a white sphere that appeared to be vibrating as it passed over Magnolia Park, Florida in 2005. The pearl-like object hovered at around 20,000 feet. Fast forward to April 25, 2008. Just around the time when strange lights were being seen in the skies over Indiana, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Arizona, they appeared over Decatur, Alabama.

TV Stations in nearby Huntsville, Alabama, reported that people were seeing lights in the sky over Decatur on April 25th around 11pm. A number of calls were received by emergency services and one witness, 17 year old Codey Terry (a student at Bob Jones High School in Madison) reported a frightening encounter. She described two bluish-white lights that suddenly appeared in front of her windshield while she was driving past the courthouse and on to Central Parkway in Decatur just after 11pm.

Codey said that the two bright lights looked like airplane lights. She thought that an aircraft making an emergency landing and was headed straight for her vehicle. Codey slammed on the brakes causing her car to spin around. After regaining her composure, she got out to see what was happening and found the strange lights hovering in mid-air. At that point, what appeared to be two lights became one extremely bright circle of blinding light. No one else was on the road at that time.

Barely able to watch the object as it hovered due to the brightness, she saw it suddenly start moving very fast toward the ground some distance away. There were never any sounds coming from the object while it was in the air and none as it made contact with the ground. During this time she was on the phone with her mom and described the entire event. Then, a strange situation got even stranger.

Fire trucks, other emergency vehicles and helicopters appeared out of nowhere and headed toward the area where the object hit the ground. Codey drove to her friend’s house. While she was explaining what happened, more helicopters appeared in the sky. Codey and her friend Zack decided to follow them and see what was happening.

They arrived at a location called the Aquadome, a recreational center with a swimming pool, play ground and basketball courts. It’s right next store to Brookhaven Middle School. Codey and Zack were able to get within fifteen feet of where a Med Fly helicopter from nearby Huntsville, Alabama, had set down.

Decatur Police vehicles arrived and got between them and the helicopter. Decatur Fire Department trucks also arrived. One parked near the helicopter, while the others drove around in a circle as if they were closing off the area. What appeared to be black, military helicopters circling overhead. All this took place in the Aquadome’s parking lot.

Codey and her friend watched as emergency personnel loaded what looked like a giant pearl, a white shiny sphere, on to a stretcher. The personnel that dealt with the object were dressed in some sort of white, hazardous materials suits and seemed to be dusting off the sphere. After covering it with sheets that held the object tightly on the stretcher, they loaded it into an ambulance that pulled up near the helicopter and drove away.

A local news reporter and a woman were also on the scene when all this happened, both tried asking those present about what was happened, but were told nothing. The ambulance left around 11:40 and headed toward Huntsville accompanied by the fire trucks even though they were based in Decatur.

The Huntsville area is home to the Redstone Army Arsenal and a number of other military and government facilities including the U.S. Army Space and Military Defense Command and NASA‘s Marshall Space Flight Center. It’s entirely possible that this object could have been some sort of a secret project. I asked someone in the know about it.

Jim Knowles is a recently retired electronics engineer that worked on a number of government projects over the years through various government contractors. After describing the events that occurred in Decatur to him, Jim said, “I have no personal knowledge of any type of vehicle, or something that might be a part of a government project, which comes close to what you described to me. I can‘t imagine any technology currently available to the government which might explain what was seen or recovered in Decatur.”

Once again strange lights fill the skies over America. Once again the military responds quickly with aircraft. Once again the public is involved, but is told little or nothing about what happened. Once again the news media seems fine with allowing the whole thing to be swept under the rug. Once again the advantage of having a press free to report the truth is no advantage at all.

Chapter Eleven: Former President Bill Clinton Speaks Out About UFOs (Or Does He?)

During one of many radio interviews that former President Bill Clinton has done recently to help his wife‘s presidential campaign, he was asked about the UFO subject. The question came from Big D and Bubba, Morning Show Jocks on the Premier Radio Network. Budda asked Clinton, “When will we, if we will ever know the truth about UFOs?” Clinton replied, “It’s interesting that you ask that because when we celebrated the anniversary of that event out in New Mexico (the Roswell UFO Crash)…I actually got all the government documents and read them and I’m convinced it wasn’t a UFO there…but who knows?”

It was no surprise that the former president managed to do the old political sidestep and failed to actually answer the question. I‘m sure he was concerned about what any speculation regarding UFOs and government secrecy might do to Hillary‘s Campaign. However, it was a surprise that Clinton has refused to share at least some of what he personally knows to be true about UFOs. Two major briefings on the subject took place during President Clinton’s Administration. One was unofficial and the other was official.

Bill and Hillary Clinton were staying at the Rockefeller Teton Ranch near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, when they were given an extensive briefing about UFOs by philanthropist and UFO enthusiast Laurence Rockefeller in August of 1996. Rockefeller assembled an impressive volume of information and attempted to sell the Clintons on the idea that they needed to stand up to the CIA and other forces within the government that sought to keep all the information about UFOs and Aliens secret from the public.

Although we have no comments from either of the Clintons about the briefing or their reaction to it, we do know that many of Clinton’s advisors did their best to portray Rockefeller as a kind of nut that would waste their time with the UFO briefing. Most felt that the President and First Lady should give the material little weight and endure it as briefly and politely as possible. However, not everyone felt that way.

When John Podesta became President Clinton’s Chief of Staff in 1998, it was well known that he was a fanatical fan of The X Files. Podesta was fascinated with the UFO subject. One White House Staffer said he would sometimes get on the phone and call places like Area 51 to ask the Air Force what was really going on out there. Given John Podesta’s passion for seeking the truth about UFOs, it would be hard to believe that the Clintons were not given every opportunity to find out what the government really knew about UFOs.

Thanks to a Presidential Executive Order (#12958) signed by Bill Clinton, over 80 million secret documents were made available for declassification. Many of these documents had to do with UFOs. In fact, the Sci-Fi Channel became the direct beneficiary of some of that information using it as a springboard to call for the government to release more information about UFOs and to produce subsequent programming about various high-profile UFO events including the Roswell and Kecksburg UFO crashes.

A second briefing given to President Clinton (and Vice President Gore) is one that I have known about, but not publicized up to this point. That briefing was given over a secure phone connection by former U.S. Government Scientist and Air Force Officer, Dr. Michael Wolf. Among those present on the phone was my friend and fellow UFO Researcher, Dick Criswell. Dick was a member of Wolf’s AlphaCom Team. Unlike the Rockefeller briefing, this one was official and provided very detailed and extremely sensitive information to President Clinton and Vice President Gore.

Former President Clinton is a very intelligent man. Although he likes to play the part of the good ole boy that happened to get lucky and end up in the White House, he is a force to be reckoned with and not simply the Hilary puppet that many pundits claim. Clinton knows the value of information and how to use it to get what he wants. It surprises me that he hasn’t been more open about his own quest for UFO information and what he has officially learned about the subject from sources like Dr Wolf and the AlphaCom Team.

I do not know what lead up to the Wolf Briefing, but I know that politicians often find themselves up against a brick wall when it comes to getting information about UFOs from conventional government and military sources. And they are not alone. I have had many people serving in the military or working with them complain about the secrecy surrounding the subject. In 1993, I received a call from an Instructor that was teaching a course at the Air Force Academy. I was presenting a series of seminars in Colorado Springs and he heard me talking about the subject on a local radio station.

During our phone conversation, the Instructor stated that he and others at the Academy were always directed to the old Project Bluebook materials any time they had questions about UFOs or tried to get materials on the subject for their students. Knowing that I would be presenting my seminar entitled The Worldwide UFO Cover-Up (now available on DVD) the following evening; he asked if I would consider adding an additional seminar sitting for Air Force Academy Cadets, Instructors and interested parties.

I added the additional sitting and it was quite an experience presenting a seminar about the UFO Cover-Up to a room filled with several hundred Air Force Academy Cadets, Officers and Instructors. That experience really drove home the point to me that even those with good military connections may not have the juice to get to the truth or even a small portion of it. I can imagine that even U.S. Presidents might end up feeling the same frustration as they try to obtain information about UFOs and what the government knows about Aliens visiting Earth.

Given their political ambitions, Bill and Hillary must be concerned about something other than the status quo considering their relative silence about the UFO subject. Perhaps they feel some sort of political retaliation or worse. It is well known that Bill Clinton asked his friend and Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell for two inquiries as soon as he became president: 1) Are UFOs real and 2) What about the JFK Assassination. It’s unknown what type response he received.

Considering the fact that the former president idolized assassinated president John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton may have learned from what some feel was Kennedy’s fatal error. Although his murder has been blamed on everyone from angry mobsters and government conspirators to a lone gunman, recent evidence indicates that President Kennedy was murdered by secret government insiders that believed he might reveal the truth about UFOs and Aliens to the public.

Still careful and deliberately vague whenever he comments about UFOs, Bill Clinton seems to understand the code of silence set in place for high-ranking ex-government officials and retired members of the military. Clinton probably believes that there is just no safe political currency to be gained in exposing the secrets about UFOs and Aliens and he may well be right. Those that sought to ignore that code have been murdered, died early deaths or been killed under suspicious circumstances.

New Mexico Congressman Steven Schiff died of cancer at age 51 after making many inquiries into the Roswell UFO Crash and raising public awareness on the matter. Former Navy Officer William Milton Cooper (Bill Cooper) was shot to death by law enforcement officers that claimed he charged after and shot at them (with his one good leg). Cooper spent years exposing the secret government in place to deal with Aliens. Former government geologist Phil Schneider was found dead with piano wire tied around his neck after years of speaking out about secret underground bases and hostile encounters between aliens and members of the military. Schneider had been shot several times and on other occasions before his death.

It’s sad to think that the best the American Public can hope for is some occasional deathbed statement or confession from those involved with the cover-up to provide any reliable information about what the government knows about UFOs and Aliens. Part of the blame lies at the door of our news media as they chuckle about or make light of any and all stories of UFO sightings, alien encounters or the government cover-up of related information. One can only hope that some fearless politicians and reporters eventually appear who are willing to expand their reality boxes to include more than just what happens on this small planet and tell the truth to a public hungry for it.

Chapter Twelve: Shirley Maclaine Becomes A UFO Conspiracy Reporter

Already a knowledgeable New Age author, researcher and practitioner of sorts, Academy Award-winning Actress Shirley MacLaine seems to have added UFO conspiracy reporter to her resume. In her latest book, Saging While Aging, Shirley reveals what she knows or has learned about various incidents involving UFOs, the military, intelligence services and famous people. The well-known performer that has appeared in almost sixty films to date recently discussed her book and shared some of these revelations with Whitley Strieber on his Dreamland web cast.

One of the most-shocking claims made by the veteran actress is that the late John Mack, professor of Psychiatry at Harvard University and alien abductions researcher, may have been murdered. Dr Mack was killed by a drunk driver as he stepped off a curb in London, England, near Totteridge Lane and Longland Drive on September 27, 2004. He was walking home alone after a dinner with some friends when the incident occurred. Shirley says that another person named John Mack was also killed by a drunk driver around the same time in another part of London.

Another story Shirley shares is one that she heard from Lucille Ball involving the late Ronald Reagan. While he was still an actor, Ronald Reagan was attending a party with several other celebrities at a private residence in Los Angeles. The actor and his wife arrived several hours late. According to well-known actress and comedienne Lucille Ball, Reagan took her aside and told her that he and his wife Nancy had an amazing experience on the way to the party.

Ronald Regan told Lucy that he and Nancy were driving on Mulholland Drive when a UFO landed near their vehicle. Although this story has been told before, a number of new details were added. For example, Shirley MacLaine says Lucille Ball told her that Reagan claimed a ladder appeared and an alien climbed out of the craft. The alien told him to quit his acting work and go into politics. The most popular version of that same story doesn’t include the appearance of an alien or what he said to the former California Governor and President of the United States.

MacLaine had a few more surprises in store for Whitley Strieber and his audience. One was that she believed the popular account that President Eisenhower met with aliens at what is now Edwards Air Force Base in 1954. Another was her admiration for the late Dr Michael Wolf and the information he shared with paranormal researchers. Dr Wolf is well known to some in the UFO field as a U.S. Government Insider that spent roughly the last ten years of his life sharing some of what he knew or had learned about UFOs and aliens. Those revelations included as much as he was allowed to reveal about U.S. Government involvement with aliens.

Fellow paranormal researcher Dick Criswell and I spent years speaking with Dr Wolf., Dick much more so than I. Michael Wolf spoke about things involving UFOs and aliens in the 1990s that were completely unknown to UFO researchers at that time. That caused him more than a few problems with many in the UFO research community where already jealous and distrustful people took aim at his claims. Despite almost complete rejection by major UFO research organizations, Dr Wolf’s information was credible and time has proven him to be correct.

Shirley MacLaine first stirred up a hornet’s nest with her new book by revealing that Democratic presidential contender Dennis Kucinich (House of Representatives, D-Ohio) had seen a UFO while at one of her homes located near Seattle, Washington. That brought a number of embarrassing questions for Kucinich and revealed how the mainstream media simply refuses to take the subject seriously.

MacLaine’s new book is more than just the usual New Age fluff and I’m not sure that her loyal readers are ready for what she has to say. However, I thank her for her honesty and suggest you read Saging While Aging. In a culture devoted to youth, it’s important to remember how much we can learn from those who have experienced life and few have done so more fully than Shirley MacLaine.

Chapter Thirteen: The Dennis Kucinich Incident: UFO Encounters By Politicians And Celebrities

Shirley MacLaine had some things to say about Dennis Kucinich and UFOs in her new book, Sage-ing While Age-ing. According to Ms MacLaine, Dennis Kucinich had a UFO sighting while he was visiting her home in Graham, Washington, about fifteen years ago. She writes, “And then the smell of roses drew him out to my balcony, where he looked up. He saw a gigantic, triangular craft, silent and observing him. He said it hovered, soundless, for ten minutes or so and sped away with a speed he couldn't comprehend." Kucinich was later asked if he really did see a UFO by the late Tim Russert of NBC News during a debate involving the 2008 Democratic presidential candidate hopefuls and replied, “I did…you have to keep in mind that Jimmy Carter saw a UFO." I’m guessing that the Congressman felt a need to play the Carter card to add credibility to his answer.

There are a number of important politicians and celebrities connected to the UFO subject in one way or another. Former U.S. Presidents Reagan and Carter have openly talked about experiencing UFO sightings, while President John F. Kennedy had a close encounter that was a little too close for comfort. Carter saw a classic nocturnal light while standing around waiting for a meeting to begin with ten members of the Lion’s Club of Leary, Georgia in October of 1969. The object appeared to change color and shape during the roughly ten to twelve minutes they watched it.

During the 1976 Presidential Campaign, Jimmy Carter talked about his sighting and promised to reveal anything he could find out about UFOs if elected. Although a former Navy Officer, he was considered a dove by members of the military hierarchy. They didn’t trust him and believed Carter was trying to starve them down into smaller and less influential departments through funding cuts. It’s assumed that he was never told anything of substance about UFOs by military insiders.

While many historians choose to paint Carter as having a cozy relationship with intelligence gathering agencies because of his less threatening assessment of the Soviet Union’s military abilities that agreed with some of theirs, this doesn’t mix well with the facts. During his first briefing by then CIA Director George H.W. Bush, President Elect Carter asked to see documents related to UFOs. Bush told him that any documents which might exist about such things were classified above his immediate need to know. If he wanted to see any, he would have to ask the appropriate congressional committee to declassify them. As president, Carter sought to dismantle the CIA superstructure into smaller agencies, but failed.

Ronald Reagan was a completely different story. As a member of Army Air Force Intelligence during World War II, a supporter of military modernization and a president with a vice president that once served as CIA Director, we assume he was told more about UFOs than most elected officials. Reagan’s own interest in and experience with the phenomenon is well known. His daughter, Patti Davis, said he was "fascinated with stories about unidentified flying objects and the possibility of life on other worlds."

Ronald Reagan had two UFO sightings that we know about. The first occurred while he was still acting in films sometime during the 1950s. After showing up late for a dinner party attended by other Hollywood celebrities, Ronald and Nancy Reagan said they saw a UFO. This story was later confirmed by the Kitty Kelly, Lucille Ball and Steve Allen. The second sighting occurred in 1974 while he was Governor of California.

Less than a month after leaving the presidency in 1989, Ronald Reagan reiterated a story he first told to a Bureau Chief for the Wall Street Journal in 1974:

“I was in a plane last week when I looked out the window and saw this white light. It was zigzagging around. I went up to the pilot and said, ‘Have you seen anything like that before?’ He was shocked and said, ‘Nope.’ And I said to him: ‘Let’s follow it!’

We followed it for several minutes. It was a bright greenish-white light. We followed it to Bakersfield, and all of a sudden to our utter amazement it went straight up into the heavens. When we got off the plane, I told Nancy all about it.”

During his first summer as President, John F. Kennedy retreated to the Kennedy compound along the Nantucket Sound in Hyannis, Massachusetts, for some rest and relaxation. While cruising around in one of the Kennedy motor boats, the president and a few guests reportedly saw a classic disc-shaped object suddenly appear at a low altitude near their vessel. At one point, the disc may have been as close as one hundred feet away. This sent secret service agents in nearby launches scrambling to get the president’s boat to safety. After the object vanished and the motor boat was back on shore, the president told his guests not to talk about what happened.

While Carter, Reagan and Kennedy saw unidentified flying objects and George H.W. Bush probably knew all about them, UFO stories involving Presidents Truman and Eisenhower have become legendary. The story of an alleged meeting between Alien dignitaries and President Dwight D. Eisenhower is one that refuses to die. It stems from a report that the president disappeared briefly during a trip to a Palm Springs resort which occurred in February of 1954.

On Saturday, February 20, 1954, some members of the white house press corps noticed that President Eisenhower missed a planned event. They contacted his spokesperson who seemed unable to provide an immediate explanation for the absence. After it became obvious that the president was no longer at the Palm Springs resort, rumors flew that he might have become seriously ill and been moved to a military infirmary or hospital for treatment. Finally, a besieged spokesperson told the press that the president chipped a tooth during a meal and was taken to visit a nearby dentist.

A steak barbeque was held a few days later and the dentist who allegedly treated Eisenhower was introduced to the press. The man seemed embarrassed and nervous. Years later his widow was unable to provide any particulars about the president’s visit to the dentist’s office that was located in their home. Instead, a number of stories have surfaced about a late night trip that President Eisenhower made to Edwards Air Force Base.

Eisenhower’s alleged visit to Edwards has always been a point of conspiratorial contention. Some say it had to do with an invitation to view some new super weapon or secret military aircraft. Others claim that Eisenhower actually met and signed agreements with some type of Aliens. Personally, I believe he was shown what remained of a crashed UFO and its occupants from any one of several crashes that may have taken place in the Southwest USA during the late 1940s or early 1950s.

President Harry Truman has become an enigmatic figure within UFO research thanks to a series of documents that tell the tale of a quickly-formed scientific advisory committee known as Majestic Twelve. The committee was ordered into existence by Truman in 1947 and consisted of twelve people which included prominent scientists, members of the military and elected officials. Originally created to study all available evidence that UFOs might be extraterrestrial crafts and offer advice to the President, the group may have evolved into a government within a government to deal with UFOs and Aliens in a manner that was completely separate from other U.S. Government departments or agencies.

John Lennon’s UFO experiences are among the most popular and controversial celebrity UFO events ever discussed and all are said to have occurred in New York City. Most people have heard about the August, 1974 sighting, so I will relate that story first. It began with the return of Lennon and May Pang from a long day at the Record Plant East where Lennon was working on tracks for his upcoming Walls and Bridges album. The two were staying at his 52nd Street Apartment which had a commanding view of the East River and the sky.

Sometime after 8:30pm, May was taking a shower while Lennon went up to the roof. After a few minutes, he began yelling for her to come up there. May rushed to the roof and found John pointing to what looked like a classic disc-shaped UFO that was silently hovering about 100 feet from them. The object seemed to change shape as it rotated and moved slowly towards the United Nations Building and out over the East River. Before it moved away, May ran and retrieved a 35mm camera from the apartment. She was able to get back to the roof in time to snap off a few photos of the object.

After the disc moved away, Lennon and May returned to the apartment. John made arrangements to have the film developed immediately by a photographer who was also a friend. Bob Gruen came and picked up the film. He returned to his studio and developed the film along with two rolls of his own. Gruen’s film developed perfectly, but he said that Lennon’s was blank. Fortunately, Lennon started making sketches of what he and May saw while it was all still fresh in his mind.

Another story about Lennon and a possible UFO experience comes from Uri Geller. He met Lennon in November of 1974 during a concert that Elton John was giving at Madison Square Garden. Geller was a kind of mystic to the Stars in those days and Lennon was in need of any help he could find. Distraught over his separation from Yoko, he wanted her back and asked Geller to use his alleged psychic powers to help. Yoko phoned John within thirty-six hours, the lovers reunited and John and Uri became friends.

Sometime after their reconciliation, Geller was eating with John and Yoko in a New York City restaurant. Yoko was pregnant, so it had to be sometime before Sean Lennon was born in October of 1975. Geller says that John became very serious and asked him to step over to a smaller table in a quiet corner of the restaurant. Once seated, Lennon spoke in discreet tones and told Uri about an incident that happened six months before. He and Yoko were asleep in bed when John suddenly woke up and noticed a blazing light shining through the cracks and keyhole of their bedroom door.

Thinking there was a fire or someone with a powerful flashlight trying to get into the room; he jumped out of their bed and opened the door. He was confronted by four beings. Lennon said, “They were, like, little. Bug-like. Big bug eyes and little bug mouths and they were scuttling at me like roaches.” He tried to resist the beings, but they kept coming at him. Lennon said that his next memory was of being back in bed with Yoko.

Yoko didn’t wake up during the incident, but later when she did it was obvious that John was very upset and confused. He couldn’t tell her what happened right away and waited for an unspecified period of time before he did. Exclaiming that he was sober and wasn‘t doing any drugs at that time, Lennon said it wasn’t some sort of hallucination or lucid dream. According to Geller, John’s assertion about the reality of what happened was backed up by physical evidence.

When Lennon woke up, he claimed to be holding a small egg-shaped object in his hand. After eventually telling Yoko about the incident, he showed it to her. He also showed it to Geller. None of them had ever seen anything like it. However, apart from the golden color and egg shape, little is none about the object and it would be up to Geller to proceed with any investigation of its properties. Many abductees have told stories of being given various objects by their Alien abductors, only to have them taken back later.

Having met many celebrities over the years, I can appreciate their need to weigh any statement they might consider making about anything carefully in the balances before speaking or writing it for public consumption. A fickle public and press can easily turn on someone famous for the smallest indiscretion. Imagine how they might react to news that a famous celebrity or important politician has had a UFO or other paranormal experience.

Chapter Fourteen: The Roswell UFO Crash Mystery Continues To Deepen

Thousands gather in Roswell, NM, every summer for the annual UFO Festival, but one gathering was very special in 2007. That’s because it was sixty years since the (July) 1947 UFO crash and that festival became more important than most. Despite self-serving, ever-changing statements directly or indirectly from the U.S. Government, no one really knows what crashed near Roswell in July of 1947. However, thanks to the courage of individuals that have come forward to speak about what they witnessed or the role they played in the unexplained event, we can be almost certain of one thing. It was, in the words of the late Jesse Marcel Sr., “not of this earth.”

Marcel was an Intelligence Officer at the base and had personal involvement with the investigation of the material from the crash site. He is not alone in his assessment of what crashed near Roswell. The late Retired Colonel Philip Corso offered his own experiences as proof positive in a book entitled ‘The Day after Roswell.’ Shortly after the UFO crash, Corso had an opportunity to view an unusual cadaver preserved in some sort of blue liquid while he was Post Duty Officer at Fort Riley, KS. The body came from Roswell via Fort Bliss and was en route to Wright Field (Wright-Patterson AFB, OH).

It’s important to remember that these are just two of the many people that had first or second hand knowledge about the crash. Even a quick examination of the collective evidence would indicate this event involved something more than a weather, high altitude or radar balloon with a bunch of crash test dummies or cadavers aboard. It was more than some crazy test vehicle that a bunch of super-intelligent children or midgets were piloting around the New Mexico desert during a violent thunderstorm. These facts make the Roswell UFO Festival an essential event that has become an annual reminder of a great mystery that remains unsolved.

Although I have been to Roswell over twenty times since the early 1980s, I have never attended the festival. My loss. However, I have (by invitation) presented seminars in the town before the festival was organized and visited occasionally since that time. Despite missing out on all the festivities, I have always enjoyed the calm and mystery of the place without all the hoopla.

I presented my first seminar in Roswell during 1992. It was supposed to be a low-key event at a nice hotel and small convention facility for a group of former military personnel (unrelated to the old base) holding a reunion in town. They invited me to speak after one of the organizers heard a guest spot that I did on an Albuquerque radio show the year before. Barely aware of the crash, the organizer was fascinated by my analysis of what happened at Roswell in 1947. He wanted those attending the reunion to have an opportunity to hear the same thing.

I arrived in town a few days before the event so that I could snoop around as I usually did whenever I came to Roswell. Unfortunately, my radio and television appearances in Albuquerque to plug a seminar I presented there alerted the media in Roswell. A noontime television interview that I did on a local Albuquerque news program was simulcast in Roswell and that was the end of my ambiguity. With the story of the Roswell Crash all over the map in those days and a shortage of UFO researchers that spoke about Roswell actually visiting their town, I was invited to appear on a midday TV news show, booked for a guest spot on local radio and gave an interview to the Roswell Daily Record.

Fortunately, my seminar for the group holding their reunion in Roswell was also open to the public. And the public came out in force. I was surprised because you would think that after the publication of The Roswell Incident, an Unsolved Mystery episode on the crash and all the media coverage received, the people in town would be sick of hearing about UFOs. Instead, they couldn’t get enough.

One of the people that attended my seminar was Glenn Dennis. He was the funeral home worker that said he arrived at the Roswell Base just after the crash in 1947. He took some time to speak with me after the seminar ended and said that my presentation about UFOs was the most accurate and the best he had ever seen. Similar kudos were thrown my way by others in the audience and those comments remain a highlight of my time as a paranormal researcher.

Most of the younger people that came out to my seminar candidly told me that most of what they learned about the crash came from TV specials and occasional news reports. Given my first visit to Roswell in the 80‘s, I believed them. Asking about the location of the crash in those days tended to get you dirty looks. Roswell citizens were in a state of denial and even the history of the old Roswell Base seemed unimportant to them at that time. It was a lesson in how successful a cover-up and government intimidation can be.

Despite their lack of enthusiasm for local history during my first visit to Roswell, I am happy to report that the town has had a complete turn around. Barely mentioned in the town brochure and considered a kind of local embarrassment in those days, the UFO Crash has become almost a centerpiece of town history. The base, its connection to atomic history and the former military members that served there have also received a lot more attention in the post no-nukes atmosphere of the 1970s and 1980s. The people have changed as well.

A new generation seems to embrace the attention that the UFO Crash brings each year. The 1994 Showtime Networks cable television film about the UFO Crash entitled, Roswell, renewed a lot of local interest in the crash and a reexamination of what really happened. That coincided with a call for the release of government documents about the UFO crash by the late Steven Schiff, a New Mexico Representative driven to make the inquiry by calls and letters from his constituents. The 1990s remained hot for Roswell with the 1997 publication of Colonel Corso’s book, The Day after Roswell, and the 1999 premier of Roswell, the TV Series (1999-2002).

Roswell is still a treasure house of undiscovered secrets. Proof of that comes from the people that still come forward with information about the things that happened in the town. Last year I was contacted by a man living in California who I’ll call Al. After listening to the rebroadcast of a radio program recorded a few years ago with the late Colonel Corso talking about the Roswell UFO crash, Al began to give some thought to something that had occurred earlier in his life.

Al moved to San Francisco, California, in 1964. Sometime in the winter of 1964-65, he was set up on a blind date with ‘a good-looking young blond woman.’ While he could not recall her name or where they went on the date, he did remember an unusual conversation they had at the end of the evening. At some point the young woman asked Al if he believed in the existence of other life forms or Alien life in the Universe. Al said he did and gave a few reasons why, which included the size of the Universe and the common scientific probabilities of the day. The young woman almost immediately gave affirmation to Al by saying something like, “Yea, you’re right,” and followed up with a most amazing story.

She was the daughter of an Air Force Chaplain. The family lived in Roswell and her father was serving on the base in the late 1940s. The young woman told him that sometime during dinner two men came to the door to get her dad. She recalled hearing them tell him that his services were needed. The incident caused such a stir in the household that everyone stayed up late until he returned.

Seeing that everyone was still awake, the Chaplain told his family that he was called to give religious comfort to some sort of Alien Life Forms near what seemed to be a crashed spacecraft. At least two of four creatures were still alive when he got there. He described them as looking a bit like adolescent boys, but obviously not human. No one knew what the creatures were or precisely how to care for them. As a result, all of the beings eventually perished. That was the crux of the story and the woman told Al that the family never discussed it in-depth again. Despite the lack of details, it presents an intriguing challenge and is typical of stories that pop up now and again.

Even more stunning are the revelations of the late Dr Michael Wolf, the ultimate U.S. Government insider. Introduced to him by my friend and fellow paranormal researcher Dick Criswell about twenty years ago, I was initially skeptical of some of his claims which included personal knowledge of various secret programs involving the government and aliens, technology gained from UFO crashes and agreements with aliens, and a UFO incident involving the late President John F. Kennedy (his wife was related to the Kennedy Family).

My skepticism vanished after a few conversations with him over the phone and various demonstrations of his political clout. If wouldn’t be unusual to find him speaking over the phone with Vice President Dan Quayle or former President Bill Clinton (Yes, it REALLY was them, not a joke or impersonation). I was also impressed by a mental exercise that he developed for the government. He called it The Gateway Treatment. It was disguised as a relaxation meditation that attracts positive energy and certainly accomplishes that goal, but it’s basically a way to mentally summon aliens.

Those that look at the Roswell UFO Crash as case closed or believe that it a field that has already been farmed too many times do not understand the nature of the UFO subject or the power of the government cover-up. Years ago I spoke to a UFO witness. The event he observed occurred while he was in the military. He received calls at least once a month from people who said that they knew what happened and that he had better not talk about it.

Although he hadn’t told anyone except his immediate superior about the incident, people in high places seemed to know about it and the calls continued for years. Imagine the power of that kind of intimidation. Now imagine living in what became a government town during the 1940s. It wasn’t hard for anyone to imagine being locked up in some federal prison like Leavenworth if you happen to run afoul of federal authorities. Retired military personnel had even more to lose. They could end up in prison and forfeit any benefits, pay or pensions due them.

Over sixty years after the Roswell UFO crash, we still do not have the entire story. However, that doesn’t mean there is no story. It just means that the U.S. Government has managed to convince most people that the idea of alien life forms visiting us is just not probable and that whatever crashed near Roswell isn’t something we need to be concerned about. Well, I beg to differ. The only thing that will come from trusting government officials to make all of the decisions while we remain blissfully ignorant is tyranny.


Like most UFO incidents denied by the U.S. Government, the 1947 Roswell crash refuses to go away quietly. Each time a government spokesperson invents a new explanation to contradict the theory that an alien spacecraft crashed near Roswell, one or more new witnesses come forward to support the original Air Force statement. That statement called the object a ’flying disc’ and left us with the impression that the occupants weren’t quite human.

Milton Sprouse, age eighty-five, lives in Escondido, California. In 1947, he was an engine mechanic and part of the 393rd Bomb Group connected to the 509th Composite Group at Roswell. Milton arrived in Roswell during 1945 after serving on the Pacific Island of Tinian towards the end of World War Two. When the aircraft he was servicing was moved to Roswell, he was sent there as well.

As the lead mechanic for Dave’s Dream, he didn’t find the area especially exciting. “There was nothing there but tumbleweeds blowing for miles,” Sprouse said in a recent interview. All that changed in July of 1947. After returning from a brief trip to Florida aboard Dave’s Dream, Milton found himself thrust into a hurricane of activity. Back at the base on the day when the original ’flying disc’ statement was released, he remembered how hundreds of men from the base were sent out to the crash site to pick up all the debris they could find.

Milton was needed at the base because of his position as lead mechanic. However, five other members of his crew went to the crash site. After returning, they told Sprouse that what they saw looked “Out of this world.” They were describing the material which looked like aluminum foil, but refused to crumple and seemed almost indestructible. The same description was used by Major Jesse Marcel, the officer originally sent to investigate the crash scene. Although Sprouse knew Marcel, he wasn’t able to speak to him after the crash. Milton recalls, “I could never get close to him.”

Most of the men knew about the radar reflecting balloons and saw the material that the Air Force tried to pass off as what crashed in early July of 1947. It wasn’t the same. The radar balloons came down everywhere in those days and most everyone that lived in Roswell saw some at one time or another. What they saw at the crash site was something else, and the buzz around base wasn’t just about strange metallic material.

Milton said that he heard talk about odd bodies found out at the crash scene. One of the men from his barracks was an emergency room medic. He told Sprouse and others that “humanoid” bodies were brought in after the crash. The medic’s story gave him the impression that one or more of the creatures might have been alive because he said, “We don't think the humanoid ate food.” Milton also remembers how everything changed the day after the original ‘flying disc’ statement was made.

Milton recalls, “The next day, it was published in the Roswell Daily Record, and that night, all the generals said the story was untrue." He continued on to say that officers from the base were sent into town to collect all the copies of the press release and newspaper with the original ‘flying disc’ story in it that they could find. The medic was transferred elsewhere along with the doctors and nurses that saw the odd-looking creatures. What became of the humanoids? "They took the bodies to a hangar, and there were two guards at each door with machine guns," Milton said. Sprouse was referring to Hangar 84.

Milton Spouse left the base in 1956 and says that the people serving there were still talking about the crash at the time. That was years after the rest of the world already accepted the first of several official explanations which indicated the object was a weather balloon with radar reflecting material attached. When he returns to Roswell for the annual 509th Reunions, Spouse says "The Roswell incident comes up every year, but there's nothing really new."

He may not be an eyewitness to the 1947 crash, but Milton Sprouse is like so many others that were on the base or in Roswell at that time. They simply do not believe the official explanations. That’s because people they worked with, knew and trusted with their lives told them the truth about what happened based on their own first-hand experiences. Even when skeptics spin that information to say that crash test dummies, children or bloated bodies were responsible for the humanoid body stories, the explanations just don’t seem to fit. As Spouse says, “You can believe what you want, I know it’s true.”

Chapter Fifteen: The ‘Interstellar’ Controversy

If there is one thankless hobby or job in this world, it’s Amateur Astronomy. Amateur Astronomers are under-funded, underrated and always taken for granted. Yet these little giants of space science are always willing to stretch the bounds of our scientific knowledge without the need to work within the restraints of some established scientific theory or database. Despite the unappreciated nature of this endeavor and often finding themselves at odds with the scientific establishment, Amateur Astronomers are responsible for some of the most significant milestones achieved in Astronomy.

Keiichiro Okamura, a Japanese amateur astronomer, was responsible for some of the best photos ever taken of Halley’s Comet using just his telescope without the aid of computer-enhanced photography. Berto Monard of South Africa was recently honored by NASA after he became the first amateur astronomer to discover an afterglow of a gamma-ray burst, the most powerful explosion known in the Universe. Both were largely ignored or even belittled in the early years of their work.

Michael Oates is a British amateur astronomer that pioneered the technique of using advanced photo-processing techniques to search NASA’s SOHO archives for previously missed comets. Australian amateur astronomer Robert Owen Evans holds the all-time record for visual discoveries of supernovae. America’s own Clyde W. Tombaugh, began his career as an Amateur Astronomer and later discovered Pluto after being hired by Lowell Observatory in 1928.

It took years for Oates to get noticed. Evans is a Minister of the Uniting Church in Australia that has forty visual discoveries of supernovae to his credit, but was initially criticized when he began his work in the 1950s. A young and under-appreciated Clyde W. Tombaugh found his niche at Lowell Observatory. It was founded by Percival Lowell, a businessman, author, mathematician and amateur astronomer that found himself up against the scientific community after sketching what he claimed where canals on Mars. Scientists and Astronomers still argue about what may be artificial structures on the Martian surface.

Enter John Lenard Walson. He is an amateur astronomer who developed a system for photographing and video taping near earth and deep space objects. These objects appear to be huge spaceships or mega-structures built by unknown intelligences. I became aware of Walson through a fabulous new film entitled ‘Interstellar’. The film is yet another wonderful creation from eclectic filmmaker Jose Escamilla. UFO researchers and enthusiasts appreciate his work on several films which have documented the evidence for Alien visitations. Jose has once again brought forth a though-provoking, visual work of art that informs as well as it entertains.

Walson represents a new generation of twenty-first century amateur astronomers that have moved beyond merely searching for planets. Unlike most of their professional colleagues, they do not choose to ignore signs of other life in the universe. Instead, they look for and document evidence for those signs. Carl Sagan once summed up the twentieth century attitude of most Astronomers by saying, “I’m looking for stars, moons and planets. I’m not looking for E.T. That’s not tangible science.”

John Lenard Walson’s contraption is unique and his methods as yet unproven, however, he has a substantial body of amazing images. He also has some fans in the scientific community. Astronomers and others from Academia have visited this photographic wunderkind and left impressed with his techniques. Sadly, his work may be the best-kept secret in Amateur Astronomy. I certainly haven’t seen anything about him in the main stream media. However, I believe that will change as the new film from Jose Escamilla takes hold.

Interstellar showcases his work and helps make the vast distances of space seem a bit less expansive and empty. The film runs for thirty minutes and is a must-see for anyone interested in space science and the search for extra-terrestrials. It’s fresh air to people like me that have had to endure years of constant skepticism by the majority of Astronomers. Most cannot or will not give credence to any evidence that proves the existence of life outside of our own. Those that tip their hat to the idea of other forms of life in the universe turn right around and claim that it’s just not capable of visiting us.

If astronomers, scientists and the news media are skeptical of John Lenard Walson, he’s in good company. Like the pioneers of astronomy that came before him, Walson is destined to change the minds of many. I hope his work and the film that has done such a masterful job of documenting it will do more than that. It’s my desire to see the direction of astronomy move away from ignoring evidence for extra-terrestrial life forms and back into the business of investigating it.

It wasn’t that long ago that scientists and astronomers believed that the universe was more than just a gathering of lifeless heavenly bodies. Some felt it was “teeming with life.” It’s always been my feeling that a few key scientists and astronomers owing their grants and careers directly or indirectly to government funds or intervention sold out. Being already skeptical by nature, they sold out their profession and lead others along by their influence to a place far removed from the assumption of life other than human in the far reaches of space.

The work of John Lenard Walson and ground-breaking filmmakers like Jose Escamilla provides hope for a more objective tomorrow among scientists, astronomers and the media. Having watched the film, I am not a fan because I research UFOs. I am a fan because no one has given me reason to doubt the amazing images I see recorded from the modest telescope lens of J. L. Walson. Watch and make up your own mind.

Chapter Sixteen: UFO Research - Truth Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

“What is truth?” Thanks to inclusion in the Bible of a confrontation between Pontius Pilate and Jesus Christ, this question or answer is possibly the most famous statement ever made on the subject. Pilate’s definition of truth was whatever suited his agenda. That definition is still used for the same purpose by many today.

The subject of UFOs and Aliens may or may not reach the eternal importance of the argument between Pontius Pilate and Jesus Christ depending on who you talk to, but the search for the truth about them receives the same manipulation. For example, when UFO Organizations meet for conferences and symposiums, they often hang banners that say, “The Truth is Out There” or “Searching for the Truth.” But what truth are they looking for?

I was an avid reader of books about unidentified flying objects, extra-terrestrials and other paranormal phenomenon as an adolescent. When I began my own paranormal research and investigation as a teenager, I decided to be as objective as possible. The truth I was looking for was less theory and more facts. Facts are objective until we decide to interpret them.

Today, many UFO researchers view the phenomenon as a buffet table. They pick and choose what they decide is credible and throw out the rest. Their search for the truth only includes those facts that they can or will accept. I can’t tell you how many important cases came my way (and still do) because others in this field simply turned their noses up at the source or nature of the information.

I am not going to tell you that I immediately appreciated, believed or even liked some of the cases or individuals that I have investigated over the years. I am also not going to tell you that everything reported to me always turned out to be true. Instead, I’ll tell you that it is a mistake to prejudge information based on some pet theory or desire to retain a certain image for yourself or your organization.

Sometimes I believe that the original mainstream UFO organizations invented the idea of political correctness. Blasted by the press and scolded by scientists, most decided that if you can’t beat them, join them. They began to pander to reporters, journalists, scientists and skeptics. And not just pander.

It wasn’t long before the notoriously skeptical, often wishy-washy and always ideologically-driven scientific community became the litmus test for UFO evidence credibility. If a scientist could not find a way to fit the facts of any given case into some current scientific theory or model, it didn’t exist. The truth became whatever they said it was and the only information accepted the mainstream UFO research community was that which survived scientific sifting.

I am not the kind of person that believes there are no absolute truths and that life is one big grey area. However, I also believe that science is a long way from understanding the nature of those truths, being able to interpret them as a formula on a chalk board or reproduce them in a laboratory. Science is what we think we know about our existence. It provides a means for us to discover and use certain principles for better or worse. It should never be considered a final authority to judge what we believe to be true.

Most scientists ignore facts that go against their grain of established beliefs until those facts can no longer be ignored. It is process of knowledge and information forced one way or another by the whims and egos of academics. It’s Investigation by Debunking. Instead of proving something exists, let’s prove it doesn’t and whatever remains is worthy of consideration. It is, literally, backward thinking and exclusionary research.

Investigating paranormal or supernatural events requires something more than Debunking. It requires the ability to admit that not everything is always as it seems and sometimes things occur that are beyond our ability to immediately comprehend them. One of the greatest lessons that I have learned as a result of paranormal investigation is that anything is possible.

When I first began to investigate the Philadelphia Experiment, I was warned not to take it seriously by most in the field of UFO investigation. Although witnesses were few and scattered and the information seemed spurious, not all the news was bad. While denying that it ever occurred, the Office of Naval Research began an investigation in 1957 which involved people that became aware of it and the information they possessed. It’s always been my belief that if you wanted to find a buried bone, you should follow the dog that buried it.

While it’s possible that the ONR was simply unaware of the experiment and decided to take a look at the matter, it’s unlikely. Investigations on that level were not initiated without careful consideration and approval from superior officers in charge. The government interest in the Philadelphia Experiment was reason enough to begin following their trail. Part of that trail lead to Morris K. Jessup, an author and amateur astronomer that ended up dead under suspicious circumstances. And that was just the beginning.

The Philadelphia Experiment was said to have somehow involved UFOs and Aliens from the very beginning. Allegedly began as a World War II Navy Project to demagnetize ships against mines and make the vessels radar invisible, it progressed to a point where a ship became invisible, opened a door in hyperspace, traveled through time and returned. Alien contact was made somewhere along the way and their technology was eventually included in future projects based on those original experiments in the 1940s.

Despite the ONR interest, suspicious death of Jessup, alien involvement and other factors that made the experiment worthy of investigation, most in the establishment UFO research community chose to ignore it. I believe that choice was based largely on the opinion of scientists that lined up dozens deep to explain why it was simply wasn‘t possible to conduct such an experiment in the early 1940s. Today, many scientists are no longer arguing over the possibility of invisibility, time travel and mind control, they are busy arguing over which theory about these concepts makes the most sense and how much it will cost to build the equipment they will need to prove it.

Because they have placed their trust in shaky science, we have ended up with useless Ufology. Over the past thirty years I have witnessed various establishment UFO research organizations embrace cases with dubious photographic evidence and very little witness credibility simply because they couldn’t find a way to recreate the photos in a controlled environment. When these cases ultimately fell apart or someone found little UFO models in a garbage can, all UFO and paranormal researchers suffered a serious loss of credibility.

While embracing what seemed like obvious hoaxes to experienced UFO investigators, these same mainstream UFO research organizations and the individuals that hover around them where quick to denounce almost every government whistleblower that came along and all the cases they brought with them. The Roswell UFO Crash is a good case example.

In February of 1978, Jesse Marcel placed a phone call to a UFO researcher associated with several mainstream UFO research organizations. He told the researcher that he had seen and handled wreckage from the Roswell event. Marcel was certain this was not simply material from a weather or radar balloon. Little was done about this for a year until an author that knew the UFO researcher dug up some old news clippings about Marcel in February of 1979. At that point, the researcher took a more serious interest in the case.

The author was Bill Moore who ultimately published The Roswell Incident. He completed the manuscript for the book without having ever visited Roswell. It’s important to understand that Major Jesse Marcel was an intelligence officer directly involved with the Roswell UFO Crash. He had been making the claim that the Roswell material was not conventional since 1970. I can say with great surety that if I had been made aware of these claims, I would not have ignored them or waited until someone gave me a grant to investigate them.

Up until Marcel’s revelations about the possibility that a real Alien Spacecraft crashed near Roswell, NM, in 1947, the establishment UFO research community considered the matter case closed. They apparently accepted the government version of what happened and looked at the story as a legendary non-event that had been resurrected by a passing mention in a book by Frank Scully long after the incident actually occurred.

History repeated itself in 1997 when retired Army Colonel Philip Corso came forward and told his own story about the Roswell Crash. Corso was not just some guy off the street. Despite amazing credentials, the media portrayed him as just another UFO witness with a story that went against the government version of what happened.

Instead of immediately coming to Corso’s defense, most in the establishment UFO research community were slow to react and still fussing over a 1994 government statement which provided another one of many explanations for Roswell. This time high altitude balloons with crash test dummies were blamed for the UFO crash story. The only problem was that such tests weren’t actually conducted until years after the 1947 UFO crash. Corso probably had no idea that the only way to get noticed by mainstream Ufology was to make his story known to them first. Because he didn’t, their pundits attacked.

The Corso book was said to nothing more than a retelling of facts, theories and information already provided in books published by (you guessed it) researchers and authors associated with mainstream UFO research organizations. Of course the only ones that probably saw it that way were the pundits. From their standpoint, Corso should have contacted them, told his story and allowed them to write the book.

U.S. Government Whistleblowers like Robert Lazar, John Lear and Bill English all received the same treatment by the mainstream UFO research organizations. That treatment ran the gamut from being almost completely ignored, to barely tolerated to being largely discredited. Lazar had impressive academic credentials and was the former employee of a major government contractor, while Lear was an experienced Pilot with government connections and English had an impressive military background.

The truth is out there and we’re not going to find it by ignoring evidence or individuals that do not fit our agendas, belittling witnesses that happen to contact other UFO organizations or attempting to debunk evidence before we investigate it. The truth is only elusive to those who fail to understand that facts are objective under we try and shape them to fit our needs.

Chapter Seventeen: The Philadelphia Experiment and The Montauk Project

It was during my first visit to the historic Montauk Lighthouse that I noticed the huge radar dish which immediately identifies the base. I must have been about eight years old and remember asking my parents about the monstrous structure. My father said it was part of a system to detect incoming enemy aircraft or missiles. As a retired Air Force Officer, he would know about that. However, I’m certain that he had no idea what future (or past) events would give that base such an infamous reputation.

I had plenty of friends that worked in the Long Island technical community. During the days of the Cold War, those jobs were everywhere if you qualified. Part of qualifying sometimes meant having a parent or other relative already on the inside. David was a good example. His father worked for the government or government contractors since the days of the Second World War. That helped David put his engineering degree to good use for the same company where his dad worked until his death a few years back.

I thought I had a good working knowledge of the Philadelphia Experiment up until 1987. After years of researching it and speaking with second and third hand witnesses, I was about to get a bit closer. David asked me to come and give a lunchtime talk about UFOs for his coworkers. His company sponsored these midday events once a month for employees who cared to attend. It was all about lessening stress in a very stressful work environment.

After discussing UFO reports and sightings on Long Island for about fifty minutes, I asked if anyone had comments or questions. There were plenty. Most came from people that had seen UFOs themselves. For some reason, there weren’t many skeptics in the room. One guy asked me about the Philadelphia Experiment. In turn, I asked if everyone in the room was interested enough in the subject for me to spend another twenty or thirty minutes talking about it? They were.

I gave the group a kind of thumbnail sketch about the infamous World War II Navy project, then proceeded to explain how a simple program to degauss battleships turned into a massive project to make ships invisible. I explained how there was credible evidence to believe that scientists and engineers working out of Princeton under Einstein had actually made a ship invisible and opened a sort of space time portal during a series of experiments.

The experiments took place in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard and along the east coast of the United States. The trial and error process saw a test crew placed aboard a battleship escort vessel for sea trials of the new technology. A technology which didn’t always work correctly costing lives and creating more questions than answers.

David called later that night to thank me for speaking at the lunchtime event. He said everyone that came to the event talked about it for the rest of the day and those that didn‘t attend, wish they had. I thanked him and admitted that I came away with as much information as I had imparted in terms of UFO sightings. After some friendly chatter, he invited me to his house on Saturday and said he had wanted to discuss something about my investigations. He asked if I would come alone and I agreed.

Saturday arrived and found me standing at David’s door around two in the afternoon. He opened the door and invited me in. My friend looked spent. I sat down in his living room and waited while he ran down to the basement to get something. He reappeared moments later with a large lockbox, opened it and handed me an old photo album. Then he dropped the bomb.

David’s father was a gifted engineer and had a knack for designing complicated machines and electronic devices. Radio and electronics were a hobby for him, but he was better at those things than most professionals. I assume both talents came in handy for the Philadelphia Experiment.

David asked me to listen while he read from the journal. It was a diary that his father kept during the early 1940s. He carefully chose sections that could be read, ignored others and explained that there were things he couldn’t share with me. I understood and was grateful for what he was willing to reveal.

He read about ten hand-written pages. Although no names or specifics were mentioned, the diary did note that he was at Princeton working on a project special project during World War II. He was one of several young prodigies personally recommended by Albert Einstein and engaged by the Navy. They were developing a system of magnetic detection devices to protect our harbors against infiltration by ships and submarines. These would be part of a multi-faceted system which would include radar, hydrophones, magnetic detection devices and more. That was what they told him.

Everything changed when he arrived at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. The group from Princeton was told to develop a system which would demagnetize ships and make them radar invisible. David skipped over a lot. When he resumed reading, his father was in the middle of an experiment with one of the moored ships. There were no crew members on board, just several carefully chosen junior officers that acted as caretakers.

During the process of testing equipment, there was an accident. It looked as though one of the junior officers was electrocuted. He accidentally touched an open circuit while standing in the middle of an area filled with electronics and powerful magnetic fields. The power was shut down and he fell to the floor. When the technicians got to him, he had a pulse and didn’t look burned. The young Officer was sent to the Naval Shipyard Hospital.

The junior officer was back with a clean bill of health a few hours later. David’s father and another member of the team spotted him and headed over to see if he was alright. Before they could reach him, the young man entered a hatchway and vanished around a corner. The engineers didn’t think much about it at the time because it was easy to lose sight of people inside a ship.

Several hours later, everyone was ready to call it day. The young officer was no where to be found. Despite a careful search through that ship and others in the area, he could not be located. The next day there was a more comprehensive search which turned up nothing. David’s father and his associate were extensively questioned as were others that saw him enter the hatchway, but no blame was pointed in their direction. Those in charge already seemed to know what happened to him.

The Navy was satisfied that the junior officer didn’t voluntarily vanish, was not a spy and probably fell overboard as a result of a belated reaction to the electrocution. That was the official position. It was more likely that the young man melted into the ship’s superstructure or floated off into some ethereal realm. That situation was repeated on a larger scale during other attempts to test Philadelphia Experiment technologies.

David stopped reading and stared blankly at me. I didn’t really know what to say. Sensing I was at a loss for words, he told me that this was the first and last time he would be able to share this information with me. I passed the photo album back to him; he placed the journal on top of it and carefully locked everything up in the box. I left with a million more questions than answers.

Sadly, David passed away a few years ago. His death was the tragic result of an auto accident and was completely unexpected. With no will or preparations in place, I asked his surviving relatives about any photo albums or a diary belonging to his father they might have found. They seemed genuinely surprised and said that no such items were found among David‘s possessions. I thought it wise not to pursue the matter. His death ended my agreement to keep the information he provided to myself.

A year after David’s stunning revelation I met several people with similar stories. They are Al Bielek, Preston Nichols and Duncan Cameron. All three claimed involvement with projects once headquartered at the Montauk Air Force Station. These projects used technologies developed from the Philadelphia Experiment and involved invisibility, time travel, mind control, remote viewing and psychic war fare. After a lot of phone work, Bielek, Nichols and Cameron agreed to meet a small of group of people assembled to evaluate their claims and film their testimony.

Their revelations about the Montauk Air Force Station were stunning and their attention to detail was amazing. I listened to them for almost twelve hours and ended up with a good four hours of solid information non film. One of the people who came there with me was a technical writer with a great deal of government project experience. I asked him to evaluate the information and render an opinion. When the session was over, he went home and didn’t call me for several days. When we finally touched base, he said that he was not able to sleep. He believed their story and it really troubled him. Without going in to detail, he said that it answered a lot of questions about strange things he came across over the years.

Government manipulation of time and meddling with people’s memories makes it difficult to draw a clear picture of what has happened and continues to happen through the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project. That information seems strange and convoluted to anyone unfamiliar with the world of secret government projects and technologies. However, that doesn’t make it any less true.

Chapter Eighteen: Airport Delays And Computer Glitches - What The Government Will Not Tell You

The Beatles released a song called Fool on the Hill in the late 1960s. Music journalists at that time said that the British rock group wrote the song after being disillusioned by the shaman of a religious sect. The Fab Four traveled all the way to India to meet a man they were told was very spiritual, hoping he had the answers to what they were religiously seeking. Instead, they found a cult leader that isolated himself from the world while enjoying the fruits of his female followers. It was alleged that he tried to proposition one or more of the female members of their entourage which included wives and girl friends.

The Fool on the Hill seems to envision a person with access to everything that sees nothing. What he does see, he doesn’t bother to try and understand. Have we become the fools on the hill when it comes to what is happening around us? I think many of us have and that’s what the government counts on to keep information from us that they deem as too sensitive for public consumption. That may be the real explanation for a series of bizarre events that have occurred over the decade. These events may involve Alien life forms.

I. It All Began With the 1997 Phoenix Sightings

Things started to get strange in 1997 when unexplained lights and a huge triangle craft appeared over Phoenix, Arizona. Despite photos, video and competent witnesses, the amazing events were explained away as military flares and everyone bought that lackluster explanation. Local politicians seemed unconcerned about the lights and tended to ignore or censure others that were. Despite putting out the SPACE PEOPLE GO HOME sign, the Phoenix area received a whole new set of visits during the summer of 2006.

Once again strange lights began to dance in the skies over the Phoenix area. Just like before, the media all but ignored any explanations except those offered by the military. Politicians again balked at the idea of alien spacecrafts flying over their heads, with one important exception. Fife Symington, the man who was Arizona Governor when the original Phoenix Lights event occurred in 1997, admitted that he took the entire thing too lightly and had seen a huge triangular UFO himself at that time.

II. Couldn’t They Just Have Left a Message on Clinton’s Voice Mail?

Sometimes I wonder if Aliens watch the TV signals we end up beaming into space or patch into the internet and for a quick read of the latest news from Earth? If so, they would have to come to the conclusion that there is no intelligent life here, especially when politicians make self-serving statements about them. I imagine that at least some Aliens might not have been amused if they saw him speak on TV or were able to read the comments made by former U.S. President Bill Clinton in 1995 (according to an article written by Carlton Stower that appeared on the Dallas Morning News website):

“It was a snow-covered December in 1995 when President Bill Clinton, visiting Northern Ireland in support of the country's new and fragile peace process, spoke to a large gathering that had arrived for a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The president opted to dismiss politics and keep the mood of his speech light. At one point, he drew laughter as he referred to a letter he'd recently received from a 13- year-old boy in Belfast. "Ryan," the president said, "in case you're out there, here is your answer: No. As far as I know, no spaceship crashed at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. And if the Air Force recovered any extraterrestrial bodies, they did not tell me."

Perhaps the Aliens had the last laugh and their answer to such dribble came in the form of the Phoenix Lights and subsequent sightings that occurred nationwide for years afterward. If so, they wasted a lot of gas to get here and should have just called President Clinton or left a voice mail message for him. Because just as the 1997 Phoenix sightings were dismissed out of hand, the ensuing UFO events were largely ignored with claims of computer enhanced photographic trickery and video fakery becoming the newest and most popular tools in the Skeptics Toolbox. It stayed that way until just after the new wave of Phoenix UFO sightings during 2006.

III. Maybe They Came To See The Sears Tower?

On November 7, 2006, a disc shaped UFO hovered above O’Hare International Airport near Chicago. It was seen by a number of people and photographed. Despite the fact that some of the witnesses were pilots and others were airport personnel that would tend to know the difference between a UFO and incoming or outgoing conventional aircrafts, the event was barely mentioned by the local media. Even some in the UFO research community took weeks to report the information they received about to anyone outside of a disinterested press.

Over the past seven months since the O’Hare incident, a series of alleged ‘computer malfunctions’ have occurred at airports all over the USA. These technical problems were sometimes accompanied by very odd weather conditions. During May and June of 2007, things really picked up with computer outages affecting major airports in Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, Newark, Boston, Pittsburgh, Denver, Los Angeles and other places.

On June 8, 2007, the FAA reported that the huge number of flight delays, cancellations and other problems that occurred on that particular date were due to a software malfunction in their computers located near Atlanta, Georgia. However, if that were true, why has the situation continued and gotten worse long after those problems were fixed? The weird weather continues and now Airlines report that their computers all seem to be malfunctioning as well.

IV. When in Doubt, Blame the Terrorists and the Weather

Although they are still ignoring the weird weather and any UFO reports that come their way, even the major news gathering organizations are tiring of the ‘computer glitch’ explanation for what’s been happening at most of the airports. While they consider themselves too credible to blame or even consider Aliens or a government cover-up of UFO activity for all this, I guess they are conspiratorial-minded enough to consider holding terrorists responsible. However, the experts disagree.

Non-government terrorism experts that help protect large corporations from cyber attacks say that the Terrorist explanation doesn’t wash. They point out that it’s always been easy to spot the signs of a cyber attack, but harder to track down those carrying it out. None of the usual cyber attack warning signs exist in the case of the airport or airline computers. In the words of one cyber attack expert appearing on Fox News, “The terrorists want to kill us, not make our flights arrive an hour late. And then there is that strange weather.

I recently received several emails from a UFO Researcher named Steve Tobias. He provided me with some very interesting information after reading my article about the unusual coincidences of June 8, 2007. In that article for the International UFO Society Newsletter, I pointed out that it seemed bizarre how the primary news gathering organizations managed to spend an entire day following Paris Hilton around with cameras and helicopters when almost all the east coast airports had been brought to a stand still by computer problems and bizarre weather conditions.

Tobias sent me some Weather Channel Maps which appear to show unusual objects being tracked a few hundred miles off the coast of New England. The objects appeared in conjunction with some very unusual weather conditions and the alleged computer problems that virtually shut down airports. Other maps show the same thing happening in other parts of the USA.

When it comes to looking at all this, I have tried to exist in a mental No Man’s Land between the Galactically Stupid and the Completely Conspiratorial. This allows me to retain some journalistic credibility, investigative objectivity and attempt to explain the unexplained in the most reasonable way possible. But like the old saying goes, “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it‘s a duck.” If it looks like a Dodo bird and sounds like a bad impression of Rush Limbaugh, it’s a local News Reporter or television Station Manager.

Chapter Nineteen: Paris Reveals NASA UFO Secrets (Kind Of)

Buzz Aldrin was scheduled for a phone interview on the Friday, June 8, 2007, edition of Your World with Neil Cavuto on the Fox News cable channel. Originally booked to talk about the latest space shuttle launch, he suddenly found himself being asked about Paris Hilton and had some very interesting things to say.

Friday, June 8, 2007, should have been a big news day. A former Preacher’s Wife was sentenced to three years in prison for shooting her husband in the back while he slept. A Tax Protestor couple in New Hampshire discovered what happens when you challenge the authority of people you elect to office: You get state police and an army of federal troops with tanks and federal agents with submachine guns at your door. The space shuttle took off on a mission to support the International Space Station. It was announced that the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was stepping down. East Coast air travel was practically brought to a stand still by a computer glitch.

None of those news pieces ended up being the biggest story of the day. Instead it was Paris (Hilton, not France). Yes, it apparently took Fox and other news gathering and reporting organizations eight hours to tell the tale of Naughty Paris and the Nasty Judge. It didn’t seem to bother the news pundits that Paris was ordered back to jail to serve a forty-five day sentence for a probation violation, when other celebs have spent as little as five hours in jail for the same thing. I mean, give a gal a break! Don’t billion dollar babies get an automatic pass? Regardless of how you feel about the Paris Affair, it may have paid off in an unusual way for UFO Researchers.

Buzz Aldrin was supposed to be talking about the latest Space Shuttle Mission. Imagine his surprise when the famous astronaut’s guest spot was jammed into the middle of the never-ending discussion about Paris. An experienced media guest, Buzz is never at a loss for prefabricated words. Years ago I appeared on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show with him and a few other UFO Researchers. As long as you didn’t ask him anything out of the ordinary, he had some terrific prepared responses. If you did, he stammered and stumbled. That’s what happened on Your World with Neil Cavuto today around 1:30pm Arizona Time.

Asked to comment on how he felt about living in a world where Paris dominates the news for hours on end, he began by stammering on about some science fiction book he once wrote. The story was about a civilization that was going to be destroyed in exactly 140 years by a terrible calamity. He point was that everyone knew about it and did nothing until the very last minute. Huh? Like I said, not good without the prefab responses.

Buzz continued and finally made a lucid point. He apparently feels that we have lost our focus. Instead of worrying about how the Russians, Chinese and Japanese are slowly overtaking us in space research and exploration, we sensationalize and promote non-events like today’s Paris debacle. Just as Your World was headed to a break, Aldrin reminisced about the days of the Apollo 11 Moon Mission and said, “Suppose Neal and I said, ‘Look at what’s outside of our window! It’s a UFO!’ Instead, we said, ‘It’s unusual to see a booster rocket outside of our window.’ Think about what people would have said and what they would have done if we told them it was a UFO following us? That‘s what it was.”

This was not Aldrin’s first statement about UFO encounters during the Apollo 11 Mission. He appeared on a Science Channel program entitled, “First on the Moon: The Untold Story” in 2005 and made this unusual observation: "There was something out there that, uh, was close enough to be observed and what could it be? Mike (Collins) decided he thought he could see it in the telescope and he was able to do that and when it was in one position, that had a series of ellipses, but when you made it real sharp it was sort of L shaped. That didn't tell us very much."

While interesting, it was carefully worded and left the door open to various interpretations. Compare that to the statement he made today, “Think about what people would have said and what they would have done if we told them it was a UFO following us? That‘s what it was.”

Throwing caution to the wind, Aldrin brings up two points that involve accusations UFO Researchers have made against NASA and the Government for years:

1. The U.S. Government is hiding information about UFOs for fear of public reaction to the affirmation that Aliens exist and are visiting our planet at will.

2. The U.S. Government knows all about UFOs and has the ability to identify them.

To my knowledge, Aldrin has hardly ever used the term, “UFO.” Astronauts have avoided that term like the plague. Deke Slayton, an Astronaut and Chief of the Astronaut Office made this statement in 1976: “I don't recall any of our astronauts ever reporting UFOs.” Why would he say that when there were already so many Astronaut sightings and UFO photos on record by then? Simple. They were already IDENTIFIED, not UNIDENTIFIED. And as far as word games go, the use of the term UFO by government or military personnel officially ended with the close of Project Bluebook (the official U.S. Government investigation into UFOs) in 1969.

As indicated by Buzz Aldrin’s latest statement, NASA already knew how to recognize UFOs in 1969. Aldrin: “Think about what people would have said and what they would have done if we told them it was a UFO following us? That‘s what it was.” However, Aldrin hasn’t always been so forthcoming. I recall Aldrin’s trademark Cheshire cat smile on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show anytime we asked about UFOs or Aliens. It was his preprogrammed defense mechanism.

Anytime he’s asked about UFOs during a television, cable or film interview, the smile pops up. Other times he’ll substitute the smile with handy comments like, “It’s a big universe” or “I guess someone else has to be out there,” but it’s still more than we ever hear from Neil Armstrong.

The world is still waiting to hear what the first man to walk on the moon has to say about what happened during the Apollo 11 Mission. Described as a deeply private and honest man, Armstrong has been virtually silent since returning to Earth except for a few interviews almost immediately after the mission. The question that has always bothered me is why?

The only sensible answer is that things happened on the Apollo 11 Moon Mission that Neil Armstrong doesn’t want to talk about. It’s likely that he would rather say nothing then lie to people, mislead them or deliver a series of NASA approved responses. It’s impossible to say exactly what happened, but there is a decent body of evidence to indicate that it was anything but a routine flight.

During a time when the media was allowed to monitor most radio transmissions from the mission, odd noises and allegedly unknown languages were heard. Various statements regarding unknown objects and particular incidents were made by all three of the Apollo 11 Astronauts. Some photos taken during the mission appear to show a number of odd lights and strange objects in various positions near the moon.

Armstrong’s overall lack of enthusiasm for press events brings up another question. Why would NASA choose a quiet guy like Neil Armstrong to be the first man to walk on the Moon? They had to know that everyone in the world would want to interview him for years to come. That could have been a major publicity boom for NASA; instead it turned into a bust that probably contributed to the eventual gutting of the Space Program. That leaves the door open for all kinds of speculation.

Whenever he’s asked a question about something that Neil Armstrong said or did during the Apollo 11 Moon Mission, Buzz Aldrin always says, “You would have to ask Neil about that.” We would love to Buzz, but he ain’t talking! The best we can hope for is a final disclosure from Armstrong while he is alive or some kind of written or recorded statement left behind after he passes on. Now almost seventy-six years old, his last public appearance was at the White House in 2004 for the 35th Anniversary Celebration of the Moon Landing. As usual, he had little to say during that occasion.

On a day when all the news cameras were focused on a tearful Paris Hilton being dragged off to jail (again), Buzz Aldrin’s latest statement was the real bombshell. But those precious few and very important words from Aldrin came about all because of the Hilton court date coverage. So I say, Thanks, Paris! Others may not take you seriously, but I do...now.

Chapter Twenty: Disturbing Secrets - Bill English And Project Blue Book Report 13

After many phone conversations with Bill English during the late 1980s and early 1990s, I came to the conclusion that he was the real deal. That’s a rare find in a field filled with people that imagine themselves to be former Directors of MJ-12, Alien Saviors and Pleadian Royalty. Apart from his attention to detail and willingness to produce credentials, Bill had much more to lose than gain by coming forward with the story of Blue Book Report 13. Considering the controversies that grew out of the MJ-12 documents, who would want that kind of negative attention?

Project Bluebook (1949-1969) was the official U.S. Government investigation into UFOs that replaced Projects Grudge (1949-1951) and Sign (1947-1949). Headquartered at Wright-Patterson AFB, the investigations were handled by the U.S. Air Force. Without going into a lot of detail that would distract from the subject, there were thirteen reports prepared from the raw information gathered by those investigations. The reports were numbered 1-12 and 14.

Report 14 contradicted conclusions reached by the others. 1-12 left wiggle room for attacking the credibility of UFO Witnesses. 14 pointed out that less than 10% of the UFO sightings or encounters reported to Bluebook could be attributed to unstable or unreliable witnesses. That made everyone wonder if there was a Report 13 and what it had to say. If there was and it was filled with secrets, why skip a number? Why not give it a different designation and lock it away in some forgotten file drawer? The answer to those questions has to do with the military and bureaucratic mindset. They would rather spend millions of dollars trying to deny or discredit a Report 13, instead of just changing the number.

Enter Bill English, the son of an Arizona State Legislator and a former Captain in the U.S. Army Green Berets. Bill was honorably discharged while overseas in 1973. He remained in Germany with his wife until she was transferred to RAF Chicksands' Department of Defense Schools. Bill’s wife was a GS-9 (Teacher). After the couple arrived at Chicksands, English says he ran into a former Commanding Officer working for the NSA. He offered Bill a job at a listening post known as the ‘elephant cage.’ English accepted the position and remained there until July of 1976.

Bill describes his duties at the listening post:

“It was my job to analyze the translated transcripts of radio transmissions that had been received from Soviet bloc nations through the listening post at Chicksands. We monitored military frequencies mostly. I had to assign what we called a probability rating to the material and create a possible scenario that might result from the transmission or might have resulted in the transmission. Say, for example, if we received information that so-and-so was on vacation somewhere, and then we heard a phone call made from a certain location, we'd compare the two and get an indication whether or not this gentleman really was on vacation or not.”

Near the end of June, 1976, English received a 625 page report to examine and evaluate. He identifies it as Grudge/Blue Book Report 13. After examining everything, Bill leaves us with the impression that he assigned a high probability rating to the report which indicated that UFOs were of extraterrestrial origin. He says that decision was influenced by the inclusion of photos associated with a classified military mission that occurred around May of 1970. That mission involved English.

Bill English was a member of Special Forces serving in Vietnam when his team was dispatched to a B-52 crash site in Laos. On arrival, he found the aircraft intact with little visible damage and hatches sealed. After blasting their way in, the team found the crew dead. They were still in their seats and harnesses, but ‘horribly mutilated.’ Despite the damage to their bodies, there was very little blood present on the floor of the aircraft. After photographing the scene and collecting items on their retrieval list, the Special Forces team set off charges causing bombs still on board the aircraft to explode and incinerate the bodies inside.

Less than a month after he first received the Grudge/Blue Book Report 13, English reported to work only to find himself being escorted to the Base Commander’s Office by security personnel. Colonel Robert Black informed him that his services were no longer needed and that he was being immediately expelled from the UK. English was placed on an aircraft at RAF Lakenheath and flown back to the USA without the opportunity to contact his wife or anyone else. Once home, he was given a plane ticket back to Arizona. Bill’s wife was left with the impression that he had simply abandoned her.

Two years later, Colonel Black and his Operations Sergeant appeared at Bill’s place of business in Tucson, AZ. Black told English that they had also been given the boot by the military because of Grudge/Blue Book Report 13 and that he had a plan to get even with them. Black claimed to have information about an enormous alien craft that was buried at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. He wanted English to help him and his former Operations Sergeant find it and expose the Government Cover-Up. Bill agreed to help, sold his business and threw his money in with theirs.

English describes what happened during the hunt for the huge flying saucer:

“We purchased a van, which we outfitted with desert tires, marine radar, listening devices, magnetometers and some pretty flaky video cameras of the time. We rendezvoused and traveled along the perimeter of WSMR, and in certain areas we would cross into the test range and look around. Ultimately we wound up in White Sands National Park. From there we drove onto the range. Toward sunset, I was walking on the range about 1,000 yards in front of the vehicle. Black and his sergeant were both in it at the time. I heard a rather familiar sound, and screamed 'Incoming!' and went face first into the dirt. The next thing I know, the van is blowing up. I think they fired a rocket. Then there are helicopters all over the place, and I am running for my life, literally. I made it back to Tucson on foot.”

After a series of quickly calculated steps and help from friends, English went into hiding. By the time he contacted me in the late 1980s, there had been several serious attempts on his life. To his credit, English began telling his story to most any serious UFO Researcher that would listen. This got his name out before the public and made the possibility of any additional assassination attempts unlikely. However, English still had one extremely dangerous adversary…himself.

Bill English was cautious when it came to revealing certain facts, but those instances were too few and far between. He came across to me as a guy that was recounting his experiences from memory without concern for what anyone thought about it. Most criticisms of English or claimed contradictions count on the ‘official version’ from government sources and tend to be cancelled out by an equal amount of verifications. In the end, it’s what Bill English read about in Grudge/Blue Book Report 13 that tips the scales in his favor.

Apart from any revelations by Bill English, it just made sense that a classified version of the Project Blue Book Report would exist in one form or another. After all, intelligence data is only as good as someone’s ability to interpret it. Some sort of reference material would have to be available for that purpose. In such a case, no points would be given for political correctness or watered-down information. While some of the assertions made by English and included in the report may be disturbing, they are the kind of ’in your face’ facts that would be found in a classified reference work. They are also not exclusive. Stories of this type exist within the files of many UFO investigators.

I recall being castigated by the UFO research community in New York during the 1980s after revealing that a number of already deceased bodies in local morgues and funeral homes were being strangely mutilated in parts of New York City and Westchester County. The incidents were too widespread and numerous to be the work of a few twisted individuals or some local cult and coincided with multiple UFO sightings. While looking into that, I discovered that a larger than usual number of missing children cases were popping up in the same areas in conjunction with UFO Sightings. That coincides with another case mentioned in Grudge/Blue Book Report 13.

English recounts the Darlington Farm Case as mentioned in Report 13 on audio cassette (abridged):

“October 1953. Man, wife and 13 year old son were sitting down at dinner table. As they sat there the lights in the farm house began to dim. Dogs and animals raised ruckus on outside. 13 year old boy got up from dinner table to see what was going on. Called his mother and father to come look at the funny light in the sky. Father and mother went out onto the porch. When they got out on the porch one of the dogs broke loose from leash beside house and came running around front. Boy began chasing it into the open field.”

“As mother and father watched the light come down from the sky, they described it as a round ball of fire and it began to hover over the field where the boy and dog had run to. As they stood and watched, the mother and father heard the boy start screaming for help whereupon the father grabbed his shotgun which was right next to the door and began to run out into the field with the mother following. When the father got to the field he saw his son being carried away by what looked like little men, into this huge fiery looking object. As it took off the father fired several rounds at the object, to no avail. They found the dog; its head had been crushed but no sign of the boy or any other footprints of the little men who apparently carried him off.”

“Father called the Darlington police and they immediately came out to investigate. The official report read that the boy had run off and was lost in the forest which bordered the farm. Within 48 hours the Air Force made the determination that the family was to be relocated. The mother and father were picked up by Air Force (personnel) and all personal belongings and possessions were loaded into U.S. Air Force trucks and moved to a northwestern relocation site. The mother was in shock and had to go through a great deal of psychotherapy and deprogramming as did father. One interesting aspect about this case was classification under Air Force report which read it was a genuine CE 3 and that for the good of national security the mother and father had been relocated to relocation zones Z21-14. Not sure whether this indicated map grid coordinates or latitude longitude.”

The one thing that most critics and skeptics miss when they randomly attack UFO Witnesses and Cases is the commonality factor. That factor plays a big part in my belief that Grudge/Blue Book Report 13 is real and that English had access to it. The experiences and revelations of Bill English are disturbing on many levels, but that doesn’t make them untrue. The truth remains the truth whether we are intellectually able to accept it or not.

Chapter Twenty-One: Dr Michael Wolf and The Gateway Treatment To Summon Aliens

It’s impossible to define or even try and explain the late Dr. Michael Wolf. I knew this less than five minutes after I first spoke with him on the phone almost twenty years ago. If I had to define Wolf in one statement, I would say that he was one of the most well-connected U.S. Government Insiders that I ever met.

My association with Wolf began after my friend and fellow paranormal researcher, Dick Criswell, told me about him and offered an introduction by phone in the late 1980s. Although I was initially skeptical of Wolf’s claims regarding UFOs and his government insider status, those concerns vanished after our first conversation. I found him to be intelligent, knowledgeable and easily able to answer most any question that I threw his way.

If anything about Wolf frustrated me, it was trying to understand exactly what he did for the government. As the son of a retired Air Force Officer, I knew people that worked on the shady side of the government tree. These weren’t black-ops types, but Something Else. Wolf easily qualified as Something Else. Trying to decode who he was and what he did for the government is like trying to explain the modern British Monarchy to someone who hasn’t studied English History. It’s there and it works, but no one knows how or why.

Michael Wolf had the ability to put you at ease. A phone conversation with him was always enjoyable and never boring. After a number long distance calls, I resigned myself to the fact that obtaining and understanding the information he offered was far more important than understanding him or where his information came from. That was something that tended to stop most UFO Researchers right in their tracks if they had a chance to speak with him. I wasn’t going to let it stop me. As long as I could find other ways to verify his information, I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

My biggest concern as a was passing on disinformation to the public. There were enough alleged UFO Researchers out there doing that already. With Wolf’s permission, I recorded our calls and carefully dissected everything he told me as time permitted. Not being one for small talk, Wolf tended to compress what he said and present volumes of information every time we spoke. One of the most interesting things he told me about was JFK‘s UFO Sighting.

Wolf’s late wife, Sara, was related to the Kennedy’s. As a result, the couple occasionally stayed at the Kennedy Compound which covered six acres of waterfront property along Nantucket Sound in Massachusetts. During one of these visits, JFK and others on his boat (including Mrs. Wolf) saw a classic disc-shaped UFO which threw his Secret Service detail into a tizzy. Michael was in bed at the time with a cold or the flu. Although Kennedy asked his guests not to talk about the incident, Sara told Wolf about it as soon as she got back to the house.

I was told the Kennedy UFO story in the early 1990s. Knowing it wouldn’t be easy to verify, I contacted a family friend. Her name is Beth Monahan. Beth and I attended the same School from Kindergarten to 6th Grade. Her parents and mine were close friends and we lived just a few blocks from each other in those days. We’ve stayed in touch over the years and she has proved to be an invaluable source of information when it comes to matters involving the Government.

Beth is an expert researcher on almost any subject, but her specialty is getting the goods on things that happen inside the U.S. Government. When it came to obtaining information about the Kennedy UFO Sighting, I really lucked out. Beth actually worked for Pierre Salinger, the former Kennedy White House Press Secretary, a few times over the years. I asked her if she might provide me with a way to contact him. I didn’t want to place her in the delicate position of asking about the Kennedy UFO sighting.

Beth managed a mailing address for Salinger, so I wrote him a short, but very specific letter asking about the JFK UFO incident. Sometime later I received a reply which surprised me. Salinger wrote back and said that he was aware of the story, but had never actually had time to discuss it with the late President before he was assassinated. It was a polite way of saying he knew about it, but had no way to verify it. Plausible denial at its best!

Salinger indicated that even if it were true, that wasn’t the kind of information that would have been made public if Kennedy had lived to serve out his term. He concluded by asking me how I knew Dr Wolf. I wrote back, answered his question and wondered if he knew anyone within the Kennedy Family that had personally discussed the sighting with JFK or had any knowledge about it. I received a polite, but very brief reply indicating that he had no more information about the matter in question and would not be able to obtain any. He suggested I go back to Wolf if I wanted more information. That situation, alone, easily represents the enigma that is Dr Michael Wolf.

As part of his work with the Government, Dr. Wolf pioneered an amazing mental technique known as THE GATEWAY TREATMENT. This technique had two purposes:

1. In Wolf’s own words: "It opens up the brain. Gateway is a way to stimulate the neurons allowing billions of synapses to form and, therefore, allows the person that masters it to have use of a vastly increased mind."

2. To telepathically communicate with and summon positive Alien Entities. As a person who prefers proof to proxy, I can say that listening to Wolf teach the gateway Treatment is one of the most amazing things that I have ever experienced. Not only does he teach it well and make it a snap to learn, but the difference in your ability to think, remember things and process information is almost instant.

Dr Wolf worked with the late Carl Sagan, served as a Scientific Consultant to Presidents, was a member of the Satellite Government, helped develop Zero Point Energy, served in the Air Force and was a member of the Alphacom Team. This was the amazing life of the late Dr Michael Wolf who continues to inspire, inform and teach us.

Chapter Twenty-Two: Mod Report Says UFOs Do Not Exist In The UK - Some British Pilots And Military Members Might Disagree

According to a once secret report released by the British Ministry of Defense in April of 2007, UFOs are not anything to get excited about. The MoD report claims that all the incidents they have investigated show the objects in question to be without mass, no danger to air traffic and not under intelligent control. Despite the four hundred pages of nay saying, not everyone agrees.

For almost two decades, a number of British Intelligence Analysts and former UK Military consultants working for the MoD have leaked documents which reveal that UFOs are intelligently-controlled vehicles of extra-terrestrial origin. The MoD leaks, recent reports that former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin saw a UFO from his aircraft in 2004 and statements from other Canadian officials which indicate UFOs are alien spacecraft may be the reason for this latest piece of disinformation.

While the MoD may believe that there is nothing to this whole UFO thing, they might have considered checking with at least two UK Commercial Airline Pilots that recent saw one. Captain Ray Bowyer, 50, of Aurigny Airlines, spotted a "bright-yellow light" 10 miles west of Alderney at about 3pm during a flight from Southampton while his aircraft was 30 miles from the island at 4,000 feet on Monday, April 23, 2007.

Captain Bowyer: "It was a very sharp, thin yellow object with a green area. It was 2,000ft up and stationary. I thought it was about 10 miles away, although I later realized it was approximately 40 miles from us. At first, I thought it was the size of a [Boeing] 737. "But it must have been much bigger because of how far away it was. It could have been as much as a mile wide."

While on approach to Guernsey, Bowyer noticed a "second identical object further to the west". He said: "It was exactly the same but looked smaller because it was further away. It was closer to Guernsey. I can't explain it. At first, I thought it might have been a reflection from a vinery in Guernsey, but that would have disappeared quickly. This was clearly visual for about nine minutes. As I got closer to it, it became clear to me that it was tangible. I was in two minds about going towards it to have a closer look but decided against it because of the size of it. I had to think of the safety of the passengers first. I'm certainly not saying that it was something of another world. All I'm saying is that I have never seen anything like it before in all my years of flying."

Bowyer reported the incident to Paul Kelly, 31, an Air Traffic Controller on duty. Kelly indicated that nothing appeared on his radar. However, ATC Paul Kelly received a "similar report" from a Blue Islands pilot en route to Jersey at the same time. Kelly explained that as the pilot went past Sark he "described an object behind him to his left". Kelly continued: "The description was very similar to Captain Bowyer's and they described it as being in exactly the same place. But they were looking at it from opposite sides." The other pilot said that the UFO was 1,550 feet lower than his aircraft, which was at 3,500ft. "Both pilots placed it at the same altitude", Kelly added.

In 1987, I published a phone interview that I did with an official for the British Ministry of Defense in The New York UFO Report. The official was an assistant to a person involved with nuclear investigations. Because I knew the person which arranged the phone interview very well, there was no doubt that I was speaking with a very important source of insider information when it came to the MoD.

The official told me that there were numerous incursions into areas where nuclear weapons and other sensitive materials were stored. These incursions involved unidentified aircraft and physical beings of unknown origin. He refused to elaborate about the beings fearing that any further descriptions might help identify him. According to him, general stories about the creatures and crafts that made the incursions were common knowledge to many in the MoD. Recent statements by Nick Pope may have helped to validate those stories.

In November of 2006, Nick Pope (the former head of the MoD UFO research project) told the British Press that his Country was vulnerable to invasion or infiltration by extra-terrestrial forces. Pope felt that the shutting down of UFO research at the MoD Directorate of Defense Security has left his nation unprepared to defend against Aliens. As a result, he resigned his position with the Directorate. On previous occasions he has stated that the MoD wasn’t hiding anything from the British Public. I wonder how he feels now?

My own source at the MoD said that the organization was of two minds when it came to UFOs. Many UK Military Officers feel there is ample evidence to believe that Aliens exist and are visiting the Earth without respect for national boundaries or security. That makes them a national security concern. Others at the MoD believe the entire matter is without merit and should be ignored.

Time either heals all wounds or wounds all heals. In this case, time has been a friend to my source. Over the past twenty years since that interview with him, I have watched the UK Government split hairs over UFOs. When the UFO incident took place near the Bentwaters Base and NATO Facility in 1980, it was confirmation that UFOs are making incursions into security sensitive UK military facilities. The aftermath also revealed a clear split among military members and their hierarchy when it came to the subject of UFOs.

Officially, it seemed that no one was really sure what happened at Bentwaters. Everything from Light House Beacons to reflective tree bark was rolled out to explain away the incident. But most of the people on the ground when it happened seemed convinced this wasn’t an ordinary event involving a conventional explanation. As with Roswell and hundreds of other cases involving military bases, aircraft, ships and UFOs, you had the choice of believing those who were there or people writing reports about it later to suit there own political and philosophical needs.

Even if you have spent just a few minutes researching UFOs and have an open mind, will not be fooled by the MoD Report. As with other self-serving documents like the 1997 Air Force Report on the Roswell Crash and the recent UFO files released by France, these papers are designed to create doubt and mask any other information government agencies possess about UFOs and Aliens.

Chapter Twenty-Three: Debris Found From 1947 Air Force Crash Adds To A Famous UFO Mystery

Wreckage from the first crash of an Air Force Aircraft on August 1, 1947 seems like something that only the military might be interested in. Or maybe not. Much of the original wreckage was left to rust in the forest and no recent attempts have been made to relocate or recover it by any branch of the Military. Instead, civilians have been looking for pieces from the crashed B-25 for years. That's because the crash site near Kelso, Washington, may contain material that's simply out of this world...

After ten years of searching, Jim Greer located pieces from the B25 in a ravine near Goble Creek east of Kelso. He has turned some of the material over to the Museum of Mysteries in Seattle. Their interest is in the paranormal aspects of the crash. That’s because the aircraft was carrying two Officers that participated in the investigation of a Washington UFO incident and material from that investigation.

1947 is a memorable year for UFO enthusiasts. The saucer sightings by Kenneth Arnold in the State of Washington and UFO crash or crashes in New Mexico tend to dominate our attention. It’s easy to forget that over 850 sightings of a credible nature were reported by U.S. Newspapers. These include amazing events alleged to have occurred near Maury Island in Washington. Real or imagined, those events and their aftermath reveal a stunning cover-up that has never been fully investigated or explained.

Harold Dahl, his son Charles, the family dog and two crew members were on a patrol boat looking for salvage logs in the Puget Sound on June 21, 1947. They were just off Maury Island (today called Vashon Island) when the UFO incident began. The group witnessed six ‘donut-shaped’ craft above their position. Harold said that the objects were about one hundred feet in diameter and had a ‘bright metallic’ appearance.

Five of the crafts were circling a sixth which Dahl said was ‘wobbling’ and seemed to be in distress. After some sort of an explosion, the sixth craft discharged a large quantity of debris. The debris resembled cooled volcanic lava, had an aluminum-like appearance and fell in the form of large flakes. These flakes hit and damaged their boat, injured Charles and killed the family dog. Afterward, all the objects rose rapidly into the sky and took off in the direction of the ocean.

Dahl headed to Maury Island where he stopped to assess the damage to his boat and take photos. Finding more debris, he collected it and then proceeded to Tacoma. After taking his son to the emergency room, Dahl reported the entire incident to Fred Crisman, the harbor patrol supervisor. Crisman didn’t believe him, so he returned to the area on Maury Island which Dahl described.

Crisman found what seemed like tons of the strange material along the shoreline. While picking up some of it, he said that an object appeared and dropped more. Meanwhile, Dahl was visited by a "man in a dark suit" the next day. The man told Dahl that he saw something he was not supposed to see and warned him not to discuss it.

Just three days after the Maury Island incident, Kenneth Arnold reported seeing a formation of strange looking objects traveling at incredible speeds near Mount Rainer, Washington. Because Arnold was a former military aviator and well-respected private pilot, the press jumped all over his sighting. Arnold was later contacted by Ray Palmer, editor of Amazing Stories. The two discussed his sighting, became friends and forged a working relationship.

United Airlines Captain E. J. Smith was a friend of Kenneth Arnold, but initially skeptical of his sighting until he had one of his own. During a flight from Boise, Idaho, to Tacoma, Washington on July 4, 1947, Smith noticed a formation of saucer-shaped objects near his aircraft. They first appeared just after 9pm, then vanished and reappeared several times for over forty-five minutes. Captain Smith, Co-Pilot Ralph Stevens and Stewardess Marty Morrow all saw them.

The importance of the Arnold and Smith sightings cannot be stressed enough. These witnesses were experienced pilots, not starry-eyed civilians looking at something in the sky that a trained observer might immediately recognize as commonplace. That would make any opinions they had about the Maury Island UFO incident all the more important.

Their involvement began with a letter to Ray Palmer from Fred Crisman. Palmer quickly contacted Arnold and asked him to investigate the Maury Island story. Arnold agreed, but asked Smith to help. He also contacted the military and requested that they send investigators to be present during the initial interviews.

Arnold and Smith arrived in Tacoma and met with Harold Dahl at the Winthrop Hotel on July 31, 1947. Also present were a Captain Davidson and 1st Lt. Frank Brown. Crisman showed up with cereal boxes filled with material from the Island which he presented to the Military Officers. In a hurry to return to Hamilton Field for Air Force Inauguration Day, Davidson and Brown left the hotel just after midnight. Air Force Inauguration Day was the day that the Air Force officially became a separate branch of the military.

After the session with Dahl was completed, Arnold returned to his hotel room. He almost immediately received a call from Ted Morello, a United Press reporter. Morello seemed to know everything that went on in the hotel room where the impromptu investigative had taken place and wanted a comment about it. Arnold was upset and suspected a hidden microphone had been used to obtain the information. That wasn’t the only surprise Arnold was to experience during the next twenty-four hours.

According to witnesses, Captain Davidson and Lt Brown boarded a B-25 with a box of material from their investigation and took off from McChord Field with two other crew members. Shortly afterward, their left engine caught fire and the fire fighting system malfunctioned. After ordering the other crew members to bail out, Davidson and Brown were trapped when the aircraft began to collapse around them. Both perished in the crash.

This was the very first crash of an Air Force plane because it happened on the day that the Air Force officially separated from the Army. It’s ironic that the crash may have been directly linked to the UFO phenomenon. An article in the Tacoma Times claimed that the B-25 was shot down by a 20mm canon or sabotaged to keep the material salvaged from the Maury Island event from being examined at Fort Hamilton.

After the B-25 crash and the Men in Black incident involving Dahl, the two witnesses became concerned for the safety of their families. When Arnold and Smith came to view the boat that Dahl said was damaged by the falling debris, Captain Smith expressed some doubts. He felt that repairs on the vessel were inconsistent with the kind of damage that was originally reported.

Rather than explain that whole sections were replaced, Dahl simply told Smith that he was no longer going to cooperate with the investigation and just wanted to be left alone. Some reports say that the two witnesses admitted it was all a hoax, but neither Dahl or Crisman ever admitted making such statements. Another report said that the material Dahl and Crisman presented to the investigators was just worthless slag from a local smelter.

Apart from the fact that there was nothing in it for Dahl or Crisman to create a hoax and both had more to lose than gain, there is some evidence to support their side of the story:

- FBI Teletype from J. Edgar Hoover, 8/14/47: “It would also appear that Dahl and Crisman did not admit the hoax to the army officers…”

- Return Teletype to Hoover from Special Agent George Wilcox: "Please be advised that Dahl did not admit that his story was a hoax but only stated that if questioned by authorities he was going to say it was a hoax because he did not want any further trouble over the matter."

- In the January 1950 edition of FATE Magazine, Fred Crisman called allegations that he admitted the case was a hoax a “bald-faced lie.”

- Neither Ray Palmer or Kenneth Arnold ever said the case was a hoax. Even stranger were the events that occurred after the investigation by Arnold, Smith, Davidson and Brown:

- The crash of the B25 is surrounded by allegations of sabotage or downing by friendly fire. - The crash of Kenneth Arnold’s airplane under mysterious circumstances on August 3, 1947. He was almost killed and later claimed his aircraft had been sabotaged.

- The untimely and mysterious death of Paul Lance, the Tacoma Times Reporter who claimed that the B25 might have been purposely brought down by government operatives. He died two weeks after the article appeared in print. No actual cause of death could be determined.

- The sudden death of Ted Morrello, the United Press reporter who called Arnold just after the Dahl Meeting claiming full knowledge of the proceedings.

- The closing of The Tacoma Times which went out of business shortly after the article about the B25 was published.

Unlike most hoaxes, the Maury Island UFO incident is not unique among sighting or physical evidence cases. The scene originally described by Dahl has been repeated many times. Several objects are seen together, one crashes or is in distress and others assist. Strange material is ejected, dropped or simply deposited. The material can be metallic, fibrous or even biological. There are many reasons for anyone interested in UFOs to take a second look at this case. Including the military response to the crash.

Robert Davenport of Kelso, Washington, was one of the first people to view the B-25 crash site. He said that small fires were still burning due to all the unused fuel when he and a few others found the wreckage. When the military arrived they expelled everyone, sealed 150 acres around the crash site and took over the area for about a week. They used part of Davenport’s land as a base camp.

Despite combing through debris and moving some larger pieces to an open field for further inspection, the bulk of the crash material was left behind. This seems strange for an investigation involving the very first crash of an Air Force plane. It appeared that they were more interested in looking for something in the aircraft than trying to determine the cause of the crash.

It’s doubtful that the validity of the Maury Island UFO incident will ever be resolved to anyone’s satisfaction. It’s also unlikely that any of the material from that event will ever be recovered from the B-25 crash site. However, it’s important to remember that Maury Island occurred before the Arnold sighting, before Roswell and is certainly surrounded by unusual circumstances and unresolved issues. Whether the actual sighting occurred or never happened, you have to be amazed by the response of the government within a government.

Chapter Twenty-Four: The O’Hare International Airport UFO Sighting

On November 7, 2006, several United Airlines employees reported seeing a UFO hovering above Gate C17 at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Based on eyewitness reports, the sighting occurred sometime between four and four thirty in the afternoon (central time). The witnesses may have included a ramp worker, an aircraft mechanic, one or more pilots and some passengers waiting to board planes.

The UFO was described as a dull grey disc-shaped object which might have been twenty to thirty feet in diameter. That is a classic description and size for most daylight disc sightings. According to the witnesses that saw it depart, the disc moved upward at an incredible speed leaving a ‘hole’ in the cloud cover which was at about 19,000 feet on that day.

To understand what happened at O’Hare on that day, I contacted a friend. To assure his anonymity, I’ll call him Bob. I have known Bob since 1988. In the spring of that year there were a number of UFO sightings above and near both LaGuardia and JFK Airports in New York City. I first became aware of these when NYC Fire Fighters contacted me. Working out of a Fire House near LaGuardia, they had a habit of sitting in lawn chairs on the roof when things were slow and the weather was nice.

The Fire Fighters began to notice strange objects that seemed to come in from the west and travel through the LaGuardia airspace. These objects were cigar-shaped and had a dull gray color. This went on for several days. One of the Fire Fighters called the airport, but they blew him off and said nothing like that had been reported. Frustrated, they called me after seeing my UFOS Over Long Island cable TV show.

After mentioning the sightings during a guest spot on WABC Talk Radio, I received a call from two excellent sources. One was an Air Traffic Controller and the other was Bob. I later met the Controller in person. After I was satisfied that he was an Air Traffic Controller working in the NYC area, we talked. He told me that the objects hadn’t been tracked by him, but that calls came into his work area about the unidentified objects on several occasions. These were passed on to the FAA since no immediate threat to aircraft in the area could be discerned.

Bob spoke with me on the phone a few times before we met for lunch in suburban New Jersey. He was an experienced military and civilian pilot. More importantly, Bob worked as an Aviation Security Consultant. He made it clear that it would be impossible for him to say anything about what he did or didn’t learn about the UFO phenomenon while in the Military. However, he agreed to brief me on procedures and practices that the FAA and Airlines had in place for dealing with UFO sightings. His descriptions were cautious and carefully worded.

“Nothing ever happens with known aircraft in the sky that the FAA doesn’t know or find out about,” he began. “If an experimental aircraft was scheduled to enter and pass through New York City airspace, they would be told as far in advance as regulations and procedures might allow. A log entry would be created.” Bob indicated that he would have access to that information and that no such entry existed for the dates in question.

Bob explained that the best way to approach the Fire House sightings was to eliminate what the guys didn’t see before thinking about what they did see. After working with me for almost three weeks, he eliminated most every logical explanation including weather phenomenon. Bob had a knack for attention to detail and loved throwing charts, graphs, weather reports and statistics at me to prove his point. Based on all that and my own investigation, we concluded that the objects were unidentified and probably under some sort of intelligent control.

I speak with Bob on the phone a few times a year. When I decided to take a look at the O‘Hare sighting, I gave him a call. Although he has no personal knowledge about this matter beyond what has been reported online, Bob is always more than helpful when it comes to understanding UFO sightings involving pilots, airports and aircraft. He agreed to allow me to record our phone conversation and use a few quotes:

“People believe when something strange is spotted over an airport, all kinds of alarms go off. That’s not the case, “he began. “There are federal, state and local agencies that have jurisdiction over airports in the United States. They make sure those facilities are safe and operate efficiently. Contingency plans are in place to handle emergencies based on the big picture. That picture doesn’t include anything out of the ordinary. A UFO hovering over the airport would be an example of something not included in those plans.”

“Nothing flies without Federal Government permission. Nothing happens at the Airport unless federal, state and local governments, airlines, employees and unions can agree on what should happen, when and how. Nothing works at an Airport without the cooperation of the Airlines. They can’t get a single aircraft off the ground without the cooperation of their employees. That’s the pecking order. It’s not a process designed to immediately cope with unexpected situations.”

Evidence of the truth in Bob’s statements to me can easily be seen by the reactions to the eyewitnesses that called to report their UFO sightings at O‘Hare. Those reactions ranged from laughter to a complete a disregard for the witnesses and the situation they were reporting. This one wasn’t in the playbook, so it was going to be ignored until it could be ignored.

The National UFO Reporting Center was the first (as far as I know) to report this situation and they did so based on an eyewitness report filed with that organization. The report appeared on their website about a week after the sighting. That may seem like an unreasonable amount of time for the release of such important information, but I’m sure they just wanted to be certain this wasn’t some hoax or silly prank. And from a practical investigative standpoint, it just takes time to verify something like that. I’m sure almost everyone they called from the Government Agencies to the Airlines had no interest in seeing this go public.

Agencies like the FAA and the TSA still adhere to the time-proven practice of pleading ignorance, denial or just stalling when it comes to any inquiries. Even Freedom of Information requests have limited value. There isn’t a federal employee out there that doesn’t know whatever they put down on paper may come back to haunt them. That’s why many UFO Researchers depend on eyewitnesses and whistleblowers to get the most valuable and reliable information about any sighting or encounter.

Pilots, people that work at Airports and those who live nearby tend to be the best UFO witnesses. That’s because they are used to seeing things fly around the sky all day and night. When something really different comes along, they can spot it right away. That is a simple and logical conclusion to draw and one being ignored by the news media. I guess it’s just easier for them to pretend that the O’Hare UFO Sighting never happened, then to investigate the situation or try and explain it.

My own paranormal investigations have taught me something that might explain their apathy. No matter how credible the source may be, a piece of information is only as good as people’s ability to believe it. After years of government denial and belittling of credible UFO witnesses, many reporters think that there just isn’t any proof that we’re being visited by beings from other worlds. They probably lack the confidence in their own abilities to try and convince the public otherwise. Even if a UFO landed on their front lawn, an Alien came out and asked for directions to O’Hare, I doubt most news people would believe their own eyes.

Chapter Twenty-Five: French Agency Releases Ufo Files: Don't Start Serving The Crepes Just Yet!

CNES and Geipan placed over thirty years worth of UFO investigation materials online as of Thursday, March 22, 2007. CNES is the official French Space Agency and Geipan is an agency of the French National Police. Are the files a hot Smoking Gun, or just another order of cold French Fries?

CNES receives about fifty to one hundred UFO reports each year. The investigative process they use is convoluted and quite different from what most Americans would expect. Geipan apparently does most of the field work, prepares reports and passes everything on to CNES. Scientists and Engineers take a look at that data and prepare some sort of final report or appraisal of the matter in question.

Jacques Patenet, the aeronautical engineer who heads the office for the study of "non-identified aerospatial phenomena" has said that "the data that we are releasing doesn't demonstrate the presence of extraterrestrial beings. But it doesn't demonstrate the impossibility of such presence either. The questions remain open."

On the day of the announcement and press conference, CNES security was tight. While calling the release “a world first“ and glowing over his nation’s openness about the UFO subject, Patenet failed to explain the need "to screen out uninvited UFOlogists" as an explanation for the added security. This hardly provides evidence for anyone to believe the agency’s files represent a fair and unbias look at the phenomenon. However, compared to the actions of their American counterpart, this is like allowing people to walk into French Intelligence Headquarters and browse through their files.

Every time American UFO Researchers ask their own space agency for any information about astronaut encounters or unusual phenomenon encountered by space probes, NASA clams up and sends out the debunkers en force. Although many Astronauts have been forthcoming and very honest about what they have seen in space, the space agency always slams the door on them. More than a few have been hit right between the eyes by NASA which claims that the Astronaut statements were the results of space sickness, fatigue or depression. But before we give the French too big a pat on the back, let’s look at what’s being released.

The CNES-Geipan reports only represent what people have reported to the French Government as UFO sightings and encounters. This is in no way, shape or form a release of information that allows us to examine all that the French know about the phenomenon. Although the investigations have obviously been handled in a more competent and professional manner, this is really little more than a French version of the U.S. Project Blue Book Report.

We have seen these types of releases before over the past several decades. In each case, the information came from individual government agencies, not the government itself. I recall when everyone got all excited about the release of the KFB files on UFOs. I was unimpressed. That’s because I received official Russian News Articles and private newsletters published in countries once controlled by the Soviets for years before that release. These were sent to me by serious researchers in those countries who appreciated receiving materials from me.

Thanks to the efforts of Russian language students who donated their time, most of what I received was quickly translated and contained a huge amount of information about the UFO phenomenon in Russia and Eastern Europe. Ironically, I could not find a single incident mentioned in those articles and newsletters that matched any in the KGB information releases. I felt then and now that the information I received from those individuals was as good or better than most of what was released by the KGB.

In 1989 I had the opportunity to meet Marina Lavrentrevna Vasliyevna Popovich at a press event in New York City. Marina was a pilot in the Soviet Air Force, holder of thirteen world aviation records and a former Test Cosmonaut. She spoke of personal UFO encounters and those she had heard about from other pilots. While the information was fascinating, it was not anywhere near the best that her government had to offer about UFOs and Extra-Terrestrial Life. UFO Researchers would be wise to view the CNES-Geipan information in the same manner.

Like America, France is known for having two faces. Their public face, and the one they use for behind the scenes political posturing. A good example of this recently came to light when it a secret communication between France and Israel was leaked to the press. While publicly condemning Israel’s advance into Lebanon not long ago, the French Government secretly encouraged them to invade Syria and institute a regime change. The USA plays the same games.

During the 1990s, President Clinton announced that the government had allowed secret radiation tests on American Citizens. All he admitted was that small amounts of irradiated materials were released into population centers or planted on soldiers during military exercises. No one believes that was all of it and everyone already knew about military exercises held during and very close to atomic bomb tests. Clinton certainly did not make mention of how the CIA implanted tiny devices into the heads of U.S. and Canadian psychiatric patients for over twenty years without permission. Nor did he discuss any of the other government mind control or remote viewing projects which have left large numbers of victims in their wake.

Information releases like the latest from CNES and Geipan can only be helpful in terms of research and data, but no one should give France, Russia or any other nation credit for what should have been done all along. It would be a mistake to offer nations like these kudos for releasing bits and pieces of UFO and other paranormal research data when so much still remains secret.

Chapter Twenty-Six: Phoenix Lights UFO Mystery 2007: Former AZ Gov Symington Admits To Seeing "Craft Of Unknown Origin"

On March 13, 1997, unexplained lights appeared over Phoenix, Arizona. I was in town when the mysterious event took place. While authorities would like you to believe that these were merely military flares, former Arizona Governor Fife Symington says there is much more to the story.

Symington now admits that he was among the hundreds of witnesses who saw a huge triangular object in the skies over Phoenix. The former Governor made a number of statements about the Phoenix Lights mystery to Leslie Kean, Special Correspondent to The Prescott Daily Courier. The statements were included in an article by Kean published in the Courier on March 18, 2007. In that article, the former Arizona Governor describes what he saw on March 13, 1997:

"It was enormous and inexplicable," he said. "Who knows where it came from? A lot of people saw it, and I saw it too."

Symington was referring to a V-shaped object with lights on it seen in the skies over Phoenix ten years ago. Some estimated the lights to be the size of a football field, while others said they could have been a mile long. He continued to describe his own sighting of the triangular object: "It was dramatic. And it couldn't have been flares because it was too symmetrical." The former Arizona Governor revealed the object to be a “craft of unknown origin.”

While Symington hasn’t been the only political figure in Arizona to comment on the Phoenix Lights, he stands alone in his admission that they were more than just flares. When asked to comment on the Phoenix Lights in 2000, Senator John McCain said, “That has never been fully explained.” He also quickly added, “But I have to tell you that I do not have any evidence whatsoever of aliens or UFOs.”

Fife Symington says he called the commander of Luke Air Force Base, the Arizona Department of Public Safety and a General with the Arizona National Guard back in 1997 to ask about the lights. None of them were able to provide him with any answers and seemed “perplexed.” One of the problems with the sightings were the multitude of explanations available at the time.

The V-shaped object with lights was seen in the sky around 8:30pm. The lights that were videotaped and seen around 10:30pm are what most people call the Phoenix Lights. These are often explained away as flares, but not everyone agrees. People that videotaped the 10:30pm event back in 1997 say the lights were in a triangular shape. Some of them had seen military flares being dropped on other occasions and say this was something completely different. However, authorities stayed with the flares explanation and explained the earlier events as a sighting of the Hale-Bopp Comet.

Symington called for an investigation into the Phoenix Lights shortly after the sightings occurred, but the statement was a hollow one. Either he was not able to obtain cooperation from military authorities, or he never made much of an effort. However, with pressure mounting from the public, UFO researchers and news gathering organizations, he had to eventually take some action.

On June 19, 1997, Governor Fife Symington held a press conference in Phoenix. Dressing one of his aides up as an Alien, the Governor said that the Phoenix Lights were flares and nothing to get upset about. He also said that he was only joking when he ordered the Arizona Department of Public Safety (Arizona State Police) to investigate the sightings. Today, he still defends those actions.

"I wanted people to lighten up and calm down, so I introduced a little levity. But I never felt that the overall situation was a matter of ridicule," Symington says about the infamous press conference. But not everyone was laughing. Former Phoenix Councilwoman Frances Barwood made a serious effort to investigate the sightings in 1997.

According to her recent statements, Barwood was unable to convince federal authorities to interview even one of the seven hundred witnesses that she spoke to about the Phoenix Lights. Big surprise! Being an elected official isn’t enough when it comes to getting answers about UFOs from the Military. Just ask current Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano.

Janet Napolitano called for an investigation into the Phoenix Lights during her 1997 campaign to become Arizona Attorney General and was elected to that office in 1998. Despite her former position as a U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona, we can assume that she was served the same plate of disinformation from the U.S. Military that the rest of us received. What does she think of Symington’s new revelation and the Phoenix Lights overall? We have asked and are awaiting her answer.

My own experience earlier that day was frightening and likely related to one or both the sightings of March 13, 1997. I was driving in from Flagstaff (north to south) on I-17 in the early afternoon. On a day when traffic was already heavy and almost at a standstill, State Patrol vehicles suddenly appeared and caused vehicles to pull over to the far right lanes. A few minutes later, military vehicles filled with troops and equipment covered by tarps went flying by at high speeds. The military procession lasted several minutes.

I was later told by other drivers who attended a seminar I was giving in Phoenix that the same thing happened that night and the next day. Others who attended my seminar reported being almost ‘buzzed’ by the lights while driving on various local roadways. They described huge balls of light which seemed to come down very low and keep pace with traffic. Apart from all the witness reports, more than a few people took photos and video of the Phoenix Lights.

Huge triangular objects have been a constant part of the UFO phenomenon from the very beginning. Some believe the triangle sightings date to prehistory and many point to sightings that may have occurred in the late 1800s. Most witnesses at that time assumed they were experimental kites of some sort. Then, there were all the unexplained triangle sightings in the 1950s, with and without lights. Two of the most famous involved the U.S. and British Military.

Beginning on September 13, 1952, Military Personnel aboard ships involved in NATO Operation Mainbrace saw and tracked a triangular shaped object flying at over 900 mph between Denmark and Norway. Witnesses said the object emitted a bright white light. There were additional UFO sightings during the NATO exercise as well which may have included saucer and cigar shaped crafts.

In July of 1955, a dark colored boomerang hovered completely still over Lasham Airfield, Hampshire, England, during the National Gliding Competitions. Seen by trained military observers, experienced civilian pilots and untrained spectators, the object hovered for thirty seconds before moving off to the southwest.

A triangular-shaped UFO captured the attention of the world’s press in November of 1989 when a huge, dark triangle with sparkling bright lights underneath was seen by citizens and police in Liege, Belgium. More sightings followed. In 1990, Belgium Military Officials announced that two F-16 jet fighters scrambled from a NATO base chased a triangular shaped object for over an hour. One jet locked the object in on radar. On the pilot’s screen it looked like a diamond.

There have been recent sightings of unexplained lights near Phoenix and triangular shaped craft over New Mexico and other parts of the Southwest.

Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Legacy Of Star Gate Sg-1: Is It More Than Meets The Eye?

A legendary science fiction series is ended in 2007. Star Gate SG-1 began the last season of its long run in April 2007 on the Sci-Fi Channel. That was very bad news for SG-1 Fans who had invested ten years and over 200 episodes in the long-running saga. But is there more here than meets the eye?

SG-1 has a loyal fan following. That is best explained by the fact that it blends old style science fiction with new. The scripts give you time to get to know the characters without slowing down the action. More importantly, the emphasis has always been on the story lines, not the personal lives of the cast members.

NBC owns the sci-fi channel and that conglomerate has a reputation for ruining popular shows and storylines with endless morality lessons that teach feel good values and anti-establishment messages. SG-1 remained strangely untouched in that area. In fact, the Air Force has been a supporter of the show for some time.

It wasn’t long ago that SG-1 Executive Producer Richard Dean Anderson (who plays Brig. Gen. Jack O'Neill on the series) was honored by U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff, General John P. Jumper. The series was given kudos for continuous positive depiction of the U.S. Air Force and Anderson was made an honorary brigadier general. Given the series storyline, this all seems a bit odd.

While it can easily be argued that SG-1 does present the U.S. Air Force in a positive and respectful way, can the same be said of Anderson‘s alter ego? Jack O'Neill is hardly the poster boy for the behavioral standards of a U.S. Military Officer. He often disrespects superior officers, seems to do his duty in a semi-conscious state, ignores or disobeys orders and disregards military protocol.

I’m sure that the Air Force understands the need for some comic relief supplied by Anderson’s O’Neill character. However, I find it hard to believe that Anderson would receive such an honor just for producing a good sci-fi show and making the Air Force look good. I believe something else might be happening here, whether on purpose or by proxy.

Everything I have read about SG-1 and its production tells me there is probably no conscious effort to allow the show to be used as some sort of U.S. Government Propaganda tool. However, the series is a natural for it. Consider these observations:

- SG-1 continuously presents the idea that the U.S. Government is keeping the existence of alien life and contact with them secret for all the right reasons. The message: Secrecy is for your own good.

- There are rogue elements within the Government that exploit the connection between Aliens and the Government. They do that to obtain secret technology and are willing to sell out their own kind to obtain it. The message: Good cop bad cop, but the end result is basically the same.

- Dr. Frank E. Stranges is Founder and President of the National Investigations Committee on UFOs. I have been honored to share a stage with him on several occasions for speaking engagements and join him for a press conference. His book, Stranger at the Pentagon, tells the story of his meeting during the 1950s with an extra-terrestrial named Commander Thor (that’s Supreme Command Thor for SG-1 Fans) at the Pentagon. Although Dr Stranges tells us that his Thor is more humanlike and not physically akin to the Ascard on SG-1, there are many similarities between the real Thor and the Ascard fictional civilization. The Message: Educate the public on what’s really going on through a fictional series and they are likely to accept the truth when the U.S. Government decides to tell all.

- The Ascard are portrayed as a group of small, gray aliens with large eyes that help the humans, but only after years of abducting them. The Abductions are to solve a DNA problem the Ascard are having and allow them to better understand humans. The payoff is that they protect us from bad aliens and help us to technologically advance. The message: Despite the fact that people have become lab rats for Aliens, it’s all-good.

- Aliens have been visiting the Earth for thousands of years. While some are good, some bad, they come regardless of our military readiness to resist. We cannot remain a solitary planet in a sea of populated worlds and expect to be ignored or left alone. The Message: The Aliens are going to do what they want anyway, so we had better make treaties with the good aliens. If that means losing some personal freedoms and getting abducted for study, it’s a small price to pay for being at peace with our galactic neighbors.

- The use of the names of real places like Area 51 and the complex at Cheyenne Mountain. The Message: The government has places where secret technology and alien artifacts may be securely kept.

- The never-ending secret of the Star Gate program. Despite battles in the skies over Earth, tattletale characters and near misses, the gate manages to remain secret. The Message: The Government can keep a secret for an unlimited period of time and against all odds.

Considering the fact that many of the themes and story lines used in SG-1 come right out of the real UFO and Alien Playbook, it’s little wonder that the Air Force loves this show and has supported it for so long. But are they also setting things in motion behind the scenes? It’s no secret that the U.S. Military has invested heavily in remote viewing and psychic intervention programs.

Whether by subtle suggestion or creative angst, SG-1 has risen to the top. While the series may come to an end for now, it’s doubtful that SG-1 will vanish off the radar screen. Despite a recent ratings dip, over 2,000,000 people still tune in each week to watch and that is a very respectable number. Sales of the series on DVD have been brisk and a number of conventions are held and well attended annually. There is talk of SG-1 films and, who knows, the series can always make a return to television just as Star Trek did.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Kissena Park (New York City) UFO Landing Case

I have heard it said a thousand times: "I won't believe in UFOs as alien spacecraft until one lands in the middle of a large city!" Would you be surprised to know that it's already happened at least twice?

I have heard it said a thousand times: "I won't believe in UFOs as alien spacecraft until one lands in the middle of a large city!" Would you be surprised to know that it's already happened at least twice? Let's begin with a landing in New York City which took place in March of 1989.

Queens is one of the five Boroughs of New York City. It's located on Long Island and connected to Manhattan Island, which is what most people think of as New York City, by bridges and tunnels used by vehicles and mass transit. Kissena Park is located in the Flushing part of Queens, just off the Long Island Expressway.

The park is a large open area that includes a lake and hosts lots of recreational activities. It's surrounded by houses, buildings, businesses and tens of thousands of people. A bus route runs along 164th Street and affords a fabulous view of the lake. On March 9. 1989, a group of Seniors were among the passengers on the northbound Q65 bus returning from bingo at a Flushing health facility around 9 pm. As Kissena Lake came into full view, the bus driver and passengers noticed an object glowing and moving slowly near the ground on the opposite side of the lake from their position.

The bus driver pulled over thinking this might be some sort of a helicopter or small plane making an emergency landing in the park. He had a radio on board and could easily report the incident. Despite the fact that no one could believe what they were seeing, the object was clearly a glowing disc-shaped craft that gently hovered about the ground. Turning off the bus engine to listen for noise, no one heard anything but the sound of nearby cars rushing by.

Once everyone saw what the object was, denial set in. The bus driver told everyone to be seated, started the bus and drove off continuing his route. But the Seniors were concerned. After arriving home, one of them called me. As someone who has been researching paranormal events for many years, the media occasionally took an interest in my work. It was my good luck that a local newspaper had just ran an article about me in the past weekend's edition and published my hotline number for reporting UFO Sightings or other strange events.

Because I was already out investigating another sighting, I didn't get the message until very late that night. I called the female witness early the next day and headed over to see her. She agreed to accompany me to the park and point out everything that happened. We were both surprised to find the park filled with NYC Police! The scene of the sighting was unavailable until later in the day.

When we finally got a look at it, we found a circular area of dead grass that was about fifteen feet in diameter. In some areas of the circle we found some odd material that was very sharp. I asked Ted Benitt, a professor in the Physical Sciences Department at Nassau Community College on Long Island, to examine the material. He felt it had been super-heated in some way and through some process he had never seen before. In still other parts of the circle it seemed as though the ground had been drained of all moisture and almost crystallized.

A nearby tree which witnesses said had been touched by the object started dying just on one side (the side the object had touched) and nearby old style outside metal lamps that lighted a walkway around the lake were unusually magnetized compared to any others in the park. Several smaller and less affected circular areas of dead grass appeared later giving us the idea of some sort of a delayed affect on the grass. As if trying to cover the incident up, park officials tried planting grass over the circles several times, but it always died. A few months after the event they dug up most of the area and replaced the top soil.

After spending a week investigating the incident, I decided to write a press release to find out if any other people had seen the object. The Associated Press picked up the release and the story went international. Although a bit more publicity then I had planned on or wanted, we did find a number of additional witnesses. I had held back some small details about the sighting as a litmus test for witness credibility.

As the investigation progressed, it became apparent that UFOs had been seen over that area for some time and definitely on the night in question. Credible witnesses included police officers, airline pilots and an air traffic controller. Even years after that event, in 1999-2000, there were a number of UFO sightings in the immediate area of the park and just beyond. In 2002 a number of pilots flying into LaGuardia Airport reported radar contact with an unknown object.

Not to be out done, Russian experienced a similar event later in 1989. Tass, the official Russian news agency, reported that on September 27, 1989 a strange craft was seen by boys playing soccer at a park in Voronezh, a Russian City of 900,000 people. The object landed, tall creatures came out and seemed to threaten the boys who ran away.

While the teens were the only ones to see the creatures, the object was seen by thousands of other people in the area. Some trace physical evidence was said to have been found, but that part of the investigation was quickly hushed up. Interestingly enough, this and other events later caused the Russian Federation to announce that they believe Aliens exist and that some UFOs are objects of extra-terrestrial origin.

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Jackie Gleason's UFO Encounter

The best favor to be owed is one owed by the President of the USA! Jackie Gleason will always be remembered as one of America's greatest comedy talents. Born in Brooklyn, New York City, I guess you could say that he was a graduate of the school of hard knocks. Maybe that's why he always seemed to work harder the everyone else. When it come time for him to get a show on TV, he wanted to own it! Unheard of in the days of early TV, Gleason often penned deals that allowed him to produce most of his own shows.

Everything Gleason did, he did with great passion. Every script for the TV shows had to be just the way he envisioned it. No one was ever allowed to step out of character. Camera shots and angles were always set up the way he wanted them. The passion also extended into his personal life. Fascinated by Flying Saucers and the unexplained, he ultimately assembled one of the world's greatest parapsychology, UFO and occult libraries. The bulk of it resides today at the University of Miami Library.

In 1982 I was a guest on a talk show at a Miami radio station. The subject was UFOs and the Paranormal. After the show, I was handed a note by the receptionist. This often happened when I did radio guest spots because some people preferred to share their own UFO or Paranormal experience with me off the air. While walking to my car, I took a quick look at the note. It said, "Please call Mister Gleason at…." When I arrived back at my hotel room, I called the number, asked for Mister Gleason and gave my name. An assistant got on the phone and informed me that Jackie Gleason wanted to speak to me, if possible, the next day at a Fort Lauderdale location. Needless to say, I accepted the invitation!

The meeting location was a bar at the Jolly Roger Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. Now I don't know if Gleason owned the hotel or merely had friends there, but after stopping by the front desk, I was escorted to a small bar that was closed to the public at that time of day. Gleason sat at a table like a king holding court, but looked older and weaker then I had imagined he would. I wondered why Gleason hadn't met me in any one of his favorite Miami haunts, but it may have been that this was supposed to be a low profile event. Either way, I knew that Gleason was a serious guy who hated small talk and I wasn't about to ruffle his feathers.

After a brief handshake, Gleason asked me a number of questions about my UFO and Paranormal investigations. We talked for about an hour and a half. Actually, he asked questions and I answered them. "You know I get your newsletter," he said knowingly. "Good stuff!" He was especially interested in articles that covered the topic of crashed UFOs. At that time a lot of buzz had been created by former military officers who had begun to speak of their involvement with the cover-up of UFO crashes.

Out of the blue, Gleason told me how that Richard Nixon was a good friend of his. He had supported Nixon in every possible way during his successful bid for the Presidency in 1968. In 1971, Jackie Gleason attended a small White House dinner. After dinner, Gleason spoke privately with Nixon. He asked the President if there was anything that Nixon could tell him about UFOs? Were they real? Were they Alien Spacecraft? According to Gleason, Nixon told him, "Well Jackie, if you can arrange to arrive at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa sometime in the next few days, I'll arrange to have you shown some things that may help answer your questions!"

Gleason arrived in Tampa, Florida, a day and a half later. After calling a phone number provided to him by someone on Nixon's staff, he headed out to MacDill AFB. After arriving on the base, he was taken to a dark colored building that appeared to be some sort of storage facility. Once inside, he had to pass through several levels of security. Finally, Gleason was escorted into a large room where some strange debris lay on the floor. An officer told him, "This material is from Roswell." No emotion, just a matter of fact statement.

The officer handed Gleason a small piece which seemed almost weightless and very flexible. Just then, a light came on in the center part of the room. Jackie was astonished to see what looked like a large piece of a broken disc just floating a few feet above the floor. Warned not to approach it, Gleason still got an eyeful. But the surprises weren't over!

After just a few minutes, Gleason was escorted to another room. Three containers with glass plates for viewing greeted him. "These were the occupants found near the object you just saw." Again, with little emotion, the officer gave Jackie a one sentence description that spoke volumes. The beings were about four to five feet tall. Two of the bodies were badly damaged, but one was in very good shape. As Gleason looked at it, the officer said, "This one died later." It had large oval eyes, grayish skin and looked male. "Are they all males?" Gleason asked the officer. "Your guess is as good as ours." He answered Jackie with a slight smile. It was time to go.

The experience of seeing the object and bodies affected Gleason more then he first realized. Although he had a hit variety show on CBS, Jackie walked away from everything for a few years to study more about UFOs and the Paranormal. It wasn't until 1975 that he went back to work in a meaningful way.

If Gleason was affected by the experience he had, I was affected by his description of it! I met Jackie Gleason one more time at his New York estate. I didn't bring a camera on either occasion because appearing with celebrities wasn't what I was or am about. I was more interested in what Gleason, with millions of dollars to spend o the Paranormal, had learned about it. As things turned out, it was being owed a favor that brought him what he desired most. I just wish that he had brought a camera when he got to meet what may be the greatest celebrities on the earth, dead or living!

Note: Beverly McKittrick, Gleason's ex-wife, later wrote a book about him which included what he told her about his trip to MacDill.

Chapter Thirty: UFOs, Ghosts and Bootleg Booze: What A Weird Story!

Can a place, rather then a person or dwelling, be a magnet for supernatural activity? The Noon Inn was built around 1840 and sat near the corner of Newbridge and Prospect Avenues in East Meadow, New York, for over a hundred years. Between 1964 and 1965 the two floor building was moved to Old Bethpage Village Restoration where it joined other historic Long Island buildings in a recreation of life during the 1800‘s. John H. Noon operated the inn from 1848 until 1859 and became it‘s best known proprietor. After buying a hotel in Plainedge, Noon moved on and several other owners operated the establishment until 1913.

The Noon Inn had been used as an inn, a small hotel, a private house, a Speakeasy and a tavern. By the 1960's it was merely an unused building that sat on property being used by a small construction firm to store large machinery. The building remained there right up until the Town of Hempstead bought the land for a park and pool project. At that point, the Old Bethpage Village Restoration project moved the Inn to their location. Whether it was donated or purchased is unclear. Veteran's Memorial Park, a outdoor sports complex with large pools and other activities, is located on that spot today.

When it comes to the Noon Inn, we have to ask ourselves which came first, the chicken or the egg? The property comes with a very sorted and unusual history. Although East Meadow was best known for being a good grazing area for farm animals, and later the home of many apple orchards just prior to the post-world war two building boom, its history is sketchy and unreliable.

Two rumors existed about the Noon Inn well into the 1960's before it was moved. It was thought that George Washington once stayed there. This turned out to be a silly notion created by children who attended a school that once sat on the property where the East Meadow Public Library now exists. Most who attended that school agree that the legend was created to annoy teachers who were often unable to confirm or refute the story, being unsure about the actual age of the building. It wasn't until much later that historians were able to verify that the Noon Inn wasn't built until years after Washington's death. However, it should be stated that some form of roadhouse may have existed there at a much earlier date.

Newbridge was a road built over an old Indian Trail that existed at a crossroads of trade routes used by early settlers, Native Americans and traveling merchants. It's likely that travelers going north to south or east to west may have used or crossed the trail. This made it an ideal location for an inn. Always an important crossroads point that is still very busy today, local farmers and apple growers sold their goods there on weekends for years right up through the first half of the twentieth century until the area was built up with houses and a few small businesses.

Another rumor about the Noon Inn concerned smugglers. It was suggested that the original area was a haven for smugglers avoiding British tariffs and later a place where bootleggers moved booze during Prohibition. They used the place as a Speakeasy and distribution center for illegal hooch. The few murders that ever took place before and even after the area was built up occurred on or near that property. But that's not all that happened there.

The Town of Hempstead went ahead with their plans to build an outdoor pool and recreation center where the Noon Inn and construction company storage yard had stood. The project was completed quickly and opened in less then two years. On a beautiful summer day in the mid-sixties during the first year of the pool's operation, a huge glowing disc-shaped UFO appeared over the facility. Even though it hovered low over the pool for just a minute, thousands of people saw it.

The object was moved off to the south following Newbridge and was seen all the way to the South Shore until it moved out over the ocean and suddenly sped upwards at a tremendous speed. Flying Saucers had a tendency to follow old or ancient trails, roads and routes when their movements could be tracked by eyewitness accounts or other means. The next day the park was closed because the water had turned an odd color. The entire pool was drained, cleaned and reopened within a week.

Although my family lived just a few blocks from the pool, we were on vacation when the incident happened and didn‘t return until two days later. I was just around eight years old at the time and probably never would have even heard about it, except for what happened next. While my mom and dad were still off from work and putting all of our vacation stuff away, our doorbell rang. My dad answered the door with me in tow. We were greeted by two men dressed in dark suits who produced government identification. My father later said they were FBI.

The men indicated that they were visiting our neighborhood to reassure residents that what may have been seen over the area a few days ago was a secret project that had gotten loose from Brookhaven National Labs. If we had seen it, they asked us not to talk about it. My father burst out laughing! As a former Air Force Officer, he thought that that was the silliest explanation for a UFO story that he had ever heard. What did they mean got loose? It was like saying that the neighbor's dog got loose from his yard and was found in yours. My father blew the agents off and slammed the door in their faces.

UFO's were not alien to our neighborhood. A number had been seen in the area over the years and well before secret projects were developed or built anywhere on Long Island. Most of the Flying Saucer stories I heard came from law enforcement officers and volunteer firemen. These were credible witnesses and more. Many had once been associated with Mitchell Field, an old Army Air Corps base. They were either working for one of the several aircraft manufacturers on Long Island or had been pilots during World War II or the Korean War. It was hard to discount their stories.

Could it be that the area was one that attracted the supernatural? Despite being a place of rolling meadows with good soil, native Americans seemed to have avoided it except for the trade routes. Anyone that's ever lived there will tell you that the place just feels weird! The general strangeness of the area was added to by stories that the Noon Inn was haunted. During the time when the inn was just an unused building people driving by reported seeing lights going on and off, while hearing loud voices and the kinds of sounds that would come from a tavern or speakeasy.

Since it sat on land owned by a guy named Hefner, the Inn was better known as Hefner's House. It's shutters were always closed and the building sat unused by 1960. The house was not one of those places far off the road and buried deep in the woods. On the contrary, it sat next store to the local Post Office and a large volume of traffic passed by the structure all day long. But like the haunted mansion at Disney World, it managed to still look wickedly weird right in the middle of everything.

Ghost stories about the place abounded, but no one took them seriously until around 1962. It seems that several teenagers managed to break into the house during summer vacation one night in July. While exploring the old rooms, they moved up the stairs to the second floor. The three boys, aged 13-14, apparently encountered a vagrant who was using the old inn as a place to sleep at night after he had robbed houses during the day. No one knows exactly what happened next, but the three teens ended up stabbed to death.

Their bodies were found a week later by a worker who regularly checked the old building for animals that might wonder in through small holes and get trapped inside. The vagrant was arrested in another town several weeks later and confessed to the murders when the police found some items on him that had belonged to the teens. After that, the Inn became known as the death house among area young people.

By Halloween of the same year, the old building had become a dare point to test the bravery of male teens. Several young people had been arrested trying to break into the place. On Halloween night a group of older teens consisting of two boys and two girls managed to get inside despite additional locks and precautions to keep people out. They began to explore the building while consuming beer and laughing about the reputation of the place.

Once on the second floor, the teens made themselves at home sitting on some old furniture and drinking. After only a few minutes the place became very cold and a feeling of foreboding filled the group. Just as they were preparing to leave, one of the girls in the group spotted what looked like a floating light near one of the walls. When they all turned to look, the light took the shape of three faces. They were the faces of the murdered boys! Rather then waiting for anything else to happen, the group of four ran out of the building.

Although it wasn't a part of their original plan, the teens all told their parents about it. The police were called and checked out the inn. All they found were some beer bottles. There were thoughts about charging the four with trespassing, but it seems the teens were so frightened by the experience that the fear was considered punishment enough. Their story spread and no further attempts were made to break in to the old building. The same night that this happened, the vagrant who had murdered the boys committed suicide in his jail cell by jamming his head up between some pipes near the ceiling until he suffocated. Coincidence or supernatural justice? Who knows?

Once the Inn was moved to Old Bethpage Village, no further reports of paranormal activities have been reported. Even the strange area where this all happened has been quiet for years. Or it may be that in a more sophisticated time people are just afraid to speak of such things? Either way, the Noon Inn has two legacies. The paranormal one is not discussed on the Bethpage Village tour!

Chapter Thirty-One: Walter Cronkite's UFO Encounter

Despite being an extremely private person, legendary news anchor Walter Cronkite shared a story with me about his personal encounter with a UFO. He's the Newsperson that was there during some of the most history- making events of this century. From the JFK assassination to the first steps of human beings on the Moon: Walter Cronkite was the Reporter who covered those and so many other important events.

As CBS Evening News Anchor for many years, Cronkite became a part of many American families as he brought us the news in a straight-forward and fair manner. No matter how he felt personally, you never saw that during his broadcast. He did this all before cable TV became such a big part of viewing, so for many he was more than just a Reporter. Walter Cronkite became a trusted friend of almost all who viewed his work.

Despite the fact that he electronically-entered millions of American homes almost every night of the week for so many years, Cronkite was and is a very private person. We know little about his private life and most things you read in that regard are merely guesses or here say. The fact that he managed to work in the Network News business for so many years without being involved in any scandals speaks volumes about his character.

CBS was making a special documentary about the UFO Phenomenon in 1973. By the early 1970s, the UFO topic had reached a high point in popularity that had been building for over 25 years. Bookstores were filled with UFO books and magazines. CBS decided that the subject deserved serious consideration and planned to look at it from the standpoint of witnesses with little or no editorial comment. For CBS to prepare a special program about UFOs during those times was not a decision made lightly. The Network was at the height of it's audience influence and everything they did was watched (literally) by the whole world. After months of planning, Walter Cronkite was approached with the idea. Though the program was to be hosted by several CBS News reporters, Cronkite would do the interviews.

By 1973 I had already been investigating UFOs for several years. I was presenting several seminars a month on the subject and had already been involved with the media. Although I hadn't written any books, several articles I wrote were used by various newspapers and magazines around the world. As it happened, Walter Cronkite read a small piece that I wrote for a now-defunct UFO publication. The topic of the article was the Air Force cover-up of UFO information and a few cases I had investigated. Cronkite was making a list of people he wanted to interview for the CBS special and the article interested him.

In September of 1973 I received a letter from CBS News indicating their interest in my work. After a few phone calls, I was able to meet and speak with the man himself! On a cool New York day in late September of 1973, I sat down and had an informal lunch with Walter Cronkite. By then, I had learned not to be star-struck by anyone. Because of my father's position as an officer in the Air Force, I had met a lot of important people. Still, I was in awe of this News Giant! The funny thing was that his manner was so gentle and laid-back that within a few minutes I was completely at ease. I guess that was his gift and the thing that made him such a successful news anchor.

As we lunched, Cronkite told me about the TV Special and indicated that he wanted to interview me. He wanted a younger person's perspective on the phenomenon. Most of the UFO researchers in those days were older and had taken up the topic as a Retirement project.

Cronkite was very interested in some of the Air Force stories I had collected. He was especially interested in the fact that I had grown-up in an Air Force family as a person interested in researching UFOs. After about 30 minutes of talking, Cronkite said to me, "Let me tell you my UFO story." For the next five minutes I sat in stunned silence as he told me what had happened.

In the 1950s Cronkite was part of a pool of News Reporters brought out to a small South Pacific island to watch the test of a new Air Force missile. After a short inspection of the new system by the reporters, they were lead to an area that was a safe distance from the launch site. The missile was mounted on a specially-built launcher that was attached to a cement base. It was obvious that the area had been quickly built just for the test. The details about the missile were going to be given to the reporters in the form of hand-out sheets and press releases after the test.

Cronkite mentioned that he and the other reporters had been warned that photography of the missile test and any audio transmissions or recordings by the press were forbidden. They would have to give a written account of the event. Just as the test was ready to proceed, everyone was writing as fast as they could. As Air Force Security personnel walked around the perimeter of the test area with guard dogs and the news reporters watched, the missile was fired-up and about to be released. Just then, a large disc-type UFO appeared on the scene.

Cronkite guessed that the object was about 50-60 feet in diameter, a dull grey color and had no visible means of propulsion. Because the noise of activity around him and the missile engine was so loud, he couldn't tell whether the disc made any noise. He did not notice any coming directly from the object.

As Air Force guards ran toward the UFO with their dogs, the disc hovered about 30 feet off of the ground. It suddenly sent out a blue beam of light which struck the missile, a guard and a dog all at the same time. The missile was frozen in mid-air about 70 feet from the launcher as it had taken off. A guard was frozen in mid-step and a dog frozen in mid-air as it had jumped at the disc. Cronkite reminded me that this all happened within the space of about five minutes or less. Suddenly, the missile exploded! After that, the disc vanished. The guard and dog looked alright, but were quickly taken away by medical personnel always present at tests in case anyone became injured. At the same time, guards rapidly ushered the reporters into a concrete observation bunker. After about thirty minutes of sitting in that hot box, they were brought out into the air again and addressed by an Air Force Colonel.

The officer told them, "It was all part of the test." Obviously making it up as he went along, the Colonel said that the event was "staged" to test media reaction to UFOs. He reinforced the usual line to the reporters that Flying Saucers were probably not extra-terrestrial, but what people were actually seeing were secret planes being tested by the Air Force. This test was designed to show the media how "shocking" it could be to suddenly view a new technology. Well, Cronkite was certain that what he viewed was a new technology, but he was also sure it was not an Earthly one! He didn't believe the Air Force explanation then, and he still didn't believe it at the time when he told me the story.

After the event, reporters were told that since it was a test of media reaction to new technology, they could not report on it! But, they would be compensated later with exclusive stories on new Air Force projects (a promise that was never kept). Being as private as he was, Cronkite never did share with me his own beliefs about UFOs beyond the story he told me. I was so happy to have heard the story that I was afraid to ask anything further!

The CBS UFO Special was filmed shortly after my meeting with Cronkite and I was included in it for just a few minutes. During the filming, I became aware that Cronkite had not shared his story with most of the other UFO investigators or witnesses. After the special aired I called one of Cronkite's staff members and asked him if he had ever heard the UFO story. He told me he had. Cronkite had only shared it with a few key people and it was NOT covered or even mentioned in the Special.

I wondered why Cronkite had chosen to tell me the story without telling everyone? The staff members told me that most of the others were so busy telling him about themselves that he just never bothered. I guess that the greatest lesson the legendary newsman taught me that day was the art of conversation, knowing when to talk and when to listen.

Chapter Thirty-Two: The Montauk Project: Myth or Monster?

The Montauk Project is described as government experimentation with time travel. Does proof exist to show it really happened?

It came as no surprise that after I introduced some of the survivors of the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project to the world through my video, The Truth About The Philadelphia Experiment, authorities in charge of the Montauk Base clamped down on uninvited visitors. The clamp got even tighter as I added the subject of what had allegedly happened there to my seminar. That seminar brought the story of the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project to tens of thousands of people throughout North America via my live seminars, and to thousands more on video.

The clamp down on already restricted public access to the property was justified by local authorities who claimed that visiting the old base was dangerous. They expressed concern that people might be injured trying to gain access to abandoned buildings or lost in unmapped underground areas. So why leave what they claim is an abandoned base intact in the first place? Why not go in with bulldozers, explosives and clear the entire area?

Since New York State claims they now own most of the property, why not clear it and sell the much-desired beachfront land for a zillion dollars a square foot to solve all the state budget problems? To put the value of the property into perspective, the sale of all that beachfront land could probably pay for most of the Homeland Security budget for the entire eastern part of the United States for the next ten years! But it remains unsold, just as the buildings and underground areas remain intact. Why?

Camp Hero is actual designation of what we call the Montauk Base that lies at the far eastern end of Long Island. Although it's just south of the historic Montauk Lighthouse, most people have no idea this facility even exists. Records are sketchy and mostly unavailable on the property, but it's been owned by or under U.S. Government influence for almost two hundred years. Once considered strategically important, the base was supposedly closed and abandoned in 1966. Once used as an observation area, fort, shore battery installation and radar facility, the continued use of the property by the federal government was considered unnecessary after another facility took over radar monitoring responsibilities needed for NORAD. At that point it was turned over to New York State, which has since described it as undeveloped park land.

Despite denials from the U.S. Government that the base is still a federal facility, it still takes an intervention from a New York State representative or senator to legally visit the property. Once a request has been made by the office of a federal lawmaker on behalf of a citizen wanting to visit the facility, it must be cleared by higher authorities. Who those authorities are is unclear? The reason given for this is a small patch of antennas on a tiny hill that is easily visible near the old main entrance to the base. Those antennas are used as part of the U.S. Coast Guard communication system and have been for years. Despite the fact that they could have easily been moved elsewhere to a higher and better location at any time, allowing the antennas to remain there gives the federal government a measure of control over the property.

That's the enigma of the secrecy that surrounds Montauk. Nothing makes sense about the place and hasn't since the 1960s. I have visited the base on several occasions, spending a considerable amount of time there. This is no easy task! Men dressed as fisherman regularly walk the perimeter to be sure that no one strolling along the beach or near the lighthouse wanders on to the property. Although they never seem to have any fishing gear or poles, these tall and tough fisherman warn off potential visitors to the base by reminding them the property is closed to the general public.

Each time I visited the base it was on a major holiday. I knew there would be few, if any, actual security people on the periphery of the facility. Once inside, I would just have to be extremely careful. On a related note, a four wheel drive vehicle frantically drove around the base roads after I noticed a surveillance camera staring me in the face at one of the buildings during my first visit. Fortunately, I evaded capture.

I visited the Montauk base seeking to verify two incredible stories. According to witnesses interviewed on my Philadelphia Experiment video (which also covers the Montauk Project thoroughly), the base was used as a continuation for government experiments involving time travel and mind control technology first discovered during the initial endeavor in the 1940s. The huge radar tower was said to be the instrument that directed waves of mind altering signals out for miles and into towns that surround the base.

Despite the fact that the radar dish wasn't supposed to have been used since the 1960s, I found it in remarkably good condition. The electricity in the tall radar building was on and the restroom was useable. Although the large motors that moved the dish had been disconnected from it and removed, the dish was allowed to sway in the wind to keep it from collapsing. The technology being used for the alleged mind control signal may have been omni-directional, not requiring the specific movement of the huge dish to a certain bearing. Large numbers of modern looking wires ran from tubes coming from underground into the building and vanished inside its walls.

Although some of the old base houses lie in ruin, many of the offices looked as though they had recently been used. A few had working phones! Although many of the buildings looked to be in a sad state of maintenance from the outside, many were in perfect condition inside. Some had lights on and seem to have been altered for other uses. The inside of the chapel contained a modern gymnasium. An old PX seemed to have become some sort of a kitchen with hundreds of metal food trays neatly stacked on racks. Other buildings had new fences erected around them and very modern security cameras almost hidden from view were placed in trees, on rooftops and along walkways. I went during a chilly time of year and heat flowed through an external system that ran to every building. But the biggest surprise of all waited for me in the underground area.

Despite the fact that the base was never occupied by more then sixty or seventy people during any of it's incarnations, a trip into the underground area revealed hundreds of wooden racks (bunk beds) inside a large maze of what seemed like fenced in and locked areas. It looked like a base brig (prison), but why so many sleeping areas? The answer might just lie in what the Montauk survivors had claimed. They say that hundreds of people were brought there, against their will, to be part of whatever went on underground. The proof of this seems to be found in the hundreds of sleeping areas and converted PX building where meals for that many people could be prepared and delivered to the underground as needed.

Another story involving the base was that a large beast had appeared as a result of underground experiments, gotten loose and caused extensive damage above ground. After that, some of the experiments were shut down and the infamous time travel chair removed. I did find some buildings which looked as though they had been attacked and partially destroyed by something big and powerful. Huge holes made it look as if something had punched its way out of the underground tunnels. The remaining tunnels and underground areas were sealed and cemented off where the chair may have been.

I felt as though I was walking through a ghost town where the residents had simply vanished or moved underground, but could return at any time to use buildings ready for them. The Montauk survivors believed that the project, in one form or another, was still going on there. While walking on certain parts of the base, I felt a steady thumping under my feet. Given the fact that I had sneakers on and saw no evidence of above ground construction or a source for the strange vibration, this was more then a little disconcerting! Stooping down to feel the ground with my hands, the thumping was more pronounced. I believe that they might have been building new or repairing old underground areas.

I visited the Montauk Base with neutral thoughts, neither believing or disbelieving the incredible claims made about the facility by those who say they survived horrifying ordeals there. My concern was finding evidence to support or refute the claims being made. What I found was a base that seemed abandoned, but also very active. The physical condition of what I examined more then supported at least the background fabric of the stories I was told.

If you go to the base today, all the old accesses to the underground areas have been tightly sealed. But there is still access to caves along the beach area once used by bootleggers during prohibition to smuggle in illegal booze from offshore boats. Many of these caves connect to tunnels built by Nicola Tesla for experiments with electricity many years ago. These tunnels are separate and apart from the others used for access to the shore batteries and old fort. It would be easy to use these resources to construct a new and even larger underground area for continued experimentation. Why there? Maybe it's some sort of a vortex? I don't know and cannot say. What I do know and now believe is that at least part of the truth about what the U.S. Government knows or has developed as a result of the Philadelphia Experiment and captured alien hardware is likely buried under what is still described as undeveloped New York State Park land.

Epilogue: UFOs: Science Fiction verses Fact

The sci-fi fan's concept of UFOs and Aliens is based largely on their favorite films, comics or books. But what's the real story verses the way sci-fi describes it all? When a sci-fi fan thinks about UFOs or Aliens, images and descriptions from their favorite fictional film, TV series or book tends to pop into their thoughts. Sci-fi has been a powerful force in bringing the real and unreal about these subjects into our heads. Early stories found in picture books and dime novels from the turn of the century mirrored theories about canals on Mars. Images of Martians living by and traveling on those supposed waterways were trendy. During the 1920s to 1940s rockets became wildly popular and there were amateur rocket clubs all over the world. News of Robert Goddard's successful experiments with rocketry near Roswell, NM, during that period added to the fever. In the world of science fiction, people were now traveling by rocket to our nearby planets to confront both friendly humanoid beings and horrifying space monsters! But all that soon changed.

The 1950s brought us the golden age of modern science. We had begun to explore our environment more fully, started to reach out into space and developed fantastic inventions like the super computer. Some say that the 1950s put the SCIENCE in SCIENCE FICTION. Sci-fi stories became more believable because they were based on actual scientific theory or practical scientific fact. The same may be said of sci-fi stories about UFOs and Aliens. The 1950's ushered in the golden age of the Flying Saucers. While sci-fi stories in previous decades ignored descriptions of creatures and crafts from actual sightings in favor of what science conjectured, things changed when alleged FACT became more interesting then FICTION!

Most sci-fi books, publications, television presentations and films took notice of the fact that pilots, police officers and other credible witnesses were coming forward with accounts of seeing unknown aerial phenomenon and having encounters with odd beings that were too close for comfort. Although many were wildly exaggerated, the sci-fi genre picked up on the actual descriptions of crafts and creatures and incorporated these into their stories. This trend continued until the late 1960s when sci-fi moved back in the direction of a mixture of what actual science says is possible and the author's imagination. It's largely remained there.

Although sticking to the theme of science mixed with pure fantasy, sci-fi still occasionally plays the reality card and cashes in on the popularity of non-fiction UFO stories and encounters. With the popularity of real UFO sighting, Crop Circle and Alien Abduction stories at an all time high in the 1970s-1990s, films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Fire In The Sky, Independence Day, Men In Black and Signs made it big at the box office. While the sci-fi genre tends to make real stories of UFOs and Creatures a bit easier to swallow, more fun and sometimes a bit more frightening, the actual history of sightings and encounters is no less interesting.

Strange objects have been seen in the sky for thousands of years. Many are explainable, some are not. It might surprise you to know that many ancient civilizations had a basic understanding of what they saw in the sky, using it for navigation and direction finding purposes. Ancient people were as surprised and shocked as modern UFO Witnesses when they saw discs, cigar-shaped objects and strange balls of light that seemed under intelligent control. We know about their experiences because they took the time to chronicle sightings just as people do today. Landings, crop circles and other physical phenomena associated with UFOs were often explained away as or associated with religious experiences or devilish activity.

UFO occupants have also been with us throughout history. Sightings of small pale or gray beings and other types of creatures have been reported in conjunction with sightings. It's possible that worldwide stories of small beings like leprechauns, trolls, faeries and others with great powers may have their origin in the UFO phenomenon. Some Native American groups, for example, trace their ancestry to the skies and claim they were brought here by small beings with great powers.

As humans have acquired the technology to better study the world around them over the past 150 years, incidents of strange aerial phenomenon have been better documented. From 1800-1900 these objects became known as airships. Thousands of carefully documented sightings were printed in reputable newspapers throughout the world, along with drawings showing the typical discs, cigar shapes and glowing balls of light. When photography became affordable and available to the general public, photographic evidence for UFOs rapidly grew. With there were and continue to be more then a few fakes or photos of known objects misidentified as UFOs, we now have many clear, daytime photos, film and video of UFOs.

1947 was the year of the UFO. Kenneth Arnold, a private pilot, former military flier and respected businessman, was flying his aircraft near Mount Rainier in Washington State on June 24, 1947. He saw several strange objects traveling at a tremendous speed and reported this incident after landing. Arnold said the objects moved in a strange way like tossed rocks skipping across the water. He described them as looking like broken saucers with the cup inverted on top. The press picked up the description and the term Flying Saucer was born. Two weeks later the U.S. Government released a press release saying that a ‘flying disc' had crashed and been retrieved near Roswell, NM. They later changed their story saying it was merely a weather balloon. But stories of other crashes and close encounters persisted.

By 1949, the U.S. Military was faced with reports of strange things seen in the sky by thousands of people. Stories of crashed discs and flying saucers had caught the public's attention and people wanted answers Many witnesses were trained observers and some were pilots. During WWII, U.S. Military pilots reported encounters with strange aerial phenomenon and nicknamed them Foo Fighters. The Military decided that the Air Force would investigate these type of incidents and, in 1949, Project Blue Book was born. Bluebook created the term U.F.O. (Unidentified Flying Object) as an umbrella to fit all the sightings under. As one former un-named Air Force General said, "The Air Force is not going to investigate cups and saucers flying around the sky!"

In 1969 a report based on Bluebook was issued to the public which stated that 95% of all UFO sightings were explainable, 5% were not and the objects seen posed no threat to national security. Revelations from thousands of freedom of information documents, military whistle-blowers and statements by foreign governments have shown us that Bluebook was a smoke screen designed to satisfy public curiosity and that there was far more to this phenomenon then what the military had reported. In 1988, for example, the former Soviet Union issued a statement claiming that a UFO had landed in a park in Russia, occupants had been seen and that these objects were likely of extra-terrestrial origin. One former Soviet document is a letter written by the head of NASA warning the Russians that American Astronauts had seen and encountered odd crafts while on the Moon. The letter is dated 1969 and has a reference number on it, but NASA says they no longer have a copy, can't locate the reference number and so cannot verify the document.

One scientist that worked on the final Bluebook report was Dr J. Allen Hynek a professor from Northwestern University. After looking at reports and evidence that existed apart from Bluebook, he decided that the project had ignored the best evidence in favor of lesser cases that could easily be explained away. He created the Dr. J. Allen Hynek Center for UFOs Studies with the hope that a scientific study of the phenomenon would yield more then what the Government found. It was Hynek that created a simple way to describe contact with UFOs in scientific terms. A Close Encounter of the First Kind was a sighting. A Close Encounter of the Second Kind involved physical evidence like a crop circle. A Close Encounter of the Third Kind was contact with a UFO Occupant. Although Hynek didn't think much of Abduction stories, a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind is a term generally used to describe UFO Abduction Cases. Hynek passed away in the late 1980s.

Some common explanations for UFOs are ball lightening, misidentified private, commercial or military aircraft and natural phenomenon. There are problems with these explanations. Ball lightning appears so briefly if is rarely photographed. Many pilots themselves see UFOs and would know the difference between planes and something else. Most people that report sightings no longer bother to report far off objects in the sky that might be natural phenomenon, but tend to report close encounters that defy explanation.

Within the field of what some call Ufology, there are two groups that have come to define the investigation of unknown Ariel Phenomenon. These are the True Believers and The Skeptics. The True Believers are certain that UFOs defy explanation, while the Skeptics believe that all or most sightings can eventually be explained in a conventional way. Ironically, it's these two groups that do the most harm to the serious study of UFOs. Both are certain about their beliefs with little or no room for science, hypothesis or debate. For my part, it seems more desirable to be somewhere in the middle of the two with room for movement in either direction on a case by case basis. Stories of objects and creatures from space remain with us and are unlikely to vanish as long as sci-fi writers write and people continue to report what they feel are actual encounters with strange Ariel Phenomenon and the Beings that travel in them. – The UFO Guy, 2012

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